How to Make Foam Cannon More Foamy

Using a pressure washer to clean your car can be an amazing experience. Nothing beats the convenience of cleaning your car with a pressure washer. However, many are still faced with the problem of making their foam cannon more foamy. So in this article, we will be showing you a DIY foam cannon soap technique to get your cannon more foamy.

Is Using a Foam Cannon Necessary?

Cannon foaming is the ideal way of removing scratches, debris, and marks from the bodies of cars. It’s an efficient method of giving a surface some sparkles. The foam itself dissolves a lot of dirt that other cleaning agents won’t.

Using a foam cannon speaks convenience. It ensures that you won’t have to deal with the stress of using buckets and sponges to wash your vehicle. All you have to do is turn on the power washer and after use, store the concentrate in the air-tight seal bottle.

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Foam cannons use less soap and water to wash your car. It’s more convenient to use a pressure washer to rinse your car after washing it with foam cannons than having to go back and forth with buckets of water. Less soap is also used because it will be mixed with the pressure washer, which improves conservation.

Another reason why using a cannon foam is necessary is it minimizes the time you spend on washing your car. Typically, it will take you a considerable amount of time to wash your car round with a car wash soap. You will have to make sure those dirt that is hidden in unreachable places is removed efficiently. With a foam cannon, you can spread soap towards all the sections of the vehicle by turning the pressure washer towards the direction.

If you have a dirty patio, porch or lawn, you can use the foam cannon as a quick solution to get rid of those dirt.

Types of Foam Cannons

Ideally, there are five types of foam cannons that are available in the market.

Adjustable Foam Cannon

This type of foam cannon can spray in different patterns. Hence, adjustable. It can be adjusted to spray in a stream pattern, single pattern, circular pattern, etc. Adjustable foam cannons make it easier for you to customize your spray pattern according to the part of the vehicle that you want to rinse. For example, single or direct stream allows you to focus on a targeted spot, while the fan or circular pattern works best at giving the entire vehicle a complete rinsing.

Quick Release Foam Cannon

The quick release foam cannon is more rampant in the market than the adjustable ones. This type of foam cannon has a ¼ – inch male fitting that is attached to the power washer wand. This makes the foam cannon to be more effective in rinsing and washing your vehicle. Also, you will be able to switch between washing and rising swiftly.

Professional Grade Foam Cannon

A foam cannon that is labelled “professional grade” is a high-quality foam cannon that is made of heavy-duty materials like stainless steel. This material is made to withstand wear and tear and offer increased durability and sturdiness. Professional grade foam cannon produces thicker foam, and are often expensive.

Foam Cannon Bottles

Foam cannon bottles are of two categories – opaque and transparent. If you enjoy watching the foam cannon work, you should forget about using opaque bottles. Opaque bottles won’t allow you to see the contents, but transparent bottles will. However, this won’t necessarily affect the performance of the foam cannon.

Foam Cannons with Interchangeable Nozzles

Sometimes, foam cannons come with interchangeable nozzle tips that discharges spray at different angles. For instance, foam cannons with interchangeable nozzles have common angles such as 15°, 25°, 40°, etc. These nozzles attaches to the end of the wand to help direct water flow.

What Can Cause Foam Cannons Not to Foam?

A lot of factors are responsible for your cannon not foaming efficiently. The type of pressure washer used, nozzle, type of soap used, etc. are common reasons why your foam cannon isn’t foamy.

Pressure washer

Sometimes, it’s not always about the foam cannon. Using a suitable water pressure determines how efficient the foams are. Electric pressure washers are quieter, easier to navigate around, and are smaller than the gas-powered pressure washers. It goes a long way delivering thick foam and ensuring that you have an excellent wash.

When it comes to power washers, two things come to mind – water flow rate and the PSI. Gas-powered pressure washers offer more PSI and GPM, and thus, are better in delivering thicker foam. Some foam cannons can handle 2 GPM and 1000 – 3000 PSI, while others can’t. You need to ensure that your power washer aligns with the foam cannon that you choose or have.

Car Wash Soap

While most soaps are designed to produce suds, there are others that create thicker foams. Some are engineered for use with a foam gun, while others aren’t. The type of soap used is crucial to how foamy the cannon would be.

Type of Water

Using cold water to mix with your foam cannon won’t produce enough foamy solution, and as such, shouldn’t be used. That’s why you should use warm water because it helps to aerate the soap and the mixture, so that thicker suds can be produced.

How to Make Foam Cannon More Foamy

These few trick will get the best out of your foam cannon to make it more foamy.

  1. Use the Ideal Power Washer

As we previously stated, using the right pressure washer is important. You need to make sure that the one you intend to use is compatible with the foam cannon in terms of PSI and GPM.

2. Make Sure You Use the Right Soap

Soap like watermelon snow foam, beer snow foam, etc. are special soaps that are designed to shoot thick foam and remove any debris or dirt on your car with some diluted water. There are other soaps that can shoot thick foams as well, so you should choose carefully.

