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Taking care of your home garden requires a lot of investment. However, one thing that ascertains a healthy garden is ensuring sufficient water supply. The era of hauling buckets of water into your garden is long gone. This is why getting a garden hose is a prerequisite for a healthy garden.

Finding the right hose is the first problem that garden enthusiast encounter. Well, part of finding the right hose comes with the irritating process of selecting a suitable spray nozzle. Hoses come in handy when handling various tasks at home, including watering your garden to washing your car. For each project, you need varying spray pressure and patterns.

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This is why you should not only select the best hose, but also find the right spray nozzle for your needs. To many, this can be a lot of work to do. Well, lucky for you, we have collected and reviewed some of the best garden hose spray nozzles available on the market.

You should also check the buyer’s guide to help you understand the various features that makes one spray nozzle better than the other. This enables you to make an informed buying decision.

Top Garden Hose Spray Nozzles

Product Name Spray Patterns Our Rating
Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle 10 A
Viking 912600 Hose Nozzle 8 A-
Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle 5 B
Home Comforts Dramm 12380 Nozzle 9 B
World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle 5 B+
Gilmour Rear Control Cleaning Nozzle – 573TF 7 A-
Jet2Spray Hose Nozzle 6 C
HOMWE Garden Hose Nozzle 8 B
2wayz Garden Hose Nozzle 7 B

1.    Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle

Better suited for gardening, the Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle is a heavy-duty hand nozzle with 10 spray patterns. This makes it a suitable choice for watering lawns, gardening, cleaning cars, and even washing pets. Styling of this hose nozzle is overly eye-catching.

It is made from solid metal coupled with a baked enamel finish that enhances its effectiveness. With this solid construction, you can be sure to use it for quite a long time. The enamel finish is a sure way of keeping the rust away.

As for the Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle’s handle, you will like the comfortable rubber grip with slits that increase its overall grip and friction. The handle also features an ergonomic design that improves comfort and long periods without tiring.

Working with this spray nozzle is seamless. It comes with a flow control knobs at the top of its handle that provides an easy way of adjusting pressures. Unlike other inferior spray nozzles whose pattern significantly reduces water pressure, this unit’s pressure remains intact. This necessitates the need to have a functioning flow control knob.


  • Heavy duty and robust
  • Multiple watering patterns
  • Ergonomic, soft rubber grip
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction


  • Not fully sturdy

2.    Viking 912600 Hose Nozzle

The Viking 912600 Hose Nozzle is probably among the most affordable spray nozzles available on the market right now. Something that most ardent gardeners cautiously check is the nature of the spray nozzle’s handle. Well, this is because it determines the level of comfort experienced when in use.

As for this model, the handle is made with comfortable contours that hug your fingers right. The contours slits across the user’s hand, increasing friction, thus improving its grip. Additionally, it has a lever on the back with an inclusive metal loop that locks in place to ease its use.

The nozzle’s spray pattern is also strong enough to remove stubborn dirt from cracks on concrete pavements, just as you would expect with pressure machines. Speaking of its spray pattern, the Viking 912600 Hose Nozzle comes with 8 varying spray patterns making it a perfect choice for use in different applications.

Its connection design is also standard and can be connected to all standard hose connections. Like other best models on the market, the Viking 912600 Hose Nozzle has a flow control knob that adds to its convenience and versatility.


  • Attaches to all standard hose
  • Features a flow control knob
  • Non-slip rubberized grip fosters comfort


  • Not best for use in places with hard water

3.    Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle

Available in various interesting colors, the Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle is a stylish, versatile and rust-resistant spray nozzle that most gardeners can’t shy away from. Its aircraft-grade aluminium is quite lighter than brass and steel, but is durable, providing an assurance of long use.

As for its comfort, it comes with a comfortable soft-grip handle rubber that enhances not only comfort but also its control. It features 5 spray patterns that can be adjusted to transform the nozzle from a cleaning tool to a gardening tool. The five spray patterns include the gentle pour, diffuse spray, forceful steam, needle jet, and the soft spray. You can achieve better spray strength by twisting this nozzle.

Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle’s patented two-way shut-off feature contains the expected spills well as the one-year warranty covers it from any defects.  For cleaning purposes, you can easily disassemble the nozzle using a hex wrench.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to set and control
  • Five spray patterns
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Releases high pressure and can be used for cleaning cars


  • Takes time to turn off water flow
  • Excessively strong for small plants
  • Not much durable

4.    Home Comforts Dramm 12380 Nozzle

The Home Comforts Dramm 12380 Nozzle is a great cleaning nozzle best for use in the garden, patios, gutters, and walkways. Setting up with various types of hoses is very simple. The nozzle’s high flow rate is overly impressive as the multiple – 9- spray patterns enable gardeners to achieve a customized watering and cleaning needs.

This US made spray-nozzle is an affordable option among our list, perhaps a good recommendation for those who want to use it for personal and slight commercial purposes. It gives undoubted results and easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal leakages
  • Multipurpose and versatile


  • Delicate/substandard components

5.    World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle

As its name suggests, the World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle is a high-pressure model made from lead-free brass. Besides being rust resistant, the O-rings ascertain its leak proof nature and boosts its cleaning power. They are available in a pack of two high-performing spray nozzles that serve well for years.

The high-pressure water flow is what makes it best for gardening, washing, and any form of general cleaning. That aside, its low profile design enables it to sit comfortably in your hand without straining wrists or causing irritations. Its durability, on the other hand, makes it a good choice of gardening tool for both garden hobbyists and professionals.


  • Lead-free brass make
  • Components readily available
  • Provides lifetime guarantee


  • Quite delicate

6.    Gilmour Rear Control Cleaning Nozzle – 573TF

The Gilmour Rear Control Cleaning Nozzle – 573TF is a medium duty model with a large spray head that delivers better coverage. This premium cleaning nozzle features a threaded front design that makes it perfect for attaching to various cleaning jobs.

The nozzle’s classic read control system comes with improved stability and ease of use. Its flow system is overly customizable with a dedicated dial control that can be used to optimize water stream depending on garden demands.

Avid gardeners will also like the nozzle’s ergonomic design that gives better control and an accompanying three-year warranty. This perfect built makes it easy to use and efficient. The tool makes cleaning easy aided by the various components that perform exceptionally.


  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • A classic rear control system
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not durable

7.    Jet2Spray Hose Nozzle

This is yet another robust and durable power washer that is perfect for patio cleaning, gardening, and watering your flowers. Despite being a cheap option, its cheap nature doesn’t compromise on its power and ability to clean hard to reach areas effortlessly.

The Jet2Spray Hose Nozzle features a durable, dedicated handle with an etched grip that provides optimal comfort. It is also rust, and corrosion resistant thus withstands as much abuse regardless of where you use it or the type of activity engaged in.

Manufacturers of Jet2Spray Hose Nozzle offer a 100% money back guarantee on this spray nozzle. This should increase your confidence in making this purchase.


  • Controlled water flow
  • Easy handling
  • Best for multipurpose use


  • Not durable

8.    HOMWE Garden Hose Nozzle

Best known for its versatility, the HOMWE Garden Hose Nozzle is a durable model with eight pattern head that can be customized to suit every gardener’s needs. Regardless, if you want a fine spray nozzle or a strong stream, this nozzle delivers expertly.

For watering and gardening, leverage the shower, mist spray and soaker patterns provided by this nozzle. If you want to strip off stubborn dry mud from your garage or heavily soiled tire without using a lot of energy, try the flat, centre and jet platforms.

