How to Wash a Car Without Leaving Water Spots like a Pro

Washing your car is great, especially when you can avoid taking it into the car wash to have someone else do it. The only problem is that those dreadful water spots show up. How does one avoid those water spots when washing the car?

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Every car has its secrets. Avoid making mistakes so you can avoid driving around the streets with water spots. In this article, you will learn helpful tips on how to wash a car without leaving water spots like a pro.

Never Wash a Car in the Sun

Washing a car under the sun sounds like a good idea because the car is easily dried, right? Turns out, it is better to wash a car in the shade to avoid water spots. Plan to wash your car in cooler weather under a shady tree in your driveway. The rays from the sun affect the exterior of the car’s surface making it dry too quick. Unevenly, that is. Avoid washing your car in the sun so the dried up suds won’t creat any uneven water spots. 

Take Advantage of Using Water Filtration Devices

Of course, using a hose is your main washing device to use for cleaning the car. However, look into water filtration devices. One reason why water spots form is due to mineral deposits and soft water. Look for water filtration devices recommended by store owners. You’ll be in luck because water filtration is the best way for you to avoid those nasty water spots showing up on the surface of your car. 

Using Distilled Water 

The science behind water spots is caused by mineral content left behind from water beads. It’s very hard to notice these little beads of water. It’s not long until they make an unpleasant mark on the surface of your car. Instead of washing the car with regular tap water, use distilled water to avoid any mineral products in your wash. That way, no residue is going to show up.

Pay Attention to What Cloth You Use

Using the right cloth is very important in the process of cleaning a car. Most clothes tend to leave lint on the surface creating these awful water spots. Don’t ever use a cloth that you’d use in the kitchen or the shower. All cloths have a contrasting duty. Lint is so tricky because it sticks to wet surfaces. 

No, we do not want to hear you complain that keeping a car clean is too hard. You bought a car, to begin with. Search stores for microfiber cloths. It won’t leave anything behind in its duty to clean off a car. Have a couple on hand to avoid any messes. 

Set your Rinse to ‘Free-Flowing Water’

For anyone who is new at cleaning their own car, it’s best to avoid spraying or using the ‘jet’ feature on your hose. Yes, it gets the job done faster, but rinsing the car should be done slowly. Because you did the job so fast those water spots are only going to produce on the surface of your car. A tip to anybody who has given their car a wash, let the water flow freely from the hose. The results look a lot better in the end.

Keep the Car Away from the Use of Sprinklers

Just because you like to jump through the sprinklers does not mean that your car should be washed by sprinklers. A car being sprayed by a sprinkler can happen on accident. Most homeowners build in their own sprinklers on the lawn to give the grass a fresh drink every morning. Because of the way the sprinkler water hits the car, the marlins cause water spots. 

In order to avoid this, park the car in the garage or spot that is not close to the sprinklers. Make sure that the garage is free of any dripping water. Buy a cover for your car to safely protect it from getting wet. 

Wax Your Car with a Special Coating

To avoid water spots, buy a coating that easily shreds beads of water altogether. Rub a coating on your car before washing it. This coating easily prevents water at all costs. Ask a professional for their opinion. Never wash a car without advice. It may look easy, but it’s actually harder than it seems. 

Let the Car Dry From Top to Bottom

Not everyone has easy access to distilled water. Dry your car from top to bottom, and make sure that you dry every inch of it clean. This isn’t the time to skip over all the small nooks and crannies. Be smart, and clean every inch of the car until you don’t see a bead of water.  

While your main focus is on the top of the car, many forget to recognize the bottom half of the car. Examine the back of the wheels and the bottom layers. That is the dirtiest part of the car. Winters are the worst for the driving season because of all the snow and salt build-up. Sometimes washing the car consists of a few different tactics. 

Products that you Should Use

To give your car a thorough wash, have the right supplies on hand. Use products specifically designed for cleaning a car. Don’t use cleaning products from the kitchen. For example, dish detergent. Its prime director is for plates and plates only. Those cleaning products aren’t going to do anything for your car. You may never get rid of those water spots. 

Using specific washer mitts is a great technique in the cleaning process. Continue to soak the surface areas with water and soap to prevent dry outs. 

Always Check for Water Spots

Cleaning the car is a job that you should take care of every once in a while. This is your car. Looking after a car is one of the most important tasks for anybody. Inspect your car each day for water spots or any other damages. Never let any damage go over your head. 

Let’s put it this way. If you ignore a water spot then you’re only going to end up with a stain or an etch. That’s not all that you should be looking out for. Insects, road tar, and sap are other things to keep on the list. 

Keep a bottle of finish with you at all times in your glovebox. The more you look out for your car then the better shape it will stay in. Sure, that may sound exhausting, but cars are very important in the means of transportation. 

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