Is ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose High Quality?

Maintaining your garden in a lush green state is impossible without a watering garden hose. Besides, several other gardening and backyard activities require the use of a garden hose. Most homeowners are accustomed to old, heavyweight hoses, which though function properly, are quite old school. Fortunately, in recent years, the use of expandable garden hoses has increased, as they offer much convenience.

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With the surge in expandable hoses available on the market, it can be challenging, even for avid gardeners, to find the best one. Among the popular options on the market is the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose. However, like any other garden hose, most people wonder if the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose (Link to Amazon) is of high quality.

To begin, several features characterize a high-quality garden hose. From its construction design, the material makes, fittings to user reviews, there are a plethora of factors to consider before branding any garden hose a “high quality” hose. That said, below are some general features of expandable hoses. Getting to know these factors will make it easy to evaluate if the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose makes the cut to be a high-quality hose.

ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose Features

Type of Hose Materials

One of the biggest complaints leveled against expandable garden hoses is that they lack durability. Initially, when they first entered the market, this complaint was true. However, modern expandable hoses, including the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose, feature advanced construction materials and techniques. They also have sturdy interior materials that greatly improve their durability and prevent leakages.

Sturdy Latex Core Material

The inner layer of the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose is made from a high pressure resistant natural latex. Just to mention, latex is a popular natural rubber used in the medical industry for the manufacture of gloves and other protective gear. The ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose consists of two layers of latex in its interior, which allows the hose to expand and contract with ease without springing leaks.

The two-layered natural latex design gives this hose better flexibility compared to other expandable garden hoses with three layers. Some gardeners often have a dilemma when it comes to picking a two-layered versus a three-layered latex core expandable garden hose. Triple-layered hoses come with less flexibility compared to double-layered hoses. Therefore, if the garden hose outer shell is made from heavy material, like the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose, a double-layered hose will work just fine.

Strong Hose Fittings

Generally, garden hoses come in a plethora of options, including aluminum, brass, or plastic fittings. However, the majority of expandable garden hoses stick to brass construction. This is probably because brass is known to last long, even with constant exposure to water. Brass does not rust, and while it can oxidize over time, the resultant oxidant is not harmful to the metal. Besides, being a metal, it is naturally heat resistant compared to plastics.

Apart from solid brass fittings, the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose scores highly in the strength of its joints, where the fittings attach to the hose. For most low-grade expandable hoses, this is where most leaks originate. As such, this hose features a protective material at the end that prevents the hose from bending close to the hose fitting.

The sturdy construction also provides an assurance of great flexibility. The ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose is flexible enough to allow gardeners to pass water around sharp corners in the garden without splitting, tangling, twisting, or kinking.

Multiple Adjustable Patterns Nozzle

Another outstanding feature that makes the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose a high-quality garden hose of choice is the 7 adjustable patterns nozzle. The hose sprayer comes with seven modes, which enable users to accomplish various gardening tasks. Some of these activities include car cleaning, floor cleaning, spraying, and other household hygiene tasks. That aside, it features a rotating switch that facilitates the easy change of spray patterns. It also comes with an anti-slip designed handle that provides the utmost comfort when using the hose.

Reliable Service

If you are not sure about the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose construction, the manufacturer gives you a peace of mind for your purchase. The hose comes with an 18-months product warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

What Other Gardeners Say about the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose

Before making a purchase, the best way to gauge if the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose is of high quality is by checking what other people have to say about the product. Below are some sample online reviews about this garden hose.

Lisa Tiblier

Rating: 5 stars. Good deal

Comment: Perfect for my backyard. Needed something simple to fill my kids blow up pool, and this does that just fine. Great price, very lightweight, and easy to use.

Kindle Customer

Rating: 5 stars

Comment: Ready to try this hose soon as all our rainy days are over. I have not used it yet, but soon will. Looks great.

Amazon Customer

Rating: 4 stars

Comment: It looks great but leaks around the fittings.

Why the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose is of High Quality

Without a doubt, the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose is a high-quality garden hose. To make things really easy, it’s available on Amazon. Check out the good deals available there on the ActionEliters Expandable Garden Hose.

Apart from the durable pipe design, ergonomic handle, multiple spray nozzles, and money-back guarantee, it can be used for several applications. You can use it in your backyard for watering plants, washing your car, washing pets, and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Being an expandable hose, you enjoy several benefits, including lightweight design, saves space, and minimal kinking and tangling. For its price, it is certainly a worthy investment for any avid gardener.

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