Vieneci 110ft Expandable Garden Hose Review; Is It Better Than The Trutec

Hoses are an essential equipment for both gardeners and homeowners. Gardeners need it for gardening purposes like watering their garden, flower beds, and yards. Homeowners need it for washing their cars pets, driveways, floors, walls and patios. 

Vienici Expandable Garden Hose

There are many expandable hoses in the market, and perhaps you know what kind of expandable hose you need, and you made a list of expandable gardens hoses to purchase. More so, you are now down to two: Trutec Expandable Garden Hose and Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose.

TruTec Expandable Garden Hose

The following outline will give you a better view of which expandable garden hose between Vieneci Hose and Trutec Hose is better.


One of the first consideration before purchasing an expandable hose garden is durability- will it last a lifetime? Over the years manufactures are quick to design new expandable garden hose with available materials to guarantee durability and to offer non-leakage, non-splitting and non-bursting hoses.

Both Vieneci Expandable Hose and Trutec Expandable Hose inner pipe is made of latex. The latex core enables the interior wall lining to retract easily without breaking or bursting. However, Vieneci Expandable Hose has double latex core while Trutec Expandable Hose has triple latex core. It is believed that a double layer latex is cheaper than a triple layer latex. If you are on a budget, you might consider Vieneci but if you are considering durability go for Trutec. 

Because Vieneci has two-layer latex, it is shelled with a heavy-duty material. It has a high strength tough woven casing to protect the inner tubing. The inner tubing also acts as a self-retracting wall. The casting of Trutec is nylon. It is made from nylon braided material which syncs easily with the internal core when it contracts. Apart from preventing leaks and bursting, nylon material also protects the inner core from mold or mildew issues when being stored. Trutec Expandable Hose garden has a greater advantage over Vieneci Expandable Hose as it is believed to hold more water pressure and is more flexible than Vieneci.

Hose Fittings

Vieneci and Trutec Expandable Garden Hose are both fitted with solid brass connectors (connectors act as a bridge between the nozzle and spigot for the hose). Most expandable hoses are fitted with brass connectors and they are quite expensive than plastic connectors. Brass connectors are long-lasting than plastic; it does not break easily. Brass can’t be damaged by heat like aluminum connectors. Although its oxides, the oxidation process does not destroy brass. Most manufactures use brass for hose fittings.

Vieneci Expandable garden is fitted ¾’’ solid brass to withstand pressure up to 12 bars while Trutec Expandable Garden Hose is fitted with quality solid brass.

Hose Length

Deciding on the length of the hose is incredibly useful. You do not want to hustle on getting another hose to join together to form one longer hose, especially if you have a large lawn or garden. Expandable hoses can range anywhere between 10ft up to 200ft. Luckily Trutec Expandable Garden Hose and Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose are available in 100ft. Both garden hoses can shrink down to 33ft from 100ft when water is switched off.


Expandable hoses need to be taken care of real nicely, if not they will develop cracks and will eventually leak when in use. Store them in a cool ventilated area to maintain enough air circulation for the hose to completely dry out. Since the exterior of Trutec Expandable Garden Hose is made of nylon, you have to store it away from direct sunlight unless you want it to be damaged by the sun rays.

After use, drain the water and store it nicely. Trutec Expandable Garden Hose fits well on the stainless steel hose brank that comes with it while Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose comes with storage bag and holder for easy carrying. The good thing about expandable hoses they will not take too much space when stored, unlike their counterparts’ traditional garden hose.

You do not want to risk your expandable hose during winter periods due to the low temperatures. Low temperatures cause your pipes to freeze, which leads to cracking when left with little water. Ensure you drain all the water before storage at all seasons and minimize its use during winter.

Water Pressure

Expandable water hoses do well with most home’s normal water pressure. Some expandable water hoses cannot handle low water pressure, and others can’t handle high water pressure. You might want to check the pressure details before making any purchase or use a pressure regulator to check the pressure before connecting your hose to the faucet. For instance, Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose can handle water pressure up to 12 bars. 

The water pressure that comes out in Trutec Expandable Garden Hose has to be controlled. If you left the valve closed for full water pressure to expand the hose will shrink. Even if the water pressure is strong, the water pressure in the hose is weak when the hose’s valve is open.

Vieneci Hose can hold up more stress and pressure than Trutec hose. Pressure can be controlled or adjusted swiftly by the switch off/on to regulate water flow to meet the various needs of the user.


Both garden hoses have a shut off/on the valve. The valves are made of brass fitting that ensures there will be no leakage at the end of the hose. The on/off valve has three uses. One, it allows you to adjust the water pressure as you wish. Two makes it harmonious for use with a sprinkler. Three, to lessen the work of extending the pipe when you need not to.

Should you use a Sprinkler?

Before deciding whether to purchase Trutec Expandable Garden Hose or Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose, you need to take into consideration if it will be used with a sprinkler. Expandable hose plus a sprinkler can be quite messy.

