How to Pressure Wash a House with Bleach like a Pro

A house is very good for you. So, that does not mean that you should turn your back on your own house and not give it a good clean every once in a while. Cleaning the house is not an everyday chore, but when you do it, here are some important steps that you need to know. Pressure washing a house is not as easy as it appears, so listen closely to these important tips. In this article, you will learn how to pressure wash a house with bleach. 

Why Should I Pressure Wash My House with Bleach?

You should know that based on the opinions of pressure washer manufacturers, bleach is not the best product to use for cleaning a house as it can damage property. However, pressure washing a house with bleach is an effective way to remove mold or mildew from the surface. Not only can it scrape away the mold, but bleach can also remove the color from clothing, kill vegetation, and countless other useful tactics. The main chemical compound of bleach is sodium hypochlorite.

What You Should Never Do

Before you go into washing that house, here are some resourceful tips on what you should never do when washing the house with bleach. Firstly, never do this project alone. One never knows what may happen so have someone hold the ladder 

  1. Never mix bleach together with ammonia or any other cleaner
  2. Don’t breathe in the fumes from the bleach. Always keep the doors and windows open when cleaning to allow fresh air
  3. Never mix with water and electricity. Everybody is going to get wet in the process of cleaning the house. Be on the lookout for any electrical wires in place of where you put the ladder. Avoid hitting any important wires or cables to the house. 
  4. Make sure that the ladder is in a firm position when spraying the house with a pressure hose. It’s very dangerous to operate a pressure washer while standing on a ladder. Angle the ladder at about 75 to 78 degrees. 
  5. You should never fool around with the equipment that you use. Research on what these tools are used for. It’s not a game either. Never spray your friends because you will tear off the skin. Having an injury is never good when all you are doing is cleaning the house.
  6. Take your time. It’s best to clean the house on a day where there is nothing else on your schedule. That’s what weekends are for. Take your time to clean every inch of the house.

Water Pressures That You Should Use

Pressure Nozzles with wider fan patterns are the best to use over nozzles with a narrower pattern. 

  • Yellow Nozzles: 15 degrees fan pattern spray
  • Red Nozzles: 0 Degrees fan pattern spray. Strip off harden mud the easiest
  • Green Nozzles: 25 degrees fan pattern spray
  • White Nozzles: 40 degrees fan pattern spray

How to Clean House with Bleach

To clean the house, keep the nozzle moving and hold it a good measurable distance away from the surface. The power is so good that it may end up knowing you off your feet altogether. All you have to do is pour the mildewcide solution into a pump garden sprayers and then apply it. 

Scrub and rinse well as you clean the house. Use a fiberglass extension pole for areas that you cannot reach and scrub anything that cannot be sprayed with the hose. Everyone’s house is different in size. Start at the head of the house and work your way down. Look at it this way, all the suds are falling down the wall. 

Finally, avoid blasting water upward at a steep angle under the siding. Also, don’t blast straight into corners, under the edge of windows and doors, or within dryer or attic vents. The power from these pressure waters will likely break important necessities in the house.

In the end, it takes about two days for the house to dry. Refrain from painting, and put all the equipment that you were using away. 

What to Wear for This Process

  • Don’t wear sneakers, wear rubber boots so your shoes won’t get destroyed
  • GLOVES. Always wear gloves. Un-protected hands are not good, and you can easily cause injury or damage to your eyes
  • Eye Protection: Buy a mask for this process. Water is going to spray everywhere. Bleach is not a substance that should get in your eyes. Blindness is likely if you spray right in your face 
  • Pressure washers are known to be so powerful that they can actually tear off skin

What You Will Need

  • Pressure Washer
  • Measuring cup to mix cleaners together
  • Mix cleaning solutions in a 5-gallon bucket
  • House Wash, a cleaner that is specifically for pressure washers
  • Revere general household cleaners and chemicals
  • Extension pole
  • Deck brush
  • Water
  • Scaffold: Better to use than a ladder, as ladders may fall back.

Mixing Bleach with Power Wash Solution

Pressuring washing the house with bleach is not an easy job. Before you even do anything, brush up on your facts along with how to mix bleach with power wash solutions. Using just bleach can damage your house. Here are 3 easy steps for mixing bleach with a power wash solution. In these cases, this is where you should experiment with cleaning supplies to get the right balance out of the cleaning solutions.

  1. Mix 1 part of chlorine with three parts of water in the container that you are using. It’s recommended to use 3 cups of water to 1 cup of bleach.
  2. Pour bleach mixture into the container for the garden sprayer. Then, follow the instructions with the sprayer for adding the chemical solutions. 
  3. Soak the area that you are cleaning. After covering the surface with bleach, use the power washer to rinse the solution off. Make sure you follow instructions closely in regards to the power washer.

Steps for Power Wash Solution 

  1. Combine power laundry soap with the powdered cleaner. 1 quart of bleach along with 1 gallon of water. Combine together in a container. 
  2. Stir the solutions together until all the powder dissolves in the mix
  3. Pour a small amount of cleaning solution into the power washer container
  4. Add more chemical solutions to the water or add a second round of cleaning ingredients to the original mixture if the cleanser does not appear effective
  5. 1/3 cup of laundry soap, it’s okay to add an additional 1’3 cup of solution
  6. Add in 1/3 cup of laundry solution to all the chemical ingredients, don’t add more water

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