Why Does Grass Grow Better Under Trampoline: The Best Possible Reasons

If you own a lawn and a trampoline too, you may notice that the grass is either growing better or not growing properly. Now, if you live in a hotter climate, then you may notice that the grass is growing better. 

The reason behind this phenomenon is that the trampoline magnifies and spreads the UV rays evenly. Hence, the grass beneath the trampoline gets the required amount of sunlight and nutrients in order to grow better. 

For a better understanding of how grass grows under a trampoline, read on!

Why Does Grass Grow Better Under Trampoline? 

Usually, it is said that trampoline slows down the growth of grass and eventually, leads to their death too. However, that is not always the case because sometimes, grass does grow better under the trampoline. 

There are certain reasons that are speculated for this behavior of grass under the trampoline, such as:

  1. Protection From Extreme Temperatures and Sunlight

If you live in areas with extreme temperatures, then you may notice that the grass is growing better underneath a trampoline. 

This happens because when you expose plants to higher concentrations of sunlight, they may get into an idle state to conserve water. This causes the grass to stop growing entirely in certain instances. 

But, when there is a trampoline over the grass surface, it offers a shade that reduces the damage caused due to extra sunlight. 

  1. Even Spreading of Sunlight 

The UV rays from sunlight are extremely important for photosynthesis and growth in plants. Hence, another reason why grass grows better underneath a trampoline is that it gets better exposure to sunlight and UV rays. 

For instance, if you live in an area where there’s too much sunlight, the trampoline surface can help by magnifying the UV rays and spreading them throughout the grass patch. So, the entire grass area gets the required amount of sunlight. 

This way the trampoline facilitates the growth of grass beneath it. 

  1. Better Retention of Moisture 

Lastly, moisture retention is also one of the major reasons why grass grows better under a trampoline. It is because when the grass is exposed to harsh sunlight for a longer duration of time, it may lose moisture. Thus, leading to drying out easily. 

Contrarily, a trampoline prevents excess sunlight. Instead, it provides evenly spread sunlight and shade that helps in moisture retention. This leads to better growth. 

How to Maintain Grass Area Underneath Trampoline? 

If you notice that the grass is growing very wildly underneath the trampoline, then you need to do something for its maintenance. Given below are some tricks that you can apply for maintaining grass below the trampoline. 

Tip 1: Adjust And Use a Lawn Mower or Extended Trimmers 

The best way to maintain wild grass under the trampoline is by making use of either lawnmowers or extended trimmers. 

For instance, you can go for a robot lawnmower if you’re not on a budget. This way you can easily cut and maintain the grass without getting hurt in the process. 

Or, you can also make use of a manual lawn mower. However, you need to adjust the height so that it can reach below the trampoline. Some lawn mowers can also be folded for storage purposes. So, you can fold them and use them as long as you’re safe. Usually, you should adjust the handle such that it is below 20-25 inches to effectively mow the grass below the trampoline. 

Apart from lawnmowers, you can also consider an extended trimmer. Trimmers require some labor but they’re useful and cost-effective. These trimmers have huge handles, around 5 to 6 feet, that make it easier to cut the grass. 

Tip 2: Move The Trampoline Regularly 

If you are not interested in mowing or trimming the grass below the trampoline regularly, you can avoid the overgrowth of grass. 

All you need to do is move the trampoline regularly from one spot to another. Keep in mind that you may need additional help to move the trampoline. Moreover, this option is only suitable if the trampoline is lightweight and portable. 

Tip 3: Use Artificial Grass 

Lastly, you can also use artificial grass below the trampoline as long as you don’t mind it. This way you won’t have to worry about mowing the grass below the trampoline or moving the trampoline itself. 

When Does Grass Doesn’t Grow Beneath Trampoline? 

Now, the behavior of grass beneath a trampoline depends on two factors: the material of the trampoline and the geographical reason. 

So, if you live in a sunny area with direct sunlight, then the trampoline increases the growth of grass. On the other hand, if you live in cold areas, trampolines will hamper the growth of grass. 

Let’s see some of the more reasons why grass may not grow beneath a trampoline.

  1. Material of Trampoline and Geography

Some trampolines are made up of polypropylene material which is somewhat UV-resistant. Hence, it doesn’t let a lot of sunlight pass through its surface. 

So, if you live in an area with less sunlight already, and use a polypropylene trampoline, then the trampoline will cause the grass to die due to insufficient sunlight.

  1. Weight and Size Issues 

Other than the material, the weight and size issues of the trampoline may also hamper the growth of grass. 

It is because the trampolines that are more on the heavier side often bend towards the grass. Due to this reason, they may completely block the sunlight from reaching the grass. Moreover, it may also lead to problems like overwatering. 

So, owing to mainly the above two reasons you can say that sometimes, grass may not grow well either under the trampoline. It all depends on the geographical area and the amount of sunlight your grass receives. 

Is It Possible To Grow New Grass Under Trampoline? 

There are reasons like trampoline material, weight, and size that may reduce the growth of new grass under the trampoline. Yet, you can grow new grass under a trampoline in some ways.  

For example, if you noticed that the previous grass died when it was under a trampoline, then it is better to avoid that grass. Instead, you can go for grass seeds that can adapt well to the amount of sunlight, moisture, and nutrients available beneath the trampoline. 

If you don’t wish to go for an entire grass surface, you can also opt for sods and plugs as they grow quicker. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, it becomes essential to understand why your grass is growing too much or too little under the trampoline. Once you know the reason, you’ll know how to care for the grass patch beneath the trampoline.  

Moreover, if it is growing too much, then you need to maintain it too by using a lawnmower and trimmer. You may also change the trampoline position or use artificial grass. 

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