This means sometimes you will get wet when installing the sprinkler in place. You have to do both at the same time turning on the hose and the sprinkler so that the sprinkler doesn’t jump off. Another problem comes when you turn off the water. Probably the sprinkler will jump since the water pressure has been reduced, causing contraction of the hose to pull back. Your garden equipment might get ruined, or you might get injured.

Trutec Expandable Hose Garden is not great for use with a sprinkler. The sprinkler will fly across your lawn being pulled by the hose as it shrinks to its original size. Although you can make use of the shut-off valve, chances of effectiveness are 50/50. 


Both garden hoses feature a spray nozzle. Trutec Hose has a stainless steel solid construction holder with an adjustable rubber nozzle. It holds an ergonomic design for extra comfort for the user. The adjustable nozzle importance is to work with any given faucet at any angle.

Vieneci Hose has a plastic detachable spray nozzle. It also boasts of the comfortability of its handle. Trutec Expandable Garden Hose has eight function spray while Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose has nine function spray.

Notably, some users have complained that Trutec nozzle is too small that not enough water passes through due to lack of pressure, thus creating a small stream. Thus, they recommended it to be used for gardening or watering plants.


Check the main purpose of getting your expandable garden hose. Expandable hoses have varied uses from washing cars, showering pets, filling pools, gardening, watering flowers, cleaning the driveway, cleaning walls and windows to cleaning workshops.

Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose is a hose that can be used every day without it spoiling. It’s a multipurpose hose suitable for outdoor activity such as gardening, washing cars, cleaning patios, washing floors, business use or washing walls. You can drag it anywhere for you to do your chores.

Trutec hose is made for light-duty use like watering the garden or lawn.


Expendable hoses make life easier. They are an upgrade of the old-fashioned garden hoses. They are lightweight, unlike old-fashioned garden hoses. You can easily move them around your lawn as you go by your business. Vieneci and Trutec Expandable Garden Hose are no exemption. They both are lightweight and therefore, easily maneuvered. They are also compactable when not in use.


Gardeners love expandable hoses more than traditional expandable hoses because it doesn’t tangle or kink. Trutec Expandable Garden Hose and Vieneci Expendable Garden Hose have a kink-free design. So, you do not have to worry about the hose tangling or getting kinks when in use or storing. Kinks, twists and tangles make the hose to have corners and eventually the hose will crack and burst.


The diameter of the hose matters. A diameter of the hose controls the amount of water coming out. Expandable hoses’ inner diameter can be ¾”. 5/8”, or 3/2”. The standard inner diameter of an expandable hose is 3/4”. Vieneci and Trutec Expandable Garden Hose has a diameter of ¾” because it smoothly flows water without causing the hose to be difficult to move and heavy to carry.

Warranty period

Warranty is important when you are purchasing any product for use. It bridges the gap between customers and sellers. It guarantees excellent customer service. The good news is both expandable garden hoses have a one year guarantee period. If you find any defect or not happy with the product, you can always call them and return the item. In exchange, they will return your money or replace your order.


Trutec and Vieneci are made of high-quality materials. They both have a latex core that prevents splitting or bursting.

They both expand to 100ft when water is switched on at the faucet and shrinks to 33ft when water is switched off.

They both have solid brass connectors making it resistant to heat, corrosion. You are also guaranteed of no leaking or rusting.

Trutec and Vieneci are flexible, expandable hoses. They are kink-free.

They both come with a storage bag, and they have to be stored in a well-ventilated place.

Both have a standard inner diameter of ¾” to ensure water flows with ease and maneuverability.

Both cannot be used with a power washer since expandable hoses don’t work well with power washers. Power washers use too much pressure which may cause the expandable hose to burst.

They both have a one year warranty period.

Although both are retractable, highly portable, lightweight and flexible hose—store out of the direct sun.


In terms of durability and material, the triple latex core and the nylon casting of Trutec Expandable Garden Hose has a greater advantage than Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose. The two factors have managed to prove Trutec is more durable than Vieneci.

Application or use is another interesting factor to consider. Trutec Expandable Garden Hose has limited use while Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose is suitable for multipurpose chores.

Speaking of different spray functions, Vieneci has nine while Trutec has 8.

Trutec hose has suffered from poor water pressure, while Vieneci hose is noted for its quality to withstand water pressure.

The Bottom Line

Making the right decision to buy either Trutec Expandable Garden Hose (Amazon Link) or Vieneci Expandable Garden (Amazon Link) is something to think. You do not want to buy the wrong expandable hose that does not meet your needs, and in the end, it will make your work difficult and expensive. 

Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose and Trutec Expandable Garden Hose are both good options. However, Vieneci is a better expandable garden hose than Trutec hose. Vieneci can withstand water pressure without breaking, cracking, bending or becoming loose. It also has nine spray functions, and it is not limited for any washing or cleaning duty.

Although Trutec Hose has received excellent ratings for the use of camping activities, Vieneci is still the best expandable garden hose in the market.