How To Remove Crab Apple Stains From Concrete Like Magic

Concrete is a very popular material for paths and walkways. Regrettably, due to the porous nature of concrete, stains can be very frustrating. Plant debris, squashed leaf matter, and moss can cause unsightly and ugly marks on your concrete, but crab apple stains leave sticky and black debris on your concrete and can be particularly difficult to remove.

If you can deal with crab apple stains on your concrete when it first happens, you are nearly guaranteed success. However, if the same crab apple stain dries on your concrete, things can get more complicated. If you have one of the more stubborn crab apple stains on your concrete, do not fret. In this article, you will know why crab apple stain concretes, a couple of tips for removing crab apple stains from your concrete, general maintenance tips, and how to prevent crap apple stains.

Why Do Crab Apple Stains Concrete?

Crab apple trees are grown for their striking spring flowers and bare tiny fruits after the flowering period. With the exception of bigger fruits, they are hardly eaten and typically used for ornamental purposes. Though some of the fruit species can hold into winter, they eventually drop to the ground.

Crab apple can stain concrete when they fall, and the distress can be increased when the fruit first has already been eaten by birds before falling on the concrete floor. After staying on the ground for so long, the crab apple stains begin to decompose. When you allow the crab apple to stay on the ground for so long, it can prove difficult to remove. Moreover, it can attract yellow jacket wasps, so it is better to remove the stain as soon as possible.

How to Remove Crab Apple From Your Lawn

Things You Will Need

  • Broom rake
  • Flat shovel
  • Scoop shovel
  • Bucket or wheelbarrow

Step 1

Rake all the crab apples on your concrete into a single pile with a broom rake. The broom rake has a wide rake head with tusks that are narrowly spaced and flexible, so you can easily control the direction of the fruits as you rake.

 Step 2

Pack the pile of crab apples with a big flat or scoop shovel. If you don’t have any of this device, turn over your broom rake and push the fruits onto the head of the rake.

Step 3

Pack the fruits in bucket or wheelbarrow so you can move the crab apples easily. After packing up a shovel full of crab apples, you might need to rake the apples into a pile each time.

Step 4

With only scarce fruits remaining on the concrete, it is more practical to handpick the remaining ones.

Step 5

When you are done packing the fruits, scatter the bucket of a wheelbarrow on the ground in an inconspicuous location or dump on a compost pile. Clearing along the edge of a wooded area or wood is the perfect place to provide food for animals such as squirrels and deer. If that is not an option, you can dispose of the fruit with your weekly garbage.

How to Remove Crab Apple Stains from Concrete

Before Getting Started

When using cleaning solutions or chemicals, test a small area to ensure there that the concrete surface is not harmed or there is no permanent. Use stiff brooms or brushes, but no wire brushes as these can score the cement and leave behind rust spots or permanent scratches.

Choose a clear, sunny day to remove crab apple from your concrete, not only so that it dries fast after cleaning, but it will also help you to better see the crab apple stains on your concrete in the sunlight. 

Pressure Washer Options

If you have a pressure washer, this can help remove crab apple stains in a flash. If you don’t have a pressure washer, consider renting it for a day since it’s well worth it, and the cost is reasonable. Start by selecting the proper nozzle tip and pressure. A pressure washer with about 3000 psi, and three GPM is perfect for removing crab apple stains from concrete.

Choose a pressure washer with a tip that has a wide-angle and still gets the job done to prevent the concrete from degrading. Start cleaning your concrete with a wide fan spray, then narrow as required to remove the stubborn crab apple stains. With the right technique, this machine will clean up fairly quickly. If the crab apple stain proves too stubborn, consider using it with a cleaning solution to pull the stains out.  

Chemical Solution Option

Due to the differences in the type of concrete, there are a number of possible cleaning solutions that can help remove crab apples from concrete. However, it should be noted that the solution works different, and they can have different effects on pressed and wet-cast concrete flags.

Like earlier discussed, whatever chemical you use should be tried out in a small, discreet concrete area because you can’t predict just how it with react with your concrete. Some of the popular cleaning solution for removing crab apple stains from concrete include:

Lemon Juice: If you have a crab apple stains on a small part of your concrete, squeeze a fresh lemon on the stained area and allow it to react for about 5 minutes, but don’t allow it to dry out completely. While the spot is still wet, scrub with a stiff brush and wash off with a lot of clean water. Then repeat the process as necessary.

Vinegar: Pour about half a gallon of white vinegar into a large bucket and mix them together with a wooden spoon. Then pour the cleaning solution sparingly onto the crab apple stains on your concrete and scrub with a bristled brush.

You will notice the crab apple matter is coming away from the concrete – don’t shovel the matter as you scrub. Keep scrubbing until you run out of the mixture. Then rinse your concrete with clean water.

Oxalic Acid: Oxalic acid is highly toxic stuff that is usually used in the woodworking trades to white or bleach wood; it is also quite effective for removing crab apple stains from concretes. The efficacy of the oxalic acid is highly variable, and you should test in an inconspicuous area before using on your concrete to ensure it is not discolored or damaged by its use.

This product can be gotten from the local home improvement store. Dilute one-half of powdered oxalic acid with a gallon of warm water. Use protective gloves over your hands and pour the mixture over the crab apple stains, then allow the solution to work into any stains for several minutes. Scrub with a stiff-bristled brush and follow with a high-pressure rinse. Repeat the process until all of the stains are removed.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix hydrogen peroxide and flour to form a thick paste that is comparable in thickness to peanut butter. Then cover the crab apple stain on your concrete with the paste that is about ¼ inch thick. Firmly tape a plastic wrap over the mixture and leave it for about 1-2 days. The dry paste will lift the crab apple stains from the surface of the concrete.

Wait for the concrete to dry and assess the crab apple stains that you worked on with any of the cleaning solutions above. If the stain persists, reapply the same cleaning solution and scrub again. Stubborn crab apple stains often take two cleaning cycles to totally get rid of them.

General Maintenance

Keeping your concrete clean and tidy will go a long way to maintaining it. And this will help you get rid of the crab apple stains and any other mold that might be growing. Here are some of the best ways to maintain your driveways.

  • Every few days, run a shovel over the area to scoop up any crab apples.
  • Sweep your concrete before washing it
  • Power washing the concrete every few weeks to prevent crab apple stains from setting in.

How to Prevent Crab Apple Stain

Another way to reduce crab apple stain removal labor is to prevent it from happening in the first place. For a starter, your concrete should be properly maintained and sealed. Avoiding using salt on your concrete walks during the winter because this will increase its porous nature and make it more prone to crab apple stains during the summer.

Having the right tools and plans can really go a long way to ensure your concrete doesn’t have crab apple stains. Investing in a quality power washer, and following the maintenance process above can help keep your concrete crab apple stain free.

The Bottom Line

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Though crab apple staining doesn’t pose a threat to the structural integrity of your concrete, it can be unsightly and detract people from the aesthetics of your house. Luckily, the cleaning methods discussed above will help you remove all the unwanted crab apple stains from your concrete effectively. Get rid of those stubborn crab apple stains today.

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