Is It Rude To Mow The Lawn On A Sunday?

Mowing the lawn is an important duty. Except, figuring out which day to do it during the week is another task at hand. During the week you are busy with work. After a full day, you just want to come home, sit on the couch, and put your feet up. There’s nothing wrong with mowing the lawn on the weekend. But is it okay to mow the lawn on a Sunday over a Saturday?

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Mowing the Lawn on a Sunday: Rude or Not?

No, it is not rude to mow the lawn on a Sunday. We all have the privilege to mow the lawn whenever we need to. However, there are times on a Sunday where you should avoid mowing the lawn. 

Hours to Avoid Mowing the Lawn on a Sunday

The weekend is a chance to catch up on sleep. Nobody needs to hear a lawnmower before ten in the morning. Wait until the breakfast hours have ended. Normally in the morning people would like to wake up in a quiet neighborhood and enjoy their breakfast before getting anything started. 

Anytime in the afternoon works up until 5 pm. Once night hours arrive, nobody wants to hear the obtrusive sound of a lawnmower while trying to enjoy dinner. Try to finish cutting the lawn by 8 pm. 

The Right Time to Cut the Lawn on a Sunday

By noon, that’s a good time to start mowing the lawn. Your neighbors are awake and going about on their own business. According to some studies, it is okay to mow the lawn after 9 am on the weekends.

Let me give you a scenario. Would you rather mow the lawn before 9 am and get heckled by the neighbors? Or would you prefer to mow the lawn once everyone in the neighborhood is awake? We hope that you are going with the second option.  

Science Behind a Lawn Mower

The reason why mowing the lawn is an issue for some is due to noise coming off from the gas-powered equipment. A lawnmower has a sound design of 90-95 dB(A). In other words, it replicates the noise of a motorcycle. 

Believe it or not, some lawnmowers are quieter. Look into getting a 75 dB(A) lawnmower (Link to Amazon) that only goes as loud as a washing machine. Work with quieter tools so you can get work done in an early time frame without waking up your sleeping neighborhood.

Have the Proper Lawn Mower Etiquette

Here’s a tip for all your new homeowners. Taking care of your home is a lot of effort. Including taking care of the lawn. Put yourself in the place of your neighbors. At 6 am are you asleep or are you rattling everyone’s ears with the lawnmower. That sound is irritating, right? 

Aside from knowing the right time to mow the lawn, be respectful when you do mow the lawn. Don’t leave clumps of grass. Without the proper care of your lawn, be aware that if the grass is wet when you cut it, there is a chance that you will leave behind clumps that don’t make the lawn look pretty. With these clumps left behind, it affects the health of your lawn. You don’t want the neighbors to see that. 

Don’t Not Cut the Grass

Avoid getting marked on the enemy list in the neighborhood. That doesn’t mean that you should fear your neighbors. Then you’ll never cut the lawn. Trust me, you don’t want to avoid cutting the lawn because then it will resemble a jungle. 

Tall grass is harder to cut. It takes longer than it needs to be. For those of us who don’t enjoy cutting the lawn, it’s easier to cut a lawn that isn’t standing over your heads. Not only does it take longer, but it causes your mower to stall, eaves longer clippings laying about the yard. These clippings will likely dry out surrounding your yard in piles.

Another reason why you should not avoid cutting the lawn is that it looks unkempt. We know that the sound of a lawnmower at any time of day is obnoxious, in the long run, the grass needs to be tended to. Keep up with your yard and take care of it like everyone else. 

When is it a Good Time During the Week?

Anytime after 9 am is okay. Because most people have gone to work at this point, feel free to mow the lawn. You’re not going to disturb anyone. Just be sure to mow it before 6 pm as that is the time when all residents have stopped or returned home from work. Be respectful to your neighbors as we have all had a long day. 

Is it a Rule in any Towns?

You may be surprised, but mowing the lawn at certain times is a rule in some towns. Check in with the city council in your town to check when you can mow the lawn. 

Mowing the Lawn is up to You

That’s right, nobody is telling you when you can and cannot mow the lawn. But, keep the respect of your neighbors in mind. Here’s a tip, know your neighbors. Living in close vicinity to people in other houses fosters a sense of community. 

Be Friendly with your Neighbors

Having neighbors means that they can hear when the other does yard work. Although no standard lawn mowing etiquette guidelines exist, limiting your mowing to times when most people are awake helps subdue neighbors’ frustration and neighborhood conflicts.

Get to know your neighbors. That way, you’ll have a better idea of the right time to mow the lawn. Some neighbors may work at night, while some neighbors have small children who tend to go to bed early. Do not mow the lawn after 7 pm. Having an open line of communication means you’ll know when they’re having special get-togethers. Avoid mowing on those days and interrupting their time with guests.

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