The nozzle comes with insulated washers that prevent leaks as its dedicated flow control knob coupled with the no-slip TPR ergonomic handle offers utmost comfortable grip for better control. This lightweight nature and easy handle grip make it efficient as the no-leak advantage ascertains an effective watering.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • 8-pattern nozzle spray settings


  • Associated with leakages

9.    2wayz Garden Hose Nozzle

Few garden hose spray nozzles can handle heavy abuse. Well, the 2wayz Garden Hose Nozzle is among the mentioned few, thanks to its heavy-duty metal construction. Perhaps something outstanding with this nozzle is the ¾’ inlet that connects to several hose types. It is an industrial grade fireman’s nozzle style that doesn’t disappoint.

It works well with high pressures of up to 220psi, thus meets all the demands of various gardening enthusiasts. To achieve a leak-free status, it comes with three rubber washers, something common with other products mentioned in this list. Its ergonomic pistol style also comes with a convenient on/off trigger for easier water flow regulation.

For easier control, the 2wayz Garden Hose Nozzle comes with a smooth TPU cover that grips tightly to the user’s hand. Manufacturers also offer a 100% money back guarantee on all parts.


  • Tight seal
  • High-quality build
  • Ergonomic design
  • Accommodated high pressures


  • Expensive spare parts

Spray Nozzle Buying Guide

There are hundreds or more spray nozzle options available for use on the market. Due to this, it can be difficult to find the best product for your garden home. Whereas some options are good for gardening, others work best for pressured cleaning. These are just but a few dilemmas gardening enthusiast experience when searching for the best product. Check out the following factors to consider when looking to purchase a spray nozzle.

Spray Nozzle Material

Most garden hose nozzles are made from two main components; the handle and sprayer. These components are made from a wide array of materials. Whereas some are made of metal, others are crafted from plastic or a combination of plastic and metal.

Most gardening enthusiasts prefer metal hose spray nozzles due to their assured long period of use. However, as expected, metal nozzles are heavier and tedious to use. Metal nozzles can be made from either stainless steel, aluminium, die-cast or brass. Brass made nozzles are comparably the heaviest among them all.

Majority of metal crafted models are covered with a specialized finish or powder coating. This helps minimize rusting and corrosion expected with exposed metal products. Such a finish also provide better grips and adds to the aesthetics of the nozzle.

As mentioned before, there are nozzles made from a combination of metals and plastic. These options are made from fashioning a metal nozzle with a plastic handle. This great option is better as its inner workings made from metal reduces the chances of breaking. The plastic handle makes this nozzle lighter, comfortable, and easier to use for long periods.

Lastly, the plastic versions are common at your local store. Whereas these nozzles are comparably lighter and easier to use for long periods, they are more prone to breaking. The other downside is that they wear down when exposed to sun rays for long periods. They are also more prone to leakages.

Spray Nozzle Styles

Nozzles are made in various styles. There are traditional models, pistol, dial or turret, fireman, soaker, and grip styles. Well, below are highlights of the different styles.

  • Traditional nozzles

Traditionally styled nozzles feature a straight barrel that requires hand twisting to regulate the amount of water flowing through it. By twisting the end of this nozzle, you can easily switch from fine misting spray to a hard stream. You can also entirely stop the flow of water by twisting fully to one side. Brass versions of traditional nozzles are quite heavy and cumbersome to use for long periods.

  • Pistol grip nozzles

Pistol grip nozzles, as the name suggests, reminisces handguns. You simply point and press the trigger to let the water flow out. Stopping water flow is by simply releasing the trigger. Pistol nozzles are mostly made from aluminium or plastic, or a mix of both. One drawback is that there are many parts involved, which can easily wear out or break.

  • Dial or Turret Nozzles

Dial styled nozzles feature a key dial that requires the gardener to turn the dial to adjust its spraying pattern. These nozzles usually come with between two to ten water spray patterns including the fine mist, cone, flood, shower, soak and jet spray, among others.

These styled nozzles are the best option for gardeners requiring large amounts of watering. Therefore, if your garden has various types of plants that require different watering styles and patterns, dial nozzles provide the easiest way of customizing your spray.

