Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Pressure Washers?

You probably have a pressure washer now – you have set it up and are ready to use to blast at any dirt or debris with some high-pressure water. 

However, not all dirt and debris can be forcefully removed by high-pressure water blasting. In other words, the use of water a one won’t stand some stubborn stains. Example of such stains is a greasy surface. 

At this point, what you need is a detergent or soap. Soapy water in combination with pressure washer will make your outdoor and indoor cleaning easier and better. The combination will stand against any stain at all on any surface that you want to blast with water. 

That brings us to dawn dish soaps. Are they safe for pressure washers or not? Are you risking your pressure washer by using it with dawn dish soap? Find out as you read on. 

What is Dawn Dish Soap? 

Dawn dish soap is a brand of dish liquid introduced in 1973. Dawn dish soaps, as the name suggests are primarily used for dishwashing purposes. It’s owned by Procter and Gamble. 

Apart from using dawn dish soap for washing the dishes, dawn dish soap can be used for other purposes. It is used to remove grease from surfaces. When combined with pressure washers, the soapy solution will blast away dirt, greases, and stubborn stains on any surface. 

Many believe that dawn dish soaps are the best cleaning products in the market. Users have attested to its superpower cleaning abilities, especially in the area of removing greases. That is why it’s called, “soap of all soaps”. 

Uses of Dawn Dish Soaps 

As earlier stated, dawn dish soaps goes beyond removing greases from surfaces. They can be used for other purposes such as;

  • Keeping or repelling ants – mix with hydrogen peroxide and with some content of mouthwash and store in a spray bottle. Shake to mix content and spray on your ant-infested floor for about 10 minutes. Wipe it away with the dead ants and your floor will be sparkling clean and devoid of any ant. 
  • Cleaning and removing carpet stains – dawn dish soap is an effective cleaning product that you can use to remove carpet stains. It will neither bleach nor discolor your carpet. You can also use it remove odors. 
  • Cleaning automotive tools – tools like scissors can get really greasy and as you know, it will hamper its effectiveness. What better way for removing grease other than the use of dawn dish soap? 
  • Cleaning jewelry – dawn dish soap looks gentle on jewelry and makes jewelry cleaner. Mix seven parts of hot water, add one squirt of dawn dish soap and ammonia. Use a toothbrush to dip into solution and gently scrub the jewelry. 
  • Defogging eyeglasses – using dawn dish soap will not only get your glasses cleaned, but defog them. Use dawn dish soap alongside rubbing alcohol to clean those glasses and sunglasses. 
  • Keeping animals clean – dawn dish soaps are perfectly safe for animals and pets. It will not only clean your pet, but remove fleas and make your pet smell wonderful. Adding a little bit to the bath will deter fleas. 
  • Killing garden bugs – using dawn dish soaps do not eliminate bugs totally, but they are effective in keeping them at bay. You don’t have to use harmful chemicals in your garden to kill bugs because dawn dish soap will do just that. 
  • Washing carsthe use of dawn dishwashing soaps in washing cars is not new. When you combine it with power washers, it can remove all the black spots from the wheels, car upholstery, and will remove any large debris, mud,  or grease on the body surface. Just use a pressure washer with the right PSI to avoid lifting off the paint. Your car will look like brand new again. 

Why Do You Need Dawn Dish Soap? 

Sometimes, people do not see the need to use detergents like dawn dish soaps. A simple use of hot water in a pressure washer will remove dirt in many situations. Large debris, leaves, and to some extent, muds can all go away from a simple water blast. 

But when it comes to doing a more tougher job, water won’t just cut out for it. You need to get rid of greases and larger muds – this is where dawn dish soap come in. It is exactly what you need in combination with pressure washers to get stubborn stains off any surface. The job will be faster, less energy consuming, and even save you from using so much water. 

So in essence, you need dawn dish soap. It will make your power washing easier than without. 

Are Dawn Dish Soaps Eco-friendly and Biodegradable? 

In our world of today, the quest to ensure a safer and cleaner environment is the objective of everyone. Asking whether dawn dish soaps are biodegradable and eco-friendly? Yes! They are. Dawn soaps, like other soaps and detergents are safe to go down the drain. You won’t have to worry about your dishwashing soap polluting the environment. 

So Does That Mean That Dawn Dish Soaps Are Safe for Pressure Washers? 

Dawn dish soaps and other similar detergents will not have any negative effect on your pressure washer. In other words, they are safe for pressure washers. The combination of dawn dish soaps and pressure washers makes the job of cleaning easier. That doesn’t mean you should use it all the time because it’s not so cheap when compared to similar detergents. 

However, there is one thing to consider – that is whether dawn dish soaps will gum up your pressure washer or not. 

In cases where you use large drops of dawn dish soap in your pressure washer, they can end up gumming your pressure washer. To avoid this scenario, make sure you dilute the soap with hot water before power washing. 

After you are done power washing, run some hot water through the pump without any dawn dish soap – this is to make sure that the remaining soap is removed from inside the pump. 

Avoid using certain chemicals and bleach in your pressure washer to wash down the detergent. It may result to mold growing inside in the pressure washer – this is something that you must avoid. 


We have established the fact that dawn dish soaps are safe for pressure washers and are effective. As long as you wash down with some hot water to avoid gumming up the pump system, it will not damage the pump.

Dawn dish soaps are incredible detergents that can be used for a lot of things. Buying it is cost-effective and in the long run, will enable you save some money for other things. 


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