How to Store Expandable Hose

Expandable hoses and other types of hoses are useful hoses that you can depend on in the garden. They make your life pretty easier in the garden. If you have a pretty big space in the backyard, you can store hoses more than 100 feet. 

Despite expandable hoses being easy to store, one problem that exists among gardeners is still storing it correctly. It can be a pretty big mess if it’s just dumped in the patio or backyard. It can be kinky, unwieldy, and bend in ways that will damage the hose. Remember, if you don’t care for it, you are indirectly shortening it’s life span. 

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Storing expandable hoses in the garden is a necessity. It keeps the area clean, tidy, and makes it easier for you to unwind for easier use.  We shall look at the various ways of storing expandable hoses as well as how we can care for them. But first, let’s look at what expandable hoses are and the benefits. 

What Are Expandable Hoses? 

Expandable hoses are types of hoses that can expand three times its length when water is flowing through it. When water isn’t flowing through it, it contracts or shrink back to its original length. This makes the hose flexible, untangled, and can’t be twisted. 

 Benefits of Using Expandable Hoses

Why do many people opt to use the expandable hose in their gardens? Well, here are few benefits of using this garden hose. 

It’s Affordable 

Expandable hoses may be made with cheap materials, but they are not subpar. When you compare them to traditional hoses or even other garden hoses, you notice a difference in the price tag. 


Expandable hoses, when in their contract state weighs less than 5 pounds, unlike traditional hoses that weight up to 50 pounds. This means that you can carry an expandable hose without weight problems. 


Expandable hoses will automatically drain itself of water during contraction. This happens because there is no water pressure that will keep the material open and enlarged. Once the pressure dies down, the hose will force out water on its own. 

Efficient Space Saver

Because of its ability to contact, storing the hose is easy. It also comes with a carrying bag, so looking for storage space is easier. 

Doesn’t Kink 

Unlike most traditional hoses tangled and kinks, expandable hoses doesn’t. It’s not 100% tangle-free, but it’s way better than most traditional hoses in this regard. 

Ways of Storing Expandable Hoses

Let us look at the various ways of storing expandable hoses. 

Hose Pot 

You can store your expandable hose in a hose pot. A hose pot is like a decorative pot or basket that is designed to protect the hose. Since the hose is stored in neat coils within the pot, it keeps it away from kinking. Hose pots have a hole near the bottom where the spigot end of hose can travel from the spigot into the containment device. There are some drainage holes to preserve the life of the vessel. 

Hose Reels 

Storing your expandable hose in a hose reel is the most popular way of storing hoses. A hose reel is a circular, movable cart where you can reel the hose into a coil. If you wish to use your hose, the hose reel can unwind the hose itself. 

There are two types of hose reels – the wall mounted hose reel and the movable one. The wall mounted hose reel, as the name implies, is typically hung near a spigot end. If you are not a heavy user or the area where you plan on using the hose isn’t large, wall-mounted reels can bring that kind of convenience. 

However, if you plan on using your expandable hose over a large area, the movable one is your likely option, that is the reel cart. It has wheels so that you can move your expandable hose with so much ease. 

Wooden Textile Spools 

Wooden textile spools is an innovative way of storing your hose. These spools will make an interesting option for keeping your hose to look tidy and organized.

You can store your hose by placing three spools by the side of the faucet, near the wall, and then rolling up the hose around the three placed spools. It’s a simple, affordable, and secure way of storing your expandable hose.


Hose Butler 

The hose butler is quite a fancy way of storing your hose. Jose butler will not only store your hose but add some decorations to your garden. It is one of those creative options people can use to spice up there environment. It can store up to 200 feet of hose. 

Galvanized Wash Tub 

A galvanized wash tub is a good, cheap alternative to storing your expandable hose. It is also simple to do. You can either use it as it is or drill a hole in the bottom, where it will hook to something like a nail.

Garden Storage Pallet 

One thing about the garden storage pallet is you can use it to store a lot of garden tools, other than your expandable hose. The pallet is wooden constructed and is usually built outdoors. It’s a DIY project, so you can construct it the way you like. 

Galvanized Pails 

Like the garden storage pallet, the galvanized pails can store small garden tools like trowels as well as useful in storing your hose. So it’s a dual purpose storing tool. 

Modern Hose Hook 

Modern hose hook comes with bracket and screws for storing your hose. It’s an alternative way for those who want a clean, modern look. You install the bracket by screwing it to a wood, and then you can roll up your hose on the bracket. 

Garden Storage Bench 

This method of storing a hose is somewhat old-fashioned but still a great option for storage. It is a beautiful wooden bench that is placed outdoors. You can store your hose by drilling a hole at the back and feeding the hose through the hole. 

