The Best Garden Hose Reel: Reviews and the Complete Buying guide

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Every garden that is well maintained should surely have a good quality hose reel that makes the maintenance part easy and efficient. A garden hose is important to keep the flora looking bright and well flourished and having one without a hose reel can be an uphill task whenever you are done with watering the plants. A hose reel ensures that your garden hose is put back in place after usage to avoid damages on its structure that comes from poor storage.

There are quite a number of varieties of hose reels and each comes different experiences. When going for one, it is wise to go for quality as this will be the solution towards nurturing a garden that is evergreen and refreshing. A good hose real not only keeps the hose after usage but also helps whoever who walks in the garden to avoid accidents that can be caused by tripping on a garden hose.

Your garden hose will also get to be placed in a neat and tidy place at all times and some types can even add to the attractiveness of the garden by complementing on your garden’s beautiful appearance.

Benefits of Using Garden Hose Reel

As you may know, there are several benefits associated with using hose reels. Some key important functions include;

  • Versatility – hose reels provide satisfactory storage for your garden hose.
  • Safety – a good number of garden hoses are green and made from rubber. When left across pathways, they are hard to spot, increasing the risks of tripping on them. Well, if you are a safety enthusiasts, getting a hose reel would be prudent.
  • Plant protection – garden hose left on grass injure your beautiful plants.
  • Longevity – you might be using your hose for various purposes. Besides watering your lawns, they come in handy during car washing, washing pathways and driveways among others. Despite such intensive use, reels help in maintaining longevity.
  • Prevents kinks and knots – garden hoses are prone to kinks and knots if left carelessly on the garden. Hose rollers are a perfect solution for this.
  • Convenience – with hose reel, you will have less to do on your garden.

Best Garden Hose Reels in the market

Product Weight Brand
RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel 26.9 pounds Root-Lowell Manufacturing company
Eley Rapid reel 1041 Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel 20 pounds Rapid reel
Suncast PW100 Powerwind 27.6 pounds Suncast
Coxreel 1125-4-200 Steel Hand Crank Hose Reel 39 pounds Coxreels
Liberty garden Products 3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel 15 pounds Liberty garden Products
Decorative Cast Aluminium Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel 14.9 pounds Liberty garden Products
The Ames Companies, Inc 2519100 NeverLeak Decorative Metal Hose Cabinet 29 pounds The Ames Companies
Hoselink retractable Hose Reel 32 pounds Hoselink
Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Air Compressor/ Water hose Reel 13 pounds Goodyear
Hozelock 2-in-1 Compact Enclosed Hose Reel 12.13 pounds Hozelock

1.    RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

This is a hose reel whose design is inspired by modern techniques and comes along as sleek and straightforward. It is easily portable and gives the user the option of either mounting it on a wall permanently or carrying it around the garden when using it. It comes with a retractable spring-loaded hose and a stopper that makes it possible for the user to retract the garden hose fast enough after using it.

A new purchase features a 66-inch leader hose, and its exterior is made of threaded brass and has a nozzle. It also has mounting brackets that give it the ability to swivel at 180 degrees.


  • Has a sleek modern design
  • Hose retraction is highly effective
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Has a retractable spring-loaded hose
  • Is of great quality


  • Not suitable for large garden hoses
  • Cannot withstand harsh weather conditions

2.    Eley Rapid reel 1041 Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Coming at the second best, the Elay Rapid reel is a good choice for domestic and commercial garden use. This is because of its design, which is built to last given the heavy-duty bronze that it is made from. It is designed in a way that gives the user the option of either mounting it parallel or perpendicular against the surface.

This type of hose reel is comfortable with a hose that runs for an estimate of 150 feet and a gauge that is determined by the hose make and also the style that a user is comfortable with.


  • Designed for commercial use
  • Made from a rust-resistant material
  • Bronze finish makes it decorative
  • Assembling is quite easy


  • A hose is not included in the purchase package
  • It is quite pricy

3.    Suncast PW100 Powerwind Automatic Rewind Hose Reel

This hose reel is best suited for those who have back pains or cannot work for a long hours on their garden. This is made possible by the mechanics of a well-functioning pedal. This makes it a better tool of choice for old folks and anyone who has suffered back pains and has issues with moving around the garden.

It is made from rust-resistant resin that ensures its durability and has an attractive colour that makes it a great idea for complementing the attractiveness of the garden. This type of hose reel is fully enclosed and this ensuring full integrity of the garden hose.

It is a flexible and can work quite well with a hose that is approximately ninety feet or more in length. An inbuilt 12-volt battery powers it and hence the different type of experience it offers. The power source can be charged with a charger that comes along with it.


  • Automatically recoils the hose after with the use of the pedal
  • Works with hoses up to 30meters in length
  • Is powered by a 12-volt battery
  • You get a battery and its charger


  • Doesn’t come with a hose
  • Quite difficult to operate

4.    Coxreels 1125-4-200 Steel Hand Crank Hose Reel

This is an ideal type of hose reel if you want to work with a hose that is quite heavy. It is common for hoses that are used for commercial purposes and on large tracts of land where durability is a major factor to be considered. The type of hose reel that is used with this reel runs to an estimate of 100 feet and has a diameter of about half an inch.

Contractors and builders find it quite useful apart from farmers or even individuals who own fairly big gardens. It is a type of hose reel purchase that will surely last long given the durable nature of the materials used to manufacture it. it is rare among homeowners given it heavy nature and can be rather heavy; which most people avoid in the case of a small garden.


  • Accommodates heavy duty hoses that run for lengths up to 1oo feet
  • The brand is known for quality machines
  • Is a durable type of hose reel
  • Among the best for commercial purposes


  • Is quite costly compared to other types of hose reels

5.    Liberty Garden Products 3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel

This is another heavy-duty type of hose reel that is among the best when it comes for industrial purposes, unlike those simple light ones that are used for home gardens. This type is manufactured from steel with a 13 gauge that enables it to be strong in structure and hence can comfortably accommodate hoses of various sizes and nature.

It is galvanized on its entire surface and can hold a hose of approximately 150 feet. It comes with a 5-inch leader hose with every purchase made. It is a 3-in-1 type of hose reel and its design allows you to mount it on the wall. It comes fully assembled, and hence any new owner is spared the process of assembling the equipment.


  • Its heavy-duty nature makes it durable
  • Coated and hence is long-lasting
  • Can accommodate long hoses, up to 200 feet
  • Weather resistant make


  • Does not come with mounting equipment

6.    Decorative Cast Aluminium Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

This is a 125 feet holding hose reel that not only does the job of holding the garden hose, but also complements the attractiveness of the garden. This is made possible by the coated aluminium surface that is designed with spiral flourishes that are pleasing to the eye. It comes fully assembled and with a 5-inch leader hose, allowing one to simply mount it on a wall after purchase and start using it on their garden.

The heavy-duty cast aluminium that is used in its design ensures that this type of hose reel works well for a relatively long period of time. This is also made possible with the powder coat on its surface.

A great purchase for professional gardeners and also simple home gardeners and can easily be attached on walls for use. It comes along with a shelf that can be used to store other garden tools that are being used for the maintenance purposes at a particular time.


  • It is a stylish type of hose reel
  • Its design ensures it is durable
  • Its powder coat makes it rust resistant
  • Comes along with a shelf for storing some simple garden tools


  • Does not come with mounting accessories

7.    The Ames Companies Inc 2519100 NeverLeak Decorative Metal Hose Cabinet

This is another type of hose reel that is designed to complement the attractiveness of your garden. It ensures that the hose is neatly kept in place, and this is done in a relatively easy manner due to the simple nature of its operation.

It is designed with a never leak aluminium water operator that makes it almost impossible for cross threading. Its structure makes it able to resist harsh weather conditions like when it gets too cold and hence is used in most instances. It is designed to accommodate hoses of 150 inches in feet comfortably. With every purchase of a hose reel, comes a leader hose that can be quite handy in the garden.


  • Can accommodate a long piece of hose
  • Comes with a leader hose
  • Can resist harsh weather conditions


  • Flimsy material make

8.    Hoselink retractable Hose Reel

This is what is referred to as a gardener most treasured hose real because it offers the complete package. Its toughness is ensured by a UV stabilized ABS cover with a white surface on the outer side. It comes along with an 82 feet hoselink and a spray gun as well as a leader hose.

Working with it is bound to be a whole new experience as it is designed with accessories that ensure easy and fast extensions and retractions. The rewind system also ensures that there is no overlapping of the hose when it is being retracted into the hose reel. It also comes along with carrying handles that ensure one easily keeps aware of the materials after use.

It has a 180-degree balance bracket that allows the hose to be flexible as you use it on your garden. This ensures minimum interference whenever it is being used in the garden. Therefore, unnecessary tangles are things to forget if one has this type of hose reel.

It is also designed with a locking mechanism that adjusts the length of the hose in use at any particular length when in use. This ensures that excess hose is not let out which can cause accidents in the garden. In addition, this type of hose reel is made of tough material that guarantees its long-lasting capability.