Seedlings, for instance, require fine misting spray that supports hydration while keeping the seedlings away from dangers of harsh sprays and erosion. On the other hand, large containers are best watered by the soak pattern. That said, you’ll certainly appreciate the variety of styles that this nozzle offers.

Most dial spray nozzles are created from plastic though metal options are available. If you find the plastic make better suited for your needs, ensure to keep it indoors when not in use to prevent damages resulting from harsh sun rays.

  • Watering wand nozzles

If you want a spray nozzle style that ascertains extended reach, go for the watering wan styled nozzles. This style allows gardeners to place water, exactly the positions they need it. Such precise spraying if overly beneficial, especially for deep garden beds and hanging plant baskets.

Some watering wands extend outwards like telescope models while others feature a cut-off valve or a trigger at the base that allows users to stop water flow without necessarily turning out the faucet. There are rubber and foam grip handles that provide maximum comfort whilst keeping the users’ hands warm.

  • Fan nozzles

As the name suggests, fan nozzles distribute water in a fan-shaped pattern. This makes it ideal for use in small gardens and outdoor plants or shrubs. They are best for watering plants efficiently and swiftly. This watering style is versatile as it can dispense large amounts of water gently, thus protecting your fragile garden plants from being damaged.

  • Fireman nozzles

Fireman nozzles are a favourite for many who require a nozzle with car washing options. This is perhaps credited to its high-pressure watering capability. Its versatile ability enables users to switch from fine misting to forceful jet streams by twisting the nozzle. Most fireman nozzles are made of metals finished by powder coating designed to protect and enhance the grip of the nozzle.

  • Soaker nozzles

Soaker, also known as bubbler nozzles, ideally do not spray water. Instead, they release water through slow drips. They are best for delicate flowers and plants in the garden. This special nozzle design keeps the garden safe from harsh water sprays while keeping them adequately hydrated. They are also a prudent choice for newly planted plants and minimize water runoff and wastages.

Spray Nozzle Spray Pattern

Spray nozzles come with various spray patterns. Finding such customizable options is vital as gardeners can customize it depending on their needs. For instance, you might need a fine mist pattern, strong jet stream, focused stream, slow soaking, or the steady shower in your garden.

Finding a spray nozzle with customizable spraying actions provides a guarantee of meeting all your hydration efforts that suit all types of plants on your garden.

Spray Nozzle Connection

Most garden hoses are made with metal or plastic fittings at the end. This is where the connection between the nozzle and garden hose should be done. Therefore, ensure that you keep sizing of the thread handy when checking out your options.

For instance, most USA garden hoses have the “garden hose thread size” or the GHT. On the other hand, Great Britain has its own “British Standard Pipe” size. Keep this in mind to ensure that the nozzle chosen is a perfect match.

You can as well opt for the quick connect system that eliminates the tedious hassle of screwing the nozzle on and off every time you want to use it and after use. With the quick connect system; you just need to snap the pieces together, and you are ready for watering.

Spray Nozzle Flow Rate

Generally, most garden hoses come with flow rates ranging between 2.5 to 5.0 gallons per minute. This number varies based on the style of the hose and water pressure. Most spray nozzles accommodate flows within this flow rate ranges.

Shutoff Valve

Modern spray nozzles feature a specialized shutoff valve that makes it simpler to stop the water flow. With the shutoff valves, you can stop watering by releasing the trigger, rotating the barrel, moving the valve or twisting in some motion. This feature greatly minimizes water loss.


Keeping these factors in your mind will come in handy when searching for the best garden hose that meets your needs. If you use your garden hose for various purposes, purchasing a spray nozzle that offers multiple spray patterns is prudent to save your time, effort, and money. Hopefully, our guide will help you choose the best garden hose spray nozzle for your garden.

Are you happy with our best picks? Share with us in the comments section below.

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