How to Keep a Black Truck Clean (A Professional Auto Detailers Clean)

Driving back from the auto shop with your brand new black car is a treat. Now that you have this new truck to drive around, it’s your job to keep it clean. Believe us when we say that it is not easy. Mud, dirt, and dust are going to pile on the windows of the truck. Cars aren’t going to stay clean forever. In this professional auto detailers clean, here are the steps to take in order to keep your black truck clean. 

Get Mud Flaps

Driving on the roads, you’re only going to pick up mud that sprays everywhere. The results with mud flaps are overwhelming. They’ll keep your truck clean like never before. 

Slap on a Healthy Coat of Wax

Keep a load of wax in the garage at all times. It’s no secret that any speck of dirt stays hidden on the exterior of a black car. Every so often, give your car a fresh wash to get rid of all the dirt and grime. 

Use a Cover

Covers are like a blanket. Buy a cover that will fit your car. That way it will protect the car from getting any scratches or covered in dirt. Cars are meant to be driven. Keeping it hidden from the world, protecting its surface at all costs isn’t going to do anything aside from refraining it from getting dirty. 

Should I Put it in the Garage?

Putting your black car in the garage is a way to prevent it from getting dirty, but you can’t keep it in there for its whole life. Think about it. Dust lingers in the air. What’s going to happen if that shelf of paint cans tips over onto the car. That’s a mess. 

Keep it Out of the Sun

Keeping a black car in the sun will only worsen the condition. It’s okay to put it in the shade. Placing your black car in the shade prevents dust and dirt from piling up on the windshield. 

How to Clean Bird Poop

Have you ever seen that commercial where Flo is trying to scare the bird away from the car? Protecting your car at all costs should not become your new job. Bird poop is going to happen. Instead of crying over it, learn how to clean it. 

Don’t ever clean bird poop off with a cloth. Use a type of spray directly at the area and then place a towel over it for a few minutes. Then wipe it up. To keep the protected from an attack that could happen in the future pour on a sealant.

The Magic of Quick Detailer Spray

Keep a bottle of quick detailer spray on you when you buy that black car. This liquid spray helps protect the paint, glass, and plastic. When using this product all you have to do is lightly spray it on the exterior and then wipe it down with a towel in straight lines. Tip: Don’t ever use a dirty rag, especially multiple times. Keep multiple rags on hand and wash them after being used. To keep your black truck clean, detailer spray will do an amazing job. 

Cleaning Bugs off the Car

Bugs are going to fly into the windshield no matter what when you’re driving. By using a specific microfiber towel, rub the towel against the bug stains to get rid of them. Don’t rub too hard or it will only leave behind unwanted scratches. There is also a special bug sponge that you can buy.

Washing the Car

It’s time to turn your driveway into an at-home car wash. Pour water into a bucket, add plenty of soap, have a sponge on hand, and then clean the car. Washing your own car than constantly having to take it to a car wash to get clean. Be careful when using a hose to spray down the car. Water beads are left behind and unfortunately, they stick and make terrible markings. 

Do you want to know a secret? There’s a way to wash a car WITHOUT water. Yes, we’re as surprised as you are. Here are instructions on how to wash your black car without the use of water. 

  1. Park the car in the shade rather than in the sun. The pain tries easier.
  2. Wash the wheels first
  3. Research about Waterless washes. Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax is the best
  4. Spray water all over the car. Get each surface.
  5. Use a foam. The foam helps clean the car. Let the foam sit for a bit
  6. To clean the car, use a pressure washer to remove all the dirt and suds
  7. Never scrub the car. Scrubbing only makes that beautiful shine go away, causing scratches
  8. Start from the roof and work your way down the sides. Refrain from moving in circles
  9. Use another rag to get rid of further mildew and dirt
  10. Use the pressure washer once more instead of letting the car dry in the sun. The truck is never going to stay clean with all those watermarks. 

Should I Dry Wipe my Black Car Clean?

NO. It’s better to clean the car wet than dry. Your car is only going to look like an alien space ship landed on your car because of those crop circle like designs you swerved with a sponge. Use a liquid to get rid of the dust. The shine fades after a dry clean. 

The Difference Between and Sponge and a Brush

Neither. Using a sponge of a brush to wash your car is only going to worsen the condition. Instead, use a microfiber mitt. It’s the easiest way to pick up the dirt. It’s recommended for black cars that you should use a soft wool mitt so you can reach every section without missing a spot. Use a fresh mitt for each section of the car.

Pay Attention to the Wheels

Just because the surface of the car is your main focus, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to the wheels. Spray the wheels down so the tires won’t remain filthy. They’re the ones doing the driving after all. Always make sure that your tires are in good shape so a flat tire doesn’t end up ruining the drive. Power wash them and then use a wheel brush. 

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