Zero-G Pro Hose Review

As a garden enthusiast, there are several things to consider before purchasing any accessory. Well, when purchasing garden hoses, for instance, you should be on the lookout for a cost-effective, easy to use and longer lasting product. As technology evolves, gardening hasn’t been left out.

Initially, traditional hoses were heavy, takes up a lot of space, could kink easily, and most were not durable enough. Well, the modern Zero G hoses defy this belief in all contexts. They have solved the common problem gardeners underwent  with traditional hoses. They are overly lightweight, kink-resistant, easy to handle and feature advanced designs setting new standards in the garden hoses industry.

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Zero-G hoses are works perfectly with pressure washers and other various high-pressure accessories. They can withstand high water pressures, perhaps making them a perfect choice for use in the garden, even without a pressure regulator.

This makes it a suitable product of choice for professional gardeners such as those at a sports field or high transit areas. Its ability to handle high pressures makes it best for use at car washes and commercial areas where water in high pressures are required for long periods.

Features of Zero-G Hoses

The Zero-G hose is increasingly becoming a favorite for many, thanks to its innovative design. Among its outstanding benefits include;


Its lightweight nature is probably the biggest selling point of Zero-G hoses. Manufacturers advertise it as being 50% lighter than contemporary or traditional hoses. One thing that comes with lightweight hoses is enhanced portability. Initially, it was daunting and tiring to carry your garden hose across your lawn.

However, through its innovative technology with the advanced make, this hose is half the weight of traditional hoses. This provides an assurance of lessened backache even when carrying for long distances. You can also manoeuvre it for long distances on your garden without much hassle.

Kink-Free Design

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Kinking is one of the common problems associated with traditional garden hoses. This was the reason that made most of these hoses puncture easily or reduce water flow pressure. Well, that is a forgotten story for zero-G hoses. They are specially designed to eliminate kinking. This makes it easy to undertake your gardening activities without having to stop to undo the knots.

This is credited to the tough and rigid structural make that stops the hose from curling or kinking when in use. Most cheap and thin traditional hoses could bend and resultantly kink when being stretched from the water source to various points across the garden. Zero-G hoses will remain straight when being unravelled, thus keeps water flowing.

Easy to Store

Garden hoses consist of two layers. The inner rubber tubing and the outer tough protective layer that covers the internal soft layer. Despite being vital in protecting the inner tubing, the tough outer layer made it difficult to store the hose. It could stretch out easily, thus made it difficult to be fitted in small spaces.

Well, this isn’t the case for zero-G hoses. They are made of a true-flex inner core that not only allows the hose to remain kink-free but is also flexible that it makes it possible for the hose to be stored in small spaces.

The hose can be bent to 35 degrees meaning that it can be wound and stored in a cupboard or small box throughout the winter season. It can also be easily reeled to an outdoor garden hose reel to save space whilst minimizing the risks of being a tripping hazard.

Resistant to Leaks and Punctures

The toughness and resistance of a garden hose to leaks and punctures squarely lies on its material make. Well, as for the zero-G hoses, they feature a tough G-force woven fibre jacket that surrounds the entire hose, ascertaining its durability and lengthy periods of use.

This means that this hose is not only best for use in various gardening activities but can also be used for various commercial purposes. Its strength makes it suitable for use at home, in the building sites or at the backyard. You shouldn’t be worried about pulling your zero G hose across rough grounds or gravel as its protective gravel will save it from developing leaks and tears.

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Besides, materials used in making the outer aspect are chemical, gasoline and fertilizer resistant. This means that it can be used in your driveway or backyard with chemicals or fertilizers.

Burst Rated 600PSI

Most people find it difficult finding a hose that can withstand high pressures. If you run a car wash or focus on washing driveways, for instance, finding a hose that supports the needed water pressures is challenging. However, consider the zero-G hose to alleviate all your fears.

Consistent Water Flow

Zero-G hoses are available in lengths of 25ft, 50ft and 100ft. however, regardless of its length, this hose passes water in consistent pressures. It makes it equally able to water your lawn, use in mixing concrete, filling containers, washing cars and driveways among many others.

Lead – Free

A major concern with most garden hoses is the ability to pass safe water for drinking and other gardening activities. Although most available tap waters are safe to drink, garden hose and garden hose fittings often leach harmful chemicals that make water harmful to drink.

Lead, and BPA is the common chemicals found in water draining from most garden hoses. They are typically harmful to human, animal and plant use. Zero-G hoses are, however, rated drinking water safe. Additionally, the metal fixings on the hose are also lead-free. This means that you can use it to ferry safe drinking water to various parts of your garden.

Patented Crush-Proof Fittings

Most cheap metals or plastic fittings found at the ends of traditional garden hoses degrade and break down over time. This is common, especially if you work on a busy garden or high transit areas such as a car wash or building sites. You will find that people will be treading on your garden hose either intentionally or accidentally.

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However, the newly designed zero G hoses feature commercial grade fittings are better designed and crush proof. This makes them quite resistant to treading when stepped or driven over. They will maintain their integrity and shape, supporting up to 900 pounds. This ergonomic design additionally makes it easy to screw them on and off to sprinklers, pressure washers or outside tap.

Affordable and With Warranty

Despite all these outstanding features, zero-G hoses are inexpensive and come with warranties. For instance, the 50ft mid-length hose costs approximately $50. Though relatively expensive compared to other garden hoses, they are cheaper than commercial grade hoses. They also come with a 5-year warranty.


  • 50% lightweight ascertains an effortless handling
  • The kink-free design provides uninterrupted water flow
  • Durable design resists leaks, abrasions and punctures
  • Lead-free thus provides safe drinking water
  • Coils easily for storage
  • 600 PSI burst rating


  • May not last long


Some of commonly askes zero G hose questions include;

What are the best uses for zero-G water hose?

Zero-G hoses are best for all garden or lawn applications. They are also good for light professional activities such as mixing concrete, cleaning and filling containers.

Can zero G hoses be stored in hose reels?

Absolutely yes. they can be stored comfortably in most standard hose reels. Before storing it, drain all the water and wind it to the reel.

Can chemicals or gasoline harm this hose?

No. zero G hoses are made from chemical –resistant materials. Therefore, chemicals and lawn fertilizers won’t harm or degrade the hose.

Customer Reviews

Zero-G hoses are rated more than four stars on This is a clear indication that it is highly recommended by verified customers who have purchased or used it. Most five-star customers attest to its kink-free design, with one buyer comparing it to a “thick piece of rope” that can move in any direction.

The hose can be circled around, tied on the safe and even squashed into a tiny storage space. One outstanding downside that some customers noted is the leaking that occurs after extensive periods of use.


If you are looking for a hose that can withstand high water pressures, impervious to 900 pounds and transfers safe to drink water, look no further than this zero-G hose. its lightweight nature makes it able to withstand scuffs and general wear and tear, thanks to the protective layer of jacket with quality, durable fittings.

Water flow rate is also constant and uninterrupted regardless of the length of the water hose. Outstanding features of this hose include:

  • The G-force high-density jacket resistant to leaks and punctures and durable
  • Tru-flex inner core that is flexible, pliable and kink-resistant. This makes it easy to manoeuvre the hose and coils easily for storage
  • New coupling design with aluminium, commercial grade construction.
  • Lead-free design for safe drinking water
  • Knurled male to female adapter for an easy grip.

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