Gardguard Garden Hose Expendable hose review: What I wish I knew Before Buying

Looking for a garden hose that meets your need is stressful. Many options exist in the market, including stainless steel hoses, rubber garden hoses, kink-resistance hoses, expendable hoses, soaker hoses, and coiled hoses. It is more stressful to look for a specific type of a garden hose, especially when you are considering the brand, the features, and your needs.

Below are some things you should know before buying any hose, including the Gardguard Garden Expandable Hose. Check the current price of the Gardguard Garden Expandable Hose generator on Amazon (affiliate link to Amazon).

What You Should Know Before Buying

Regardless of the hose type, below are some crucial things to know before making a purchase.

Nozzle Type

It is surprising to find out that garden hose nozzles have nine different patterns compared to other expandable hoses, which have 8. It has an ergonomic handle to prevent slips, therefore, enabling you to have a tight grip. The nozzle has a trigger lock that allows water to run without pressing. The rotating bezel enables you to customize it to your need, may it be gardening, washing, or cleaning. The patterns include- mist, jet, angle, flat, shower, center, full, soaker, and cone. In any case, when the nozzle is leaking, adjust the nozzle.


Before purchasing any gardening tool, it is always prudent to ask yourself if it will last a lifetime.  What I knew before buying Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose is, it was durable and can last for several years. What I wish I knew before buying is, what kind of material was used to contribute to its life span.

It has a high-density double layer latex in the inner core that improves its elasticity and durability, thereby preventing leakage, cracks, and breakage. The outer material is made of 3300D polyester fabric that acts as a protective shell. This garden hose has strong wear resistance because of the material used. The material used can withstand low temperatures of about -20ᵒC and high temperatures of 50ᵒC.

The connectors are made from solid brass. ¾’’ solid brass connector is fitted nicely to ensure there is no leakage and makes a good connection with the faucets. Brass is more durable than plastic, withstands water pressure, and is not prone to corrosion.

Expansion rate

It expands up to three times its original size when connected to a water source. Then it contracts to its original shape when water is turned off. To achieve better results when water is on, ensure the water pressure is about 0.2-0.6MPa. After use, completely drain the water from the hose and put it in its bag or hang up.

Tangle free

Unpredictably Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose never tangled, kinked or twisted. It was easy to handle it and even store it.  It is easy to uncoil it when you want to use it, and it is easy to recoil it after using it. Its flexible design discourages cracks, tears, or even leaks.


Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose is available in different lengths—25ft, 50ft, and 100ft. The different length options are available for maneuverability purposes.

Storage space

One of the things that I wish I knew before buying is that it does not consume a lot of space when storing it. It consumes just a minimal space than a traditional garden hose. Like any other garden hose, ensure that you have completely drained the water and store it in a cool, ventilated place.

More than a package

When I ordered a Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose, unexpectedly, I received a garden hose full set. The package arrived contained hose clamp, 9-way sprayer, the expandable hose with brass fitting, product leaflet, 3 spare rubber washers, and a warranty card.


A garden hose is an essential tool for homeowners who want their lawns or gardens to look super great. Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose (Available on Amazon) is the best hose for everyday use, may it be car washing, cleaning the driveway, washing your pet, gardening, cleaning, or watering your lawn. Purchasing Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose is the best decision so far. It was affordable with a lower price tag in comparison to other expandable garden hoses. It is easy to use, efficient, and lightweight. As such, you should consider replacing your old and heavy hose with Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose.