Keeping Bugs From Sticking to the RV

Do you want to keep those bugs from sticking to your RV? Traveling is a time to enjoy the new experiences, not to count all the bugs that stick to the RV. There are some helpful ways in which you can keep bugs off your vehicle. Take out a pencil and a pad of paper. Here’s how to keep bugs from sticking to your RV.

What You Should Never Do

Before we go into options on how to prevent bugs from sticking to your RV, here are some helpful tips on what not to do in the case of cleaning bugs off the windshield. 

  • Never Turn on the Wipers

Is your first thought to turn on the windshield wipers when a nasty bug shows up on your window. Stop doing that. It’s only going to create a disgusting stain smeared across the window, preventing you from seeing the road. These stains are very difficult to remove, even with window washer fluid. 

  • Don’t Clean When in Motion

We’re not talking about cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning and driving is not a safe option, and not something that anybody would ever encourage. If a bug ever shows up on your windshield, remain calm, and wait until you are at a rest stop. Then you can easily wipe away the bugs and continue on with your trip. 

How to Keep Bugs Off the Windshield

  1. The Beauty of Repellant Spray

The repellent spray is your hero for camping trips. To keep bugs away from you, spray repellent all over the parts of the RV where the bugs like to make a party. It’s important to use a repellant spray that is formulated to stop bugs from building up on the windshield. It’s very easy. Spray all surface areas and wipe it down. The bugs will stop sticking to the glass because of the waterproof formula coating in the repellent.

  1. Buy a Deflector

Deflectors help stop the level of bugs that show up on your windshield. Place the deflector on the top of the car. It easily distracts the bugs before they hit your window. Never set up a deflector in the way of your driving. You want to be able to see the road, not crash into anything. Right after you buy one, you’ll see the remarkable change in a heartbeat on your next road trip.

  1. Protect the Windows with a Windshield Cover

When you’re not driving that is. Buy a windshield cover to place over your parked RV when not in motion to ensure that any bugs don’t decide to land on the windshield overnight. Whether it is a tarp, blanket, or a drape make it an item that you don’t mind getting dirty. Secure it with tape so the wind won’t blow it off. Similar to keeping snow out of your car in the wintertime, this protector stops the bugs making them fly to another spot. 

  1. Warm Water, Soap, and an Extended Brush

Aside from all these cleaning remedies, you can always head to your first option which is using warm water and soap. It does the trick for any mess. However, because of the immense size of your RV, you are going to have a very difficult time reaching every spot. That’s why you should get an extendable brush. Extendable brushes help get the job done. Search in a store near you to get an extendable brush for your next RV trip.

  1. Damp Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets get rid of bugs on the exterior of your RV. First, dampen the sheets with a little bit of water, and then rub in gentle circles around the bug spots. After that, the bugs should come right off the exterior. 

  1. Use an Auto Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose cleaner comes in handy if you don’t have a bug cleaner on hand. Use a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner to make those bug smear problems disappear once and for all. Cleansers to use are Simple Green. Then use a with microfiber towels on the front end of your RV to scrub away the bug guts. You should use a glass cleaner for the windshield of the RV. 

How to Clean Bugs off the Windshield

Just dampen a cloth in extra virgin olive oil and then use it to clean up bug smears on your windshield. Wipe the excess oil off with the dry part of the towel. Before going on your big road trip buy Bug Wash. To prevent you from having to wash away messes after bugs landed on the windshield, this cleaning substance ensures that bugs won’t stick at all.

  1. Use a Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels immediately help moments after bugs splattered all over your RV window. These towels are designed to pick up wax and anything that sticks to the windows. Using a microfiber towel is one of the safest options to remove bug messes. With the help of detailing spray, any spray will work. 

All you have to do is spray the formula on the bug itself, and wipe the RV windshield good and clean. Spray the towel itself with the formula. With any of these methods of removing substances, always clean in one direction instead of in circles. Wiping in circles leads to harmful scratches.

  1. Washing a Car with a Bug Remover Sponge

If the microfiber towel and the spray wax don’t fully remove the bugs, pour car soap into a 5-gallon bucket and wipe the windshield with a bug remover sponge. Bug Remover sponges pick up just about anything on the RC windshield. Because of the textured surface, it’s easy to remove stuck-on surfaces.

Give the sponge a good squeeze to get out all the soap. Before rubbing away the bugs, use a spray on the dried bugs before cleaning the sponge over the surface. Beforehand, make sure the exterior of the sponge is smeared well, to avoid scratch marks. Traveling with scratch marks proves to be a distraction from focusing on the road. Bug Remover sponges work great on windshields and the whole exterior of the RV. 

  1. Bug Remover Spray

In cases where those dried up, bugs refuse to peel off the RV, use a bug removal spray for extra assistance. Bug removal spray meets all requirements and works very well. Go to the store and bug a bug and tar remover. You can find it in any store; from spray to aerosol. Preferably, it’s best to go with cleaning remover spray. Let the spray stay on for at least 30 seconds and then wipe it off with a microfiber towel. 


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