The FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose Review

If you are tired of dragging heavy hoses but still want to maintain a lush and beautiful garden, consider investing in lightweight and better functioning garden hoses. Lightweight hoses are easy to maneuver, flexible and kink-resistant, even in chilly weather.

A good garden hose not only makes your watering and gardening activities easier but also lasts longer. However, the overwhelming number of garden hoses types available on the market makes it daunting to find a good option. Considering the hose length, the material makes, flexibility, diameter, and couplings, we found the FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose a worthy hose for purchase.

About The Product

The FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose is a stainless steel metal garden hose that you won’t certainly regret buying. It coils and unreels itself perfectly after use, supported by the Spiro-shield technology that ensures it doesn’t wear or tear. Below are some of the features of this incredible garden hose;

Strong and Lightweight

The FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose, like other exceptional metal garden hoses on the market, is made from the 304 stainless steel metal. The metal is incredibly strong and effective against punctures, thorn damages, and usage tears. It is also overly lightweight, easy to carry, and store for the utmost convenience.

Flexible and Connectable

Unlike low-end or traditional garden hoses, the FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose is very flexible and doesn’t tangle or kink. It is flexible enough to move water from one place to another. Also, it is connectable, as you can join more than one hoses to achieve longer lengths and fulfill more watering, gardening, and washing tasks.

8 Pattern Spray Nozzles

Probably one of the great perks of purchasing the FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose is that it comes with a spray nozzle. For this garden hose, you are forgiven for thinking it is a regular garden hose nozzle. When you purchase the hose, you are not only spared from incurring additional costs of purchasing a garden hose spray nozzle but also benefit from an 8-pattern spray nozzle.

The 8 settings provide all the watering settings for your needs. All you need to do is to rotate the bezel to switch to a suitable watering setting. The thumb control flow enables homeowners to switch the settings from zero to maximum. It is a fatigue-free design that meets everyone’s watering needs and significantly saves on water use.

It also features a non-slip rubber pad on the nozzle grip that adds to its comfortable use. The grip is durable and more robust than the grips on normal nozzles. You will also like the ¾” female connector that enables a simple connection in your backyard’s watering system. The connector features a rubber gasket that eliminates possible leaks from the connection joint.

Key Features

  • No bursts, kinks, tangles, and leaks
  • Connectable – two hoses can be connected together for longer length
  • Puncture, weather, and thorn-proof
  • Cool to touch and won’t get hot even in the sun
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lasts longer

What Others Say About this Product

Zhihao Yang

Easy to manage

“I started using this sort of hose last month and was very impressed. I bought two more this month. The hoses are lightweight and easy to handle compared to regular types of hose. I’ve attached two 50″ & one 25″ hoses together to get the 125″ I need, so if something happens to one hose, I’m not out the whole thing. So far so good. I water my garden and can pull the length of hose back to the spigot easily when I’m done and leave it in a heap for next use without having to carefully recoil it. It takes up little space, and because it’s brightly obvious, I don’t worry about mistakenly running over it with the lawnmower–in spite of its durability, I can’t imagine it would survive that.”

Richard Harenberg

Great lightweight hose

“This seems like a good product, but I can’t attest to its durability, as I’ve only had it a few weeks. I had never heard of a stainless steel hose, until a friend told me about it, and how much he liked it. I quite like this one. The big pluses are: extremely lightweight, doesn’t kink or bind up, extremely easy to roll up, and should have increased durability over a rubber hose. The only concern I have is the connections are plastic. Hopefully, this will not be a problem, and so far, it hasn’t been. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and look forward to many years using it.”

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to like from the FitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose. It is flexible, kink-free, and tangle-free. It can bend as much as you want, which is of great benefit for those who need to transport their garden hoses often. The hose is easy to use, easy to attach to the faucet, and easy to wind back after you are done with your gardening tasks.

The metal hose provides a guaranteed puncture-proof performance. This is due to the super-strong Spiro-shield technology that makes the outer shell durable. It is also UV resistant and won’t dry out or dull, even amidst the toughest sunlight.