Is It Illegal To Put Spikes On A Fence To Stop Cats? (What The Laws Say)

Cat spikes are sharp, rubber spikes stuck to the tops of walls. The spikes are built to make walking on the top of a fence with cat spikes installed incredibly dangerous and painful for cats. Which helps the cat to stay clear of the spiked wall. 

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you’ll have a cat in your backyard by the end of the week! However, holding these cats out is more difficult than you would expect. 

Since cats are free to wander, they will go into your backyard, poop, and then leave. Except with video proof, you can’t appeal to the council if your neighbor’s cat is pooping in your yard!

What types of cat spikes is illegal?

As long as the cat is not wounded, any kind of cat spike is legal. The best pet spikes are specially made humane, rubber, blunt cat spikes. 

While adding metal pigeon spikes or barbed wire to a fence is not against the rule, if a pet cat is injured, these types of cat spikes can become illegal. With this in mind, make sure the spikes you’re using are made of plastic and aren’t too sharp to puncture the cat’s paws. 

If you’re going to install spikes on your fence, make sure it’s yours and not your neighbor’s. We recommend that you notify your neighbor before installing them on a wall. You’re good to go if they don’t like getting hoops on the boundary wall or fencing.

How Do Cat Deterrent Spikes Work?

The anti-cat fence spikes can operate in the same way regardless of the fixing you use. When the cat climbs on the fence, the spikes make it difficult for them to place their weight on, so they retreat the way they came. They could try a few times before realizing what they’re up against and giving up. 

These spikes will even let you keep your cat in the garden if you want to, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no other cats will bother it

Installing cat spikes on a council-owned house 

If you wish to install cat spikes on a council site, you must first contact your local government.  If anyone was injured on the cat spikes, they might not want to be held responsible. 

When installing cat spikes, you must comply with the law by erecting a sign warning people that the fence’s top is spiked. A trustworthy seller of humane pet spikes will also provide you with a simple, waterproof warning sign to view. Cat spikes are ideal for the pet and owner since they don’t have to think about their cat getting trapped inside if they are at work or out for the day. 

If you don’t like cats or if the neighborhood cats have made your garden their litter box, you may be searching for a way to keep them away from your home. 

Study what you need to know about cats and the rules before purchasing a pet repellent to keep cats out of your backyard. Understand the specifics of the legislation concerning fence spikes.

 Understand the specifics of the legislation concerning fence spikes.

As aggravating as it is to see your garden or outdoor area ruined by nasty cat feces, it is vital to note that every cat is someone’s loving pet. All cats – domestic and feral – are covered by the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, making it illegal to put them in a cage, hurt, or destroy them. Although we are not recommending that you go to those lengths, please exercise discretion when working with other people’s pets and note that they are only behaving in a normal manner.

Domestic cats are considered property under the statute. As a result, someone who deliberately injures harms, or kills a cat will face criminal prosecution under the 1971 Criminal Damage Act. This Act further states, collecting a cat and transporting it somewhere, such as away from your garden or driveway, is considered stealing, so it is best not to do so.

 Can cat spikes be used safely? 

Cat spikes purchased from a store are safe to use on your fencing and boundary walls. However, whether you make your cat spikes out of metals, carpet grippers, or glass, you are purposefully causing damage because these types of spikes will hurt any cats unfortunate enough to hop on your fence or wall. 

Below are  types that are considered safe:

  • Spikes made of hard plastic 
  • Nailed to the tops of fences and walls 
  • These strips are approximately 20/30mm wide. 
  • Not sharp enough to pierce or damage paws.

What can you do if cats keep pooing in your garden

Although the city authority is required to respond to concerns about cat behavior, they are unlikely to do so unless there are other complaints. If you are the only one on your street who is sad about local cats pooing in your yard, ruining your house, or causing unnecessary noise, you should probably contact the animal’s owner. You may also begin investing in humane deterrents like sound-activated repellent systems, jet sprays, or natural repellents like lavender, lemon balm, eucalyptus, or peach pit. If all other choices have been removed, contact your elected councilor and refer to Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. This section of the law specifies that you have the right of privacy for your domestic and family life, which you may claim is being abused by the owner’s or authorities’ feces.


The laws have been outlined in detail in this cat spike analysis post. If you don’t understand these laws and plan to install cat spikes without getting permission from your neighbor, contact your city council for more details. Cat spikes do work, and they can keep all cats and foxes out of your backyard. Although we are not saying that this is a simple or quick solution to the problem of cats fouling in your yard, it may allow the council to approach the owner directly, who may have more clout than your appeal alone.

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