Why Does Garden Hose Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The final one to the hose is a rotten egg! Hey, why does garden hose water smell like rotten eggs anyway? That’s a good question and there is an interesting story which follows that. In all actuality, there shouldn’t be a smell. Listen very closely to this article because we’re going to talk all about garden hoses, and how you can take care of them.

The Smell Behind a Garden Hose

You’re not the only one who has had a hose that smells like rotten eggs. In fact, it is common. Don’t worry, it is not as bad as you think and it is not going to cause any damage to your home or plumbing system. The #1 reason why the garden hose smells like rotten eggs is due to hydrogen sulfide

What is Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide can damage pipes in your water supply affecting different types of metals. It causes black stains on silverware and in the plumbing fixtures. Sulfates in water, along with iron and sulfur bacteria, interact with the anode rod in water heaters thus creating hydrogen sulfide gas which is the inevitable cause of the rotten egg smell in the water. You can solve the problem by changing the anode rod to an aluminum rod. 

Are There any Negative Impacts Regarding This?

The first thing that you should know is that your hose smelling like rotten eggs is not a risk to your health. Other than the foul odor, it’s not a risk. Even with just the tiniest amount of hydrogen sulfide, it still causes an awful smell. 

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Did you just realize that you drank this water while it smelled like rotten eggs? Don’t worry, it is safe to drink. However, if the smell is caused by sewage or other contaminants in your water supply then it can cause health risks.

The Issue is Not the Water

Before you go and blame the most important source that keeps you hydrated, your problem is located in the water. Hydrogen sulfide gas is the main cause behind why your hose water smells like rotten eggs. Check your pipes and water source. 

How to Determine the Smell

Other than smelling the water for the foul odor, you should run the hot water from each tap. Do you notice something different from the tap water? Then you have the results of your investigation. 

It’s Time for a Change

Think about why it is happening. Have you used the hot water heater in a while? Because the hot water heater has been off for a long amount of this, this is also a reason for the foul odor. 

How Do I Locate the Smell?

Let’s play another game of hide and find the rotten eggs smell. Before you solve anything, determine where the smell is coming from first. To locate the smell run both the hot and cold water in all the faucets in your house. If you find:

  1. The smell coming from only your hot water, then you should only be concerned with your hot water system. It’s time for a new hot water heater.
  1. If it happens to be coming from both water temperatures then you should get someone to look at your plumbing. 
  1. Is it coming from the faucets? If the smell is coming from an isolated part of the house then its times you look in your drain pipes. Therefore, it’s not the entire water system that is affected which is a good sign. 

There are multiple things that you can do to fix the problem. Take action immediately and don’t ignore it. More problems will come about.

  • Clean Out the Pipes

Cleaning the pipes doesn’t mean taking a sponge and wiping every inch of the surface. No, when you clean the pipes, turn on all the faucets in the house. Let them run for about 10 minutes. Then, turn them off. It should have cleared the pipes. Not only that, but the smell has vanished, too. Good news for your nose!

  • Clean the Hot Water Cleaner

If you determine that the smell is only coming from the hot water cleaner, then it is time to clean out the hot water system. Other than getting rid of the smell, you have your hot water back. The first step when it comes to cleaning out the hot water heater is not to turn it off. Take a hose and connect it to the valve in the drain and take ten minutes to drain the system. To test the water take a cup of water and if you don’t see any particles that’s when you can safely say that the heater has been drained. 

  • How is Your Water Heater?

Is it doing fine or has the water heater been swimming with bacteria? Now, is the right time to check on your water heaters condition. Disinfect your water heater. It is a very simple process. Turn the temperature of the heater to 160 degrees. After running the heater system for a few hours it should kill off all the bacteria and in the water heater. 

  • The Addition of Water Filters

Water filters are what you need to fix the problem. Install water filters in your house to get rid of the smell of rotten eggs. Note that you have to take care of the water filters and replace them every so often. 

  • Getting a Plumber

Plumbers have the knowledge to fix the problem. If you are not sure how to do any of these chores, then it is time to call a plumber for their help. They can help diagnose the situation for you. 

  • Replace Anode with Aluminum/Zinc One

Another solution to get rid of the rotten egg smell in the water heater is to remove the magnesium or aluminum anode from the water heater and then replace it with zinc or aluminum. Get one that is the same style is your current anode so you won’t have any issues. However, this solution will only work if you don’t have a water softener.

However, if the zinc-aluminum does in fact work, consider using a powered anode. That way, you’ll never have to replace it. In a situation where it doesn’t work don’t go out and buy another one. No, that is just a waste of money. Treat your water with hydrogen peroxide filters. 

Are There Any Products That Can Help?

Yes, get a WL2 Firewall water purifier on amazon. Instead of drinking water from the faucets, get a water purifier so you’ll have fresh water to drink. 

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