  • The design is of high quality, hence you get a high-value product
  • Has an attractive appearance
  • Can accommodate a significant length of hose
  • Comes along with a metal spray gun
  • Has an automatic rewind operation


  • The rewind system is delicate and requires one to buy a new one if it is damaged
  • Difficult process during installation

9.    Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Air Compressor/ Water Hose Reel

This is a piece of hose reel that is designed from a high-quality material, which is guaranteed to withstand heavy impact on its surface. This is ensured by polypropylene that makes it tough and hence cannot be damaged by heavy impact.

This type of material is also surprisingly light in weight. Some of its other benefits include an adjustable functioning that makes the hose lock at any particular length that one feels comfortable working with.

Its blue colour is bound to complete the beauty of any garden that it is added in. This type of hose reel can be mounted on either a wall or a ceiling and work just well. It is also designed with a lead hose attached thus ensuring that it has a simple rewind function which is efficient enough.

A swivel bracket is included in its design, which ensures that it one mounts it almost immediately on ceilings or walls allowing for rotation at 180 degrees. This is a new design of a swivel that is bound to be a breakthrough in terms of what it offers users, which is a modern and exciting experience. It is also made with a multi-function hose that is good for both compressed air and water functions.


  • Installation is quite easy.’
  • The retraction is smooth
  • The hose can be replaced if damaged
  • Has a locking function for limiting the length of the hose at any time


  • It is quite costly
  • Does not come with nozzle attachments

10. Hozelock 2-in-1 Compact Enclosed Hose Reel

This is a sleek type of hose reel that would surely be beautiful in any garden it is placed in. its design is from plastics of great quality which ensure it functions well and for a long time without being damaged. Its ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions is an added advantage when it comes to this type of hose reel.

The rewind capability is so stress-free that one has an easy time placing back the hose after use. Tangles are prevented by the use of a transparent cover on the hose reel where one can check the position of the reel after rewinding it back. This type of hose reel is easily assembled and can be carried to any part of the garden because of its comfortable handle. One can also have it mounted on the wall if they wish to.


  • Has an effective rewind capability
  • It is flexible given its ability to be mounted or carried around


  • It is a heavy type of hose reel
  • Leakages at the top end are a major let down

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Garden Hose Reel

Selecting a good garden hose reel is the key to having a great time using it. This is why you need to consider some factors before making purchase. This will help you select a hose reel that suits your garden better among the several models on the market. Among the key features to consider include;

Portability of the hose reel

Hose reels come in different kinds; some may be freestanding while some may need to be permanently mounted on a surface like a wall. Portability is a key factor, as this will determine the reel’s ease of use. If you have a wide and extensive garden, then a portable one should be the one you go for.

For small gardens, you can go for a hose reel that can be mounted permanently. When considering portability, you should also look out for its weight and size. This is because some hose reels are rather big and difficult to move around and hence not ideal in the case of a big garden.

The design of the hose reel

The design determines a lot; from the durability of the hose reel to what it has to offer. A good hose reel should be made of a material that will ensure its integrity whenever you have to use it. This is guaranteed purchasing by a hose reel manufactured from longer lasting materials that can maintain functionality. A quick tip is to go for a hose reel that is weather-resistant, as it cannot be adversely affected by harsh weather conditions.

The choice of the hose reel material also determines the weight of the hose reel. A plastic one is suitable if you want one that is light and easy to carry around the garden. Heavier ones can be a burden to carry around, but they are suitable if you own a long and broad type of a hose.

Automatic or Manual Reel?

To avoid going through the hassle of retracting your garden hose back to the hose reel, you can try out an automatic one that retracts the hose back to the reel after usage. This great and fun type will ensure that you are spared the work of placing back the hose into the reel after a tedious time watering the garden.

This fantastic type of hose reel will save you time and energy. Some may even come with a device like a pedal that allows you to operate the hose and let it back into the reel any time you wish to.


Some manufacturers are generous enough that they may offer you a bonus with every new hose reel that you buy. For instance, you can get a new hose with a hose reel, and this may come at a discount. You might also be lucky to get a functioning nozzle that you will surely find useful whenever you are going through your garden chores.

Final Thoughts

A hose reel is an overlooked tool in the garden, and one can only realize its usefulness after a number of accidents that are caused by a hose laying around carelessly on the garden. A good type of hose reel is one that is able to minimize such accidents and also ensure that the hose is not damaged in the process of rewinding it back into the reel.

It should also keep the garden neat and some can complement the attractiveness of your garden. Checking out on the factors mentioned above and prioritizing the items on our list is a sure way that your garden will be kept well watered and flourishing.

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