The Best Garden Hose Timer: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

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Garden hose times are invaluable assets that ensure your grass, plants and garden flora are adequately hydrated. Hose timers are set to water at specific amounts, making it a priceless investment for all gardening enthusiasts.

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Besides, with the issue of climate change becoming imminent, installation and use of hose timers help in reducing water wastage whilst keeping your flowers blossom. Finding the right timer is a recipe that ensures your plants get enough hydration at the right time.

That said, getting a garden hose timer isn’t a straightforward process. With the endless options available, you will have to sit down and consider the various options. However, worry less as our team has checked, picked and compiled the top hose timers to ease your search process.

We have also developed a buying guide that outlines essential features you should watch for when hunting for the best. Read on!

What is a Hose Timer?

First things first, what is a hose timer? Well, as the name suggests, this device automates your garden hose watering needs. The device waters your garden following a set schedule. It works either during the day or at night without supervision.

Do You Need a Hose Timer?

In reality, you need this timer more than you can imagine. Watering systems are undoubtedly wonderfully made inventions. They make your work easy if you have a yard that needs irrigation. However, juggling between housework, career, and family, day-to-day living and responsibilities may make it difficult to water your grass on time with enough water.

This is where a hose timer comes in. Integrating a hose timer in your garden hose system ensures that your plants are watered even when you are busy to water them. The device is programmed to run automatically on a set schedule.

To some extent, they also keep your home safe. If you are on your vacations and a thief approaches your compound and find the sprinklers running, they definitely assume that somebody is at home.

Best Garden Hose Timers

Product Name Run Time Intervals
Orbit 62061Z Hose Faucet Timer 1 to 240 minutes 6 hours to 7 days
Orbit 62024 Digital Hose Timer 2 to 90 minutes 1 hour to 3 days
Gideon Single Valve Sprinkler Timer 1 to 240 minutes 4, 6, 12 hours to 15 days
SIMENMAX Single Outlet Hose Timer 1 to 300 minutes 6 hours to 7 days
Orbit Dual Valve Hose Timer 1 hour to 3 days
Instapark PWT-07 Single Hose Timer 1 to 240 minutes 1 hour to 3 days
Nelson 56600 Shut-Off Water Timer 1 to 120 minutes

1.    Orbit 62061Z Hose Faucet Timer

If you are of the school of thought that modern gadgets make things more complicated, the Orbit 62061Z Hose Faucet Timer should be your choice. A simple yet effective hose timer offers simple controls on your watering schedules. It doesn’t have complicated screens and buttons might be somehow confusing.

The device’s only control button is an oversized dial at the front side. From this, you can choose the lengths of watering sessions, the number of times daily, and much more. For instance, if you choose daily watering, you can select durations between 2 to 60 minutes. For two days, you can select between 5 and 90 minutes, and 10 to 120 minutes for three-day watering cycles.

For one day watering cycle, there are no special settings about the time to begin. All you do is set your preferred start time, and it will continue watering at the same selected times. This keeps Orbit 62061Z Hose Faucet Timer’s operations simple.

This timer is simple to use and easy to fit. All you need to do is attach one end of the water faucet and the other to your garden hose. Besides, it doesn’t use any batteries to function. You will also like the understated design of the Orbit 62061Z Hose Faucet Timer. It’s unobtrusive and inconspicuous appearance won’t draw any attention in your garden.


  • Elegant simplicity
  • Easy to install
  • Several watering options
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited control options
  • Can only be programmed when turned on


2.    Orbit 62024 Digital Hose Timer

If you aren’t contended with the Orbit’s single timer’s appeal, try the Orbit 62024 Digital Hose Timer. This is a perfect choice for those who need additional control and flexibility over their garden watering schedule. It brings forth a great combination of wide, customizable features with its ease of use.

This time comes with a large dial that works in conjunction with its simple to read LCD display. The dial makes it easy to program the timer, as you only need to turn the dial entering your preferred number settings at every step. When setting the dials, you will first need to set the time, then start time, then the duration and finally, the watering frequency.

As mentioned, this timer offers plenty of options. For instance, you can select watering durations ranging from one minute to 240 minutes. Intervals can as well be set between 6, 12 hours up to 7 days.

Orbit 62024 Digital Hose Timer also features a heavy rain delay and manual adjusting options that are easy to set up and control. For instance, if you want the hose to water your garden for 15 minutes, you need to press the manual button. Once the timer runs out, it reverses to your previous settings.

The rain delay feature works similarly. You just need to instruct the timer to pause its watering cycle. It will then revert to its previous settings after. You will also like the dirt filter designed to keep the hose timer inside clean and in a good working condition. Always remember to remove it from time for cleaning.