3. Dilute the Soap With Warm Water

Most foam cannons use some advanced techniques to get the right mixture of soap, water, and air to shoot thick foam. In the dilution process, it’s important that you use warm water to ensure proper aeration of the soap and water mixture. This will result in shooting thick foam.

Once you have diluted the soap with water in the container, don’t shake the solution rigorously to avoid excessive buildup of the foam. Instead, swirl the solution in a circular motion.

4. Rinsing

If you are washing a car, make it a point of duty to always rinse the vehicle before you start to foam it. Doing this will take out the large dirt and debris at first before you can proceed to foam your car. Use a power washer to rinse the car thoroughly in and out.

5. Preserve Your Foam Cannon

Some people leave their foam cannons full of water and soap. This is dangerous as it will create calcium deposits that will prevent the cannon from shooting thick foam when next you use it.

After each use, ensure that you rinse your foam cannon thoroughly to avoid any calcium deposits. Empty the canister or bottle so that there is no leftover left. Thereafter, rinse the bottle with clean water. Reattach the canister to your foam cannon and shoot like you are spraying on something until there is no more soapy water coming out.

How Much PSI Does a Foam Cannon Need?

Typically, foam cannons require PSI between 1000 and 3000. You can use a light-duty to medium pressure washer to medium with PSI of 1400 – 2500. The type of pressure washer and the PSI is crucial. So make sure you check the specifications before using them with foam cannon.

What Is the Price of a Foam Cannon?

The price of foam cannons depend on a variety of factors. Most foam cannons are priced between $15 – $25. However, that is just the price of the foam cannon itself. When accessories like interchangeable nozzles and car wash soap products are added, the price could escalate to $60.

If you want a professional-grade foam cannon, it could cost you between $75 – $100. Reason for their expensiveness is due to the high-quality material that is used in designing them. Professional-grade cannons offer more dilution ratio and have better spray direction.

Can You Use Snow Foam as a Shampoo?

A lot of people ask this question, and that is what we are going to answer in this article. Can you use snow foam as shampoo?

First of all, what is snow foam? Snow foam is a spray solution that leaves your car covered in layers of snow. It’s like applying snow on your car – that is what snow foam is.

What snow foam does is to leave you with a cleaner car. In other words, it’s aim is to improve car wash and the texture of your car, and keep it looking brighter for an extended period.

Now to answer the question, snow foam isn’t a shampoo. Most foam products aren’t shampoos. It’s a pre-wash solution that effectively dirt, dust, pollen, grime off the surface of the vehicle. Although, some snow foam products work like shampoo and is equally effective like a car shampoo. However, you will still need a shampoo after pre-washing with snow foam.

How Does Snow Foam Work?

While you are driving your ride, grime, dirt, dust collects on the surface. Once you spray snow foam, it sticks to your vehicle, lifts dirt from the  surface of the vehicle, and floats it away in water. It captures this dirt and ensures that it doesn’t affect the paint of the car. In other words, snow foam won’t affect car paint due to its balanced pH and hydrophobic polymers.

How to Use Snow Foam

Snow foam is an effective pre-wash formula that can be sprayed on your vehicle. The best way to use this snow foam is to spray it with a foam cannon or foam gun that’s connected to a power washer. Using a power washer ensures that there are no physical contact with the surface of the vehicle.

What You Need

  • Snow foam
  • Water
  • Foam gun
  • Pressure washer
  • Microfiber car wash mitt


  1. Mix about 90 ml of snow foam in a liter of water in the snow foam gun. Shake the gun to give the mixture a perfect mix.
  2. Attach the foam gun to the pressure washer and cover the vehicle on snow foam. Ensure that the vehicle is dry before applying the snow foam.
  3. Keep the tip of the foam gun about three feet to four feet away from the vehicle. Start applying the snow foam from the roof, and work your way through to the bonnet, doors, body up until the tires. You can apply the snow foam the second time to dirtier areas like bumpers and wheels.
  4. Allow the foam to stick to the surface for about five to ten minutes, but don’t let it to completely dry. You can apply more foam to dry spots.
  5. Rinse the vehicle from the top until you get to the tires with plenty of water.
  6. If your car has some pollens and stubborn stains – that’s if it’s really dirty, lightly soil the car with some shampoo.
  7. Mix 10 ml to 25 ml of the shampoo in a liter of water in a bucket of water. Mix vigorously and fill another bucket with clean water for rinsing.
  8. Use a microfiber car wash mitt to clean the car. Start working from the top, up until you get to the lowest parts. Rinse the shampooed part in the rinse bucket before applying more shampoo onto the part from the wash bucket.
  9. Once you have washed the entire vehicle, rinse in the rinse bucket. Start from the roof and work your way down.
  10. Use a dry microfiber towel to dry the water and your vehicle will look glossy and shiny.


Making your foam cannon more foamy is simple only if you know the techniques that’s involved. With these DIY foam cannon soap tips, you can remove more grime and debris from your vehicle effectively.