Tire Hose Spot 

This is a great way of putting your old tires into good use. It saves money, durable, and you can customize it the way you like. Just get an old tire, customize it, and store your hose inside. It’s that easy. 

Antler Hose Holder Storage 

If you are looking for a fashionable way of storing your hose without making it to look as if you are actually storing, the antler hose holder storage it is. The antler looks like a crest or a molded branch that you can fix to the wall. Simply coil your hose around the lower part of the crest. They can come in several different colors to suit hose colors. 

Tire Rim

Just like putting your old, recycled tires into good use, you can put your old rims into good use as well. It’s a good way of keeping down costs and it will add some beauty to your garden, depending on the color of the rim. 

Mailbox Storage 

Can you imagine rolling up your hose on an old mailbox? Funny right? Well, this is a good, low-cost option for storing your expandable hoses. 

Bronze Hose Wheel 

This is one of the most stylish ways of storing your expandable hose in the garden. It doesn’t only store your hose, but add some decoration to your garden. 

The bronze reel is designed with a tray at the top, where you can store some tools like screw drivers, hand trowels, etc. A rotating reel hangs directly under this tray from a swivel. If you want the reel to stop moving, you can lock it in place. The reel is coated with bronze to keep it protected from the weather. 

Copper Drum 

The copper drum is another cheap option for storing expandable hoses. The design is somewhat interesting and boring at the same time but who cares anyway? 

Under Deck Storage 

You can create an under deck storage in your backyard and use it to store your hose. It ensures that space is minimized. 

Outdoor Planter 

This is a wooden box you can use to store your expandable hose and other garden tools. All you need to do is construct it with wood and keep it in any area of the garden. 

Birch Branch 

This is a simple, innovative way of storing a hose. All you need to do is cut a tree branch, fix to a holder and coil your hose on it. This method is cheap and will make your garden look natural. 

Bronze Hose Wheel with a Basket 

This wheel is similar to the decorative bronze wheel, only that this one comes with a large basket for storage of your tools. There is a swivel that holds the rotating reel in place. So that if you need to move it, you can pull the knob in 360 degrees. The hose is coated with steel material to protect the reel from the weather. 

Hose Butler with a Star 

This hose butler is a little bit different in design from the other hose butler that was discussed. This one has a large star, made of steel that is mounted against the wall. It is not movable, hence, the mounting on the wall. 

However, you will not be able to wind your expandable hose onto it. Instead, you can wrap and hang it onto the butler. The steel is water resistant and looks great, since it’s star-shaped. 

Wall-Mounted Hose Wheel

The wall-mounted hose wheel is another one that is mounted on a wall. The difference between this one and other hose wheel is that there is an inlet hose that you can connect to another hose so that water is readily available in your garden. Whether you want to mount it parallel to the wall or otherwise, it will do just fine holding it up. 

Hose Wheel with a Shelf 

This is another type of hose wheel, only that this time, it comes with a shelf above the reel. There is the bracket that attaches to the wall at four points. The wheel itself is made from cast aluminum, which makes it resistant to rain. The shelf can act as a storage facility for your small gardening tools. If you are looking for a decorative option to minimize your outdoor space, this is wheel to go for. 

How to Care for Your Expandable Hose

Storing your hose properly is one thing and taking good care of it is another. Even if you store your hose properly, if you don’t take care of it, you will end up reducing its lifespan. 

  • When the hose is not in use, turn off the water faucet. If the hose is kept under pressure for long periods, it might damage the hose. 
  • The water pressure shouldn’t exceed 80 PSI. Else, it will burst the hose. 
  • Do not stretch out the hose, unless there is water inside. The hose only expands when it is filled with water. If it does stretch without water inside, it will quickly snap back when released and this action could cause injuries. 
  • Do not use the hose for delivering hot water. It can damage the hose. 
  • Most expandable hoses are designed with polyester material. Do not drag the hose along the concrete as it will decrease its lifespan. 
  • During cold weather, drain the hose completely and store it indoors. Storing it in cold weather might cause the hose to burst. 
  • Expandable hoses contract to their original length when no water is inside. Keep pests and people away from the hose when it’s contracting. Make sure the hose doesn’t snap on sharp edges as it may make the hose to stop contracting. 
  • Do not drink from expandable hoses or use it as a source for drinking water. Since they are stored outdoors mostly, it can be exposed to mold, bacteria, insects, and other harmful substances that is detrimental to your health. 
  • Keep children away from your hose and the work area when using it. 


Storing your expandable hose is part of caring for it. If you store it improperly, you could literally cut short its lifespan. Storing it, on the other hand, will prolong it and will serve you for many years to come. 

The same goes for providing adequate care for it. If you abide by certain safety guidelines, your expandable hose might probably outlive you. Storing and caring for your hose is one sure way of maximizing the usage of your hose. 

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