How To Remove Banana Tree Stains From Concrete

Unfortunately, several people won’t notice if you keep your concrete floor neat and tidy, but the moment stains appear on your concrete floor, it detracts the beautiful appearance of your entire house. Sometimes, banana tree stains are the causes of these ugly stains. The banana tree has enough sap and natural dyes that are notorious to remove from concrete. Moreover, concretes are porous, and they tend to absorb these dyes from banana trees and retain them for unspecified amounts of time.

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Banana tree stains diminish the appearance of your walkway, patio, or driveway. And understanding this can spring you into action to searching for the best solution for getting rid of these stains. Luckily, you can remove banana tree stains from your concrete using the right methods and products. And here are some of the ways you can remove banana tree stains from your concrete.

Treat Stains Differently

Depending on how long the banana tree stain has stayed on your concrete, there are different methods you can use to get rid of the stains. For instance, if the concrete surface was just recently stained by a banana tree, you can use paper towels to clean the stain quickly. Try not to rub the banana tree stain in since it will just permeate further into the concrete floor.

Use water, household cleaner, and brush to rub the newly formed banana tree stains away. This solution can also be used to remove pumpkin or berry stains from concrete. For older banana stains, you may need to use stronger chemicals or pressure washing machine. Let’s take an in-depth look at how you can remove tree stains from concrete.

How to Remove Banana Tree Stains from Concrete

Preparing the Stained Area

Sweep the concrete area affected with banana tree stains. Remove any banana leaves and debris from the surface. Banana trees that have settled on the surface of the concrete for longer are more likely to stain your concrete. Although the stains may be in a small area of your concrete, it is best to clean the entire concrete, or else, it can look inconsistent if you only clean the banana tree stained areas.

Using A Pressure Washer

One of the most effective and easiest ways to get rid of the banana tree stain is to use a pressure washer. If you already have a pressure washer in your home, make sure that you read the instructions manual for the right setup and operation. When the pressure washer is used incorrectly, it can cause huge damage to your concrete surface.

The pressure washer will help you remove any debris from the concrete surface. For deep cleaning, a pressure washer that can reach 3000 psi is recommended. Before using a pressure washer, start with a low-pressure setting, so there is no recoil when the device is started.

When using a pressure washer, ensure the area with the stain is cleared of breakable items, cars, and is free of pets and kids. To start cleaning, sweep the entire area, so it’s free of debris and dirt. Rinse the concrete with clean water using the pressure washer. For more effective use, some cleaning agents like Tri-Sodium Phosphate may be used inside the machine.

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Make sure to rinse the affected concrete after removing the banana tree stains with clean water afterward. Some cleaning agents, if left on the concrete, can erode over time. To make sure you use the machine properly, it might be best to hire a pressure washing expert to do the job for you. These are professionals that can help get rid of the banana tree stain right away and make sure they are clean and visually appealing.

Using Cleaning Solution

Depending on the cleaning agent, you may need to wear safety glasses or gloves to prevent your skin from coming into contact with the chemicals. Also, before cleaning the banana tree stain from your concrete, spot test it first with a sponge. In the case you have a colored concrete, choose a banana tree stained spot that is hidden from view. Some chemicals may cause the color to fade or change.

Some of the cleaning solutions need you to dilute with liters of waters before use, while others require sprinkling powered solution on the stained concrete. Here are some of the things you can use to get rid of banana tree stains from your concrete.

  • Dishwashing or Laundry Detergents: Sprinkle the dry detergent over the banana tree stained areas, and allow it to soak in for several minutes, then scrub with hot water and a stiff brush. Scrub in a circular motion rather than up and down or side to side. And avoid using a wire brush because it can scratch the concrete surface.
  • Bleach: Follow the instruction for diluting, then pour the solution on the banana tree stain. After pouring the cleaning solution on the affected spots, leave it to soak in for a few minutes to penetrate the stain. However, make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t dry on the surface before cleaning. Then scrub in a circular motion with hot water and a stiff brush.
  • Tri-Sodium Phosphate: This is a heavy-duty cleaning ingredient that can remove banana tree stain from your concrete. The cleaner is available at local home improvement stores. Depending on the amount of banana tree stain, you have to tackle, dilute a cup of Tri-Sodium Phosphate to one gallon of hot water.

Then pour the solution over the banana tree stain and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Apply some force to scrub off the banana tree stain with a stiff brush. Once the concrete is clean, wash the banana tree stains and cleaning solution from the concrete. A watering can allow you to apply the cleaning solution more effectively.

  • Oxalic Acid: When dealing with a banana tree stain that penetrates your concrete, oxalic acid can be very helpful. The acid is a natural component of some plants, and you can buy its powdered form from your local home improvement store. Oxalic acid can be used on concrete, but you should only use this cleaner if you have unsealed concrete because it could eat through the sealer.

To use this, mic one-half of the powdered oxalic acid in one gallon of hot water. Then pour the solution over the banana tree stain and let it soak in for some minutes. Then scrub the stain with a stiff-bristled brush, blot occasionally while scrubbing to absorb the stain. Then, rinse well.

All of the cleaning solutions above are great for removing banana tree stains from concretes. And you may have to repeat this banana tree stain cleaning procedure if the stains have not been removed completely.

Maintaining Your Concrete

Whether you have a huge concrete patio or small concrete driveway, you want to extend the life of your concrete and keep it looking great for a long time. Thankfully, maintaining your concrete is a job you can handle on your own. For starters, clean the concrete often and make sure you get rid of any stain as soon as you notice it.

Regularly maintaining the concrete will help extend the lifespan of your concrete and also stop the banana tree stains from building up. In addition, try to fill the cracks in the concrete. You can use a concrete filler or mortar to repair the cracks and reduce water from seeping into the concrete and degrade it.

Moreover, you can use a sealant to seal the concrete surface. A thin coat of sealant is usually applied with a sprayer or roller. The sealant can prevent your concrete from banana tree staining and offer resistance against abrasions and UV sunlight.

General Tips for Removing Banana Tree Stain from Concrete

  • A wire brush scrapes concrete, so don’t use it on your concrete.
  • Be mindful of rinsing the cleaning solution into your plants and other sensitive areas.
  • Spot test any chemical you use on a small area to make sure no further damage can be done by any of these cleaning solutions.
  • Depending on the method you choose, think about wearing eyewear, gloves, and clothing.
  • Be careful using chemicals on stained or colored concrete as it can easily discolor it.
  • If you think a power washer is a right option, do a bit of research on how to use the device properly or consider hiring a professional.


There are several reasons for removing banana tree stains. One is for its aesthetic points. A clean concrete floor looks great and improves your house overall look. The other reasons are to prepare the concrete for staining or sealing your concrete. If you don’t remove the banana tree stains, they will show through.

The best way to clean banana tree stain from your concrete is to prevent it from happening in the first place. However, since this has already happened, high-intensity pressure washers and concrete cleaning solutions such as Tri-Sodium Phosphate (on Amazon) and bleach (on Amazon) are an effective solution for removing banana tree stains from concretes. And for those who just want banana tree stains off their concrete quickly, hiring an expert is a great option.

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