  • A large LCD display with dial
  • Simple operation
  • Waterproof and tough weather resistant
  • A wide array of programming options
  • Rain delay feature


  • Lowers hose water pressure
  • Not built with tough materials


3.    Gideon Single Valve Sprinkler Timer

The Gideon Single Valve Sprinkler Timer is designed to offer maximum flexibility and customizability in an inexpensive and uncomplicated package. It is feature packed, providing an assurance of high-quality watering.

The simple and intuitive setup and use are what stands out from this timer. Most gardening enthusiasts attest that they didn’t read the attached instruction booklet when installing the timer. The timer’s simple swivelling coupling also attaches the timer securely and can be installed without using any tools.

The degree to which the timer allows watering enthusiasts to control their watering cycles is something to smile about too. It features a maximum watering duration of 240 minutes for every cycle. It can also be set to water at predetermined intervals in a day.

Gideon Single Valve Sprinkler Timer’s display is extra clear and uncluttered. This makes it easy to understand and simple to adjust. With the LCD, you won’t have to complain about the difficulties in reading during sunny days as it is bright enough.

Like other top models, this timer features a rain delay function. With this, you can stop your pre-set watering schedule if Mother Nature blesses your garden or rain is in the forecast. The timer then continues its schedule once the rain delay time set is up.

Manual watering options is the other amazing feature of this timer. You can effortlessly switch to manual mode without interrupting the programmed watering settings at any time.


  • Easy to connect
  • Extensive flexibility
  • Rain delay feature
  • Clear and uncluttered LCD
  • Waterproof, rainproof and built to last


  • Only the pre-set programs can be used
  • Lowers hose water pressure


4.    SIMENMAX Single Outlet Hose Timer

This is yet another rugged and durable timer built to last. Installing the device is quick and easy and allows users to control how often, and how long your garden is watered. The SIMENMAX Single Outlet Hose Timer is designed to work with a standard faucet without using tools and works well with pressures from 25 to 100 PSI.

Like other top models, it features a special dirt filter that ensures nothing blocks or interferes with your watering system. The displays and controls are on another level. The LCD display is large and easy to read with comfortable to use controls. You will also easily understand the program settings.

There is plenty of customizability and total control of how you want your garden watered with the SIMENMAX Single Outlet Hose Timer. Watering cycles can be set to last between 1 and 300 minutes. Watering intervals can also be adjusted between 6 hours to 7 days, depending on your garden needs.

Without any doubt, the rain delay function is overly useful for any gardener, and this garden hose timer can’t miss on that. If you feel that your garden won’t require watering due to weather changes, you just have to type in the time you want the timer to pause the watering cycle. Once the time expires, it resumes the pre-set watering cycle.

That aside, the SIMENMAX Single Outlet Hose Timer features both manual and automatic modes. This enables gardeners to use it for manual garden watering tasks without interfering initially programmed settings.


  • Heavy duty and waterproof
  • Several customizable options
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Large LCD display


  • Users can only choose from predetermined settings
  • Plastic fittings are of low quality


5.    Orbit Dual Valve Hose Timer

Orbit as a company is one of the best when it comes to garden hose timers. Well, we have outlined two products already, and we can’t get enough of them. The third Orbit’s product, the Orbit Dual Valve Hose Timer captured our attention due to its simple and easy to use functionality.

This timer’s outstanding feature is the two independently programmable units. Unlike other common timers on the market, both outlets are easily programmable. This beats other models where one outlet is programmable and the other being manual. This solves dual output timers main problem of being difficult to program.

Programming for both outlets is done exactly the same way you would do for one outlet versions. You can toggle your choice between the two outputs by pressing a button. This provides more flexibility over how you can water your garden. For instance, if you have plants requiring more water in one area of your garden and another type requiring minimal water, you can set different watering programmes for each side.

Besides this major difference, this timer is almost similar to other Orbit timers and shares all the great features. For instance, it comes with the same programming options, start time, frequency, and watering duration. Something to note, however, its exceptional battery life that supports approximately 4000 watering cycles.

For durability, it is made from string brass fittings that attach to the faucet. It also has an interior filter that prevents it from clogging. Remember to remove and clean the filter periodically though.


  • Two-outlet version
  • Easy to program
  • Long battery life
  • Rain delay function with manual override


  • Inferior quality make
  • Doesn’t allow for specific day watering selection


6.    Instapark PWT-07 Single Hose Timer

The Instapark PWT-07 Single Hose Timer is a great option if you are in the market for a simple and inexpensive yet effective hose timer. It is a good choice for those in need of a single-outlet timer that controls garden watering cycles effortlessly.

The timer offers plenty of selections as to how your garden is watered. You can select its start time, frequency, and duration of each watering cycle with the simple-to-operate controls. You will appreciate the wide array of adjustable parameters that offer various possibilities for choosing your garden’s appropriate watering cycle.

Instapark PWT-07 Single Hose Timer features a faucet adapter that is easy to fit. Once installed, it doesn’t take much time for your garden to be watered exactly how you want. It is IP66 rated, providing a waterproof and shockproof assurance. An additional feature that can’t be found in other timers is the dust cap that protects the unit from unexpected knocks.

