How to Clean Outdoor Patio Screens

Well, if you seem your outdoor patio screen is ugly and disgusting, now is the time to clean it up and make it glow like ever before. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why you searched “how to clean outdoor patio screens”. Don’t worry, we have all the tips that you need to get started with cleaning your patio screen enclosure. 

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Patio screens are lifesavers during the spring period. Instead of taking a walk outside your house, you can just decide to enjoy the warm breeze by simply sitting down on your cushion in the patio. It’s that convenient and quite fascinating to enjoy the outdoor view. 

Why You Should Clean Your Screens

What screen enclosure do is to keep busy, debris, and other things out of your living space. However, patio screens don’t keep away pollen. When pollen accumulates on the surface, it forms a speck of smoke that makes your enclosure old and dirty. What you need is a little cleaning to restore the surface to the way it was. 

What Can Make Your Patio Screen Dirty? 

We made mention of pollen as one of the chief agents of dirt. However, pollen isn’t the only thing that you should be worried about. If pollens are left for a long period without cleaning, they can form molds or algae. Initially, these molds and algae will be too stubborn to clean off. But with the right tools and procedures, you can get them off. 

Tips on Cleaning an Outdoor Patio Screen 

There are two ways you clean your outdoor patio screens – by using your hands to clean or using a power washer. 

Cleaning your patio screen with your hand is simple. What you need is a bucket, some dish soap, a soft brush with bristles, garden hose and elbow grease. 

Once you have all these tools down, then you should begin cleaning with the following procedures. 

  1. Use the soft brush to scrub the screens and frame gently with warm, soapy water. 
  2. Rinse them with your garden hose and allow to dry. 
  3. If the patio screen still has some dirt, repeat the process until you achieve your desired result. 

The power washer is more effective than using hands. Power washer are meant to reach those hard areas where normal cleaning wouldn’t reach. A power washer makes use of hot, pressurized water that blasts away grease and stubborn dirt from the screen. However, you need to be careful while using the power washer to avoid damaging the patio screen. 

Power washers have PSI that determines how forceful and powerful the washer is. For cleaning patio screens, a power washer with PSI of 1500 – 2200 is suitable. It’s essential that you start with the lowest PSI, and then go further up if the stains prove stubborn. 

How to Remove Stains, Mold, and Algae 

Like we earlier stated, various substances can stain your patio screen, like dirt, mold, and algae. Sometimes, these stubborn spots can find it difficult to be cleaned. If you find yourself in a situation like this, there is still a way to fix it. 

What you need

You will need the following to successfully clean mold and other stubborn stains off your patio. 

  • Some vinegar or bleach 
  • Hot water 
  • Soft brush 
  • Protective gloves 
  • Power washer (optional). 


  1. Mix some vinegar (1/2 cup) in hot water. The water shouldn’t exceed half a bucket. 
  2. If you find vinegar offensive and if it doesn’t go down well with you, bleach can act as an alternative.
  3. Use your soft brush to scrub the area or where the spot is. Continue scrubbing until the spot is no more. 
  4. Rinse the spot with a pressure/power washer. 

While using bleach, be careful because it’s hard on the skin. It irritates the skin. Make sure you wear protective gloves while cleaning. 

Routine Maintenance 

Patio is an incredible part of the house. If you don’t have the need to stay indoors, the patio is the best place where you can stay and observe nature. However, you need to care for it as much as you care for the inside of the house. That means employing good, routine maintenance. 

  1. Choose a day in the week to sweep the floors. Dust the windows, door frames, ceiling fans with a soft brush. Dust every part of the patio to get rid of any hidden dust. Sweep away cobwebs from walls with a core broom. If possible, wash the walls with an all-purpose cleaner with warm water and sponge. 
  2. After that, scrub the floor with bleach and warm water using a deck brush. There may be accumulation of mildew on the floor, so it’s crucial that you clean it thoroughly. Since you are using bleach, make sure you wear protective gloves. If possible, wear goggles too. 
  3. Wash the fixture covers. Insect may collect in them and cause you problems. Choose a convenient time to do this. Remove the covers and wash them. Rinse, and then dry. 
  4. To get the best out of your porch floors, especially if it’s wooden, paint it with a latex or oil-based paints. This will prolong the life of the wooden floor. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Patio Screen? 

Cleaning your patio screen depends on how dirty they are and how frequent you want to be cleaning it. For example, if you decide to clean your patio screens every week, whether it’s dirty or not, you have already decided to clean it. 

However, most people prefer cleaning it if it’s dirty. That means cleaning it anytime it’s misty, has dirt or debris that makes the screen unclear. 


The outdoor living space is one area of the house that you can’t take away. It provides a different atmosphere and view that you can’t have inside the home. Apart from that, outdoor living space enriches the home, giving it a more subtle appearance. 

It’s critical to clean your patio screens. It will ensure that your environment is healthy and that you are able to enjoy the full, clear view of the outdoor life. 

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