How To Wash a Black Car In The Sun

Washing the black car in the sun is something that has been discouraged for different reasons. The main one being the rinse water and shampoo residue, which can quickly dry onto the paint surface resulting in drip marks, water spots, and streaking that can often be challenging to remove.

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Fortunately, it’s possible to wash your black car in the sun, as long as you adjust the process. With a little know-how, you can learn simple techniques to protect your black car. So – if you’ve got a black car and looking to find tips on how to wash a black car in the sun, you’ve found the right article to read.

Equipment Needed To Wash A Black Car

When washing a black car in the sun, you need to be careful because anything can cause a scratch to the car. Use the softest materials when washing and put as little pressure as possible on the vehicle. Here’s a great list of things you need to wash your black car.

  • Car wash & wax shampoo
  • Wheel cleaning spray
  • Drying or detailing spray
  • Microfiber towels 
  • Wheel cleaning brushes

Easy Steps For Washing The Black Car In The Sun

Step 1: Plan Ahead Of Time

Don’t wait until your black car is already wet to plan your strategy or get your equipment ready. Once your car is wet, you have a limited time to complete the washing task before the sun starts to dry your vehicle. If you start washing your black car and then you realize that you don’t have something you need, you will have to dash off and find it.

So fill your buckets with cool water or get your water hose ready. Add the right amount of shampoo to the water as advised on the label. Decide the best way to wash each section, and have all of your washing tools within reach.

Step 2: Start Washing

Moving quickly is the key to successfully washing your black car in the sun. You don’t have the time to relax when washing your car black on a sunny day. You’ll probably soap the entire car down during the regular car wash, but that’s not going to work when washing your car in the sun. You have to work in smaller sections to wash the cleanser on and off your vehicle in the least amount of time. 

Work in circles around the car, and start from top to bottom. Generally, those parts closest to the ground are the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. Rocker panels, wheel wells, and bumpers tend to accumulate grime, and you don’t want to bring that trash back onto the car surface and risk scratching it.

Never use general liquid soap to wash your black car. The chemical used in some of this liquid soap is designed to strip dirt and other products from objects to get them clean. Using general liquid soap on your black car paintwork can strip off any protection, causing the paint to deteriorate faster than usual. Use a dedicated car wash shampoo when washing your black car in the sun, and applied using a sponge. 

Step 3: Clean The Car Wheels 

The wheels and underneath of the car are the last parts that you should wash. These parts of the car will need the most cleaning because they are exposed to the most dirt when you drive your car.

It’s best to use a different sponge for these parts since there will be a lot of dirt. You can use a stiff brush to clean these dirty parts of the car. If you use one, make sure you don’t scratch the paintwork or damage the wheels. Use a water hose to clear any remaining dirt. If you don’t have access to a water hose, use a clean bucket of water.

Step 4: Rinse With Clean Water

Don’t allow the shampoo dry on your black car before you start rinsing. This can leave watermarks and spots on the car paint due to mineral deposits. The car can have a shady side, depending on how you position it. Rinse this side of the vehicle first. That way, the sun isn’t drying the car while you clean the opposite side.  

Rinse the car using an expandable garden hose and let the water run over the car surface. While rinsing your vehicle, always go further than where you worked. Spray the car door if you’re rinsing the soap off a door. You can even rinse the whole side of the car anytime you soap a single panel.

Step 5: Drying The Car

Give the car one more rinse before you start the drying process. How you dry the black car is entirely up to you. Carefully use a microfiber towel to dry your vehicle. Don’t air-dry your black car. If you do that, you will likely leave sunspots or water spots on your car, which may erode the paint cover over time. 

Gently wipe a microfiber towel over the car surface to remove any water spots without asserting much pressure onto the paint. Use a different surface of the microfiber towel for each pass. Your black car should be as clean as possible at this stage, but if your soft microfiber towels get dirty, then you haven’t clean your black car properly. 


Your black car is ready for another level of cleaning once your bodywork is clean and dry. A clay bar can be used to pick up the finest of particles on the car body because a cloth cannot pick everything up. Once this is done, then maybe you may think about applying wax. 

The best way to apply wax on your black car is to use a delicate sponge that can evenly spread the wax across the car surface. Allow it to dry after applying, and then use a soft cloth to buff to a shine. Be willing to apply more than one coat of wax on your car if you want the best result.


You probably had cleaned the windows and windscreen with the car cleaning detergent and the hose when you washed the black car. But to make sure they are in optimum condition, the windscreen and windows will need special attention. 

While there are plenty of dedicated automotive glass cleaners out there, a domestic glass cleaner is good because it’s vinegar-based for a streak-free finish. When you’re cleaning, do the outside and inside of the windows. Lower the windows slightly to clean the strip where the window and seal meet.

You need to give some attention to your mirrors while you’ve got the glass cleaner out. Once you’re done, you can apply an anti-fog coating or a rain repellent liquid that goes on the inside of the glass.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Washing Your Black Car In The Sun

  • Don’t use dish soap on your black car. It will discolor plastic and rubber as well as strips away the existing protection. 
  • Don’t use a single sponge to clean the body of your car and the wheels. It will collect grit that can scratch your paint.
  • Don’t leave the car to dry naturally without cleaning a microfiber towel. It’s likely to leave water and sunspots on your black car.
  • Don’t use a squeegee to dry your black car.
  • Don’t dry your black car with a bathroom towel.
  • Don’t scrub your black car hard. The paint will fade too quickly, and it will cause swirl marks.
  • Don’t use a sponge that has fallen on the ground to wash the car without rinsing it out first.
  • Don’t let your towels touch the ground when cleaning your black car and even when you are finished.
  • Don’t forget to read the instruction of the products and tools you buy.

How Often Do You Need To Wash My Black Car?

Wash your car black whenever it is dirty. You should wash your black car every two weeks if you drive your car every day. It also depends on the type of weather you are having and the time of year. Brake dust can damage paint and wheels, so get rid of that as much as possible. Sometimes, if the weather is particularly bad, just pull the water hose out and give the wheels and sides a quick wash. You should wash your car weekly if you park in an area where tree sap or bird poo is a problem.

In Summary

Washing your black car on those sunny days is ideal if you use the tricks and follow the best practices. Remember to wash and rinse one small section at a time. Rinse and dry the vehicle off immediately after washing, respraying with water if necessary. Following these simple steps will protect your black paint job and keep your vehicle sparkling and spotless. Hopefully, this guide provides you with enough information that you need to wash your black car in the sun. Thank you for your time.

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