Is it Okay to Spray Water on Your Air Conditioner?

Many people often doubt the authenticity of spraying water on an electrical appliances like an Air Conditioner. It’s totally understandable if one should be afraid. As we all know, most electrical devices do not go well with water. It’s either it’s getting damaged by the water or is causing harm to people around it by electrocuting them. 

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The worst thing is most of these appliances have it written in their manuals that pouring water on the device is detrimental to the proper functioning of such device. While this thing holds up on many electrically-powered devices, air conditioners is slightly different. 

That brings us to the question, is it okay to spray water on your air conditioner? Find out as you read along. 

Does Spraying Water on Your Air Conditioner Have Any Benefits? 

You must know that spraying of water on an air conditioner is perfectly okay. In fact, it’s part of a routine maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of the device. Spraying water is an efficient method of prolonging the life of your device, especially during Summer where the weather is generally hot. 

To answer the question, yes, it’s okay to spray water on your air conditioner. The issue here is not all parts of the air conditioner needs water spraying. One part that do need constant water spray is the AC condenser. We will discuss the reasons why spraying water on your air condenser is critical. 

Reasons Why You Should Spray Water on Your Air Conditioner 

No one wants his/her air conditioner to break down. That’s because the cost of repairing it would be astronomical. If your air conditioner breaks down in a period like Summer, the effects will be devastating. As a home occupant, you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your air conditioner is working to cool your house, especially during Summer period. 

The simplest way of ensuring that you get the best out of your air conditioner is by ensuring that it doesn’t have to work so much. Help your air conditioner by keeping the bushes low and the plants surrounding the air conditioner all cleared. This will allow proper air flow, save energy, and keep your home cool enough. 

Reasons why you should spray water on your air conditioner is as follows:

To prolong the lifespan of the air conditioner 

One of the reasons why you should spray water on your condenser is to increase the lifespan. Your air conditioner can last as long as possible if you take care and maintain it the way it should. If you, as a owner do not employ good practices, then you shouldn’t expect your device to last that long. 

Spraying water on your device is one sure way of cleaning the machine to maintain it. Spraying water on your condenser is not complicated. You can do it yourself or better still, hire the services of an HVAC system service unit. Seeking the services of a professional would help immensely in case you have no idea where the condenser is located. If you sprinkle water on the wrong part of your air conditioner, you may damage it. 

To boost efficiency and reduce running costs 

Your air conditioner works more during hot weather because that’s where you need it the most. However, if you keep the AC running for a very long time, it will amount to high bills as regards energy costs. One of the best ways to ensure that this problem doesn’t linger for long is to spray water on your AC. 

Spraying water on the condenser will promote evaporation cooling in the device. This reduces the amount of energy the device consumes. 

Air Conditioner works by taking the hot air inside the house and wicking it away outside. Spraying water will bring down the temperature of the air outside, thereby removing less air, and increasing efficiency. 

Most people are unaware of this technique, but it’s a conservative method that will maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner. Besides, your air conditioner will also last longer. 

Spraying water leaves your air conditioner in an improved condition 

Debris and specks of dust can be detrimental to the normal functioning of your air conditioner. Over time, these debris and specks of dust can build up in the vents and air condenser during suction. The build-up of these particles gets stuck and reduces the cooling effect of the device. If not careful, the condenser will start overheating and may cease functioning. 

However, spraying water will reduce the problem and clean up the debris and dust that must have built-up in the vents and air condenser. 

How often should you spray water on your air conditioner? 

Spraying water and cleaning your air condenser depends on the season and accumulation of debris. Spraying water on your air conditioner can range from cleaning it once to several times a year. If you live in an area that is covered with bushes and lots of trees, you may want to check your air conditioner all the time since it’s usually kept outside the home. It will accumulate debris often, more than those who work in clean areas or areas where there are few trees and bushes. 

Based on seasons, it’s best you spray water on your air conditioner in the Spring, before you approach Summer. Summer period is a time where you need air conditioners the most, which means that they would work harder during that period than in any other period. Spraying water and cleaning it is an excellent way of to keep it functioning correctly. If you don’t check your air conditioner regularly, you will risk exposing it to damages. It will reduce its lifespan and that would mean spending extra costs in repairing it. 


To keep your AC running well, it needs regular maintenance, which include spraying water on it. Doing this maintenance will reduce electrical consumption, save you more money, and ensure that your AC performs at an optimal level. It’s perfectly okay to spray water on an air conditioner, so don’t miss this important maintenance routine. 

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