As for the controls, this timer’s bright LCD screen is all you need. Its battery life is also good and lasts long.


  • Several programmable options
  • Tough, waterproof design
  • Good and long battery life
  • Rain delay function
  • Foolproof operation


  • Valves may restrict pressure and flow
  • Plastic couplings


7.    Nelson 56600 Shut-Off Water Timer

The Nelson 56600 Shut-Off Water Timer is quite a different hose timer. Unlike the usual timers that allow users to program a cycle and leave it running until they decide to change it, this model allows gardeners to set the timer every time they want to water their gardens. It will then run until the cycle is over and turns off.

With this, you can have full control over watering without having to wait until one cycle ends so as to switch off the timer. This eliminates the chances of forgetting that the sprinkler is on, often ending up in excessive watering of the garden and wasting water.

The best part of such mechanical models is that they don’t need batteries to run. This eliminates the need to change batteries or worrying that the sprinkler will stop working if batteries run out. The other benefit is simplicity. To start your watering cycle, you simply need to twist the timer to your desired settings.

This means there is no complicated system to understand, no LCD screen to read from, no numbers, and everything that may make it complicated.


  • Mechanical operation
  • Good range of time settings
  • Easy to install and use


  • Limited options
  • Slightly inferior make


Garden Hose Timer Buying Guide

As mentioned before, there are several garden hose timer options available on the market. Each are of varying types and can make it difficult knowing which one to go for. Below are some points to consider to find the best hose timer.

Number of Outlets

This is probably the first thing that should come to your mind when searching for the best device. Single outlet timers allow users to program the watering cycle only for a single location in the garden. If you grow several plants on your garden, single outlet timers may not be the best choice for you.

Note that different plants have varying water requirements. Therefore, if you grow a range of plants in your garden, each having different water requirements, find a double outlet model. This provides an option of separating the watering cycles to suit different plants with different watering needs.

Rain Delay Feature

Your garden definitely doesn’t require daily watering. At times, mother nature steps in to water the garden. Therefore, it will be a waste of water if your timers’ watering cycle continues even after the rains.

This is why some timers have a rain delay feature. With this feature, you can program your timer device that watering isn’t necessary for a given period. The timer will then resume automatically once the set period is over. Check this before purchasing one, how it works and ease of use.

Manual Watering Option

The other essential feature most modern timers have is the manual override. With this feature, you can water your garden manually without interrupting your pre-set watering cycle. Once you are done watering, the timer resumes back to the pre-set program.

LCD Display

This is another feature common with modern timers. They feature an LCD display that allows users to program their watering cycles in detail, especially with the watering pattern you want the device to follow. If this detail is quite complicated for you, opt for the simple dial timers. They have dial tabs used to set the device.


Different timers allow users to program their cycles with varying precisions. For instance, some will provide for one to choose the start time, frequency and duration of each watering cycle. With such, be cautious with how much control you have over the cycle.

Check for the minimum and maximum watering durations. Some timers allow watering for as little as one minute and a maximum of 300 minutes or more. You should similarly check the minimum and maximum amount of time that can be set between the watering cycles. Can it be set to repeat the cycle every 5 minutes?

Mechanical or Powered?

You should also choose between mechanical and powered timers. Most modern garden hose timers are battery powered and offer a wide array of programmable options for precise watering detail setting, simpler versions exist.

Mechanical timers require manual starting, and they count down to the set time before stopping. They end the watering session once the allotted time elapses. This might seem a daunting option for most gardeners, a few thin it is a better solution.

Water Source Compatibility

Your choice on the type of timer to buy heavily depends on your water source. If your watering system has AC valves, you will need a water timer using an AC controller. The same holds for DC sources with DC valves. You should take some time to understand the details of your water source to save time, money and disappointments.

Sturdy and Waterproof Construction

It might appear silly, but some cheap hose timers are not waterproof. This might not affect mechanical models but can destroy the entire digital hose timer units. That said, ensure that the timer’s control panel and battery access are fully waterproof. It helps if your unit of choice is made from metal or heavy plastic.

Additional Features

If you are a gardening enthusiast who embraces wireless technology to determine optimum watering schedules, there are modern devices that accommodate such. They feature a wireless soil moisture tester, wireless hose timer and a base station that coordinates it all. With these, your garden goes fully automatic.

On the other hand, if you still wish to control your watering frequency, there are apps for that. A case in point, if you are out of your home and realize it’s the best time to water your garden, you can turn your timer on from your smartphone app.


From the list above, you can attest to the varying types of hose timers with different options and working abilities. Be it that you need one with a single output or double output, one with an LCD display, mechanical, automatic or both, you can choose your preferred model. Don’t settle on one without checking out our buyers guide to help you make an informed decision.

Feel free to leave a comment below about any garden hose timer in our list you have tried before.

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