Gardenirvana 50’ Expandable Garden Hose Review

Gardenirvana 50′ Expandable Garden Hose

The advantages of owning a house with a garden is that you get to water your grass and flower beds, and smell the aromatic smell of wet mud and glowing grass, along with the fresh plants.

For doing so, you could use a traditional garden hose and change them from time to time, because let’s face it – regular gardens hoses become cracked really easily. Neither are they foldable and cannot be stored.

So, instead of using a traditional garden hose it is better to switch to an expandable garden hose like the Gardenirvana Expanding Water Hose.

Expandable garden hoses are gaining substance in the current market because they are easy to use, provide longevity to the user in terms of usage, are very easy to fold and store without the issue of tinkering up, and are portable.

The Gardenirvana Expandable Garden hose (click to check current price on Amazon) is highly recommended because of its strong design and the high-quality materials which are used to construct the hose, making the Gardenirvana hose sturdy in use and long lasting.

The hose shrinks when not being used, and expands 2-3 times its length when filled with water, courtesy of water pressure; hence the name Expandable Garden Hose.

We are going to go over the different features of the Gardenirvana Expandable Water Hose, but apart from that we are also going to give you a recommendation on whether or not the garden hose is worth your consideration.

About the Product

The Gardenirvana Expandable Garden hose can expand in size up to 50 feet when water is at full pressure, and is made of a triple layer latex tube.

This latex tube is one of the strongest in the market and can last the hose to an average of 1200 uses compared to a regular hose, which will last barely 250 uses.

In addition to the above, the hose sports an elastic outer fabric which provided it with extra strength – and gives it superior protection against pets, thorns, sharp corner among other potential physical damages.

The ¾-inch solid brass connectors come with shut-off valves which make sure that no extra water is spilled and you can keep a track on stripped connections or easy breaking of connections.

With the Gardenirvana Expandable Garden Hose, be free of any worry when it comes to the hose getting kinked up, getting tangled, and twisting.

This is because the hose can expand up to three times its length when required and shrinks to its original size when not in use.

Unlike other garden hoses which act like rat nests, the Garenirvana hose is lightweight and takes up very little storage space, as it can be folded and stored.

For additional portability, the hose comes with a storage bag for easy storage when the hose is not being used.

The hose weighs only 4 pounds, despite being 50 feet long, because of its high-tech design and comfortable form.

A 7-pattern spray nozzle comes free with the purchase of this garden hose, including a storage bag, three extra rubber washers, a wall mount, hose hanger, and a 2-way splitter.  The 2-way splitter helps in converting one spigot into 2.

The purchase of the expandable garden hose comes with a 12-month warranty, while Gardenirvana says that it provides 100% satisfaction in case of any company defects.

What Others Are Saying

We were pleasantly surprised by how many positive reviews this hose received when looking at what people had to say.

Customers liked that the hose was lightweight, unlike other hoses in the market which had to be carried around and were difficult to manage.

The customers also added that the hose was well built and one of the best in the market, and is doing what it was intended to do with perfection.

The comments in the reviews also state that this is the best garden hose that buyers have come across and that the people are lucky that they came across this particular garden hose.

The customer reviews go on to say that the Gardenirvana Expandable Garden hose is very durable, even after a year of use and is being extremely sturdy.

People commented that they were happy with the free spray that comes with the hose, and it has a 7-way setting which helps them use the hose’s spray in 7 different ways.

Some people have also commented that this was the best expandable hose they have used, and were not as keen to buy any other hose in the future, and would highly recommend using the hose.

People added to their reviews by saying that the hose expands and contracts as described and seemed to be decent in its construction with brass ends.

Almost all the reviews say that the hose comes in a nice box, is well packaged and protected by Gardenirvana.

In the reviews, customers state that the hose is a perfect example of how something so simple can make their lives so much easier and better. Right from the spray settings, to the adjustable pressure and the easy squeeze handle and the rubber grip which provides good control over the hose, the customers are out to praise everything about the hose and how so.

People are also happy with the 12 month warranty that comes along with the extendable hose, and how they have never been happy with their past experience with a hose, but now they have found the perfect match.

But not all reviews are positive.

A few negative comments from customers state that the hose had to be replaced towards the start, because of a few defects, and write that it was an issue getting the hose replaced and getting a new one.

Some comments also say that the brass fitting of the hose comes lose and the water leaks due to that. The customers say that they have tried to fix the issue, and have been successful but think that the issue should not arise with such high-quality hose in the first place.

A few people also give negative comments about the high price, but then the quality of the product is such that price has to be a little high.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that there are plenty of garden hoses available in the market, but they are not all of the same quality.

The Gardenirvana Expandable Garden Hose is one of the best hoses in the market with its sturdy make and good design.

We highly recommend buying Gardenirvana’s Expandable Garden Hose because of its high utility, sturdy design, usage of high-quality materials to ensure that the hose does not go through any wear/tear when being used outdoors, and brass fittings which ensure that there is no leakage of any sorts.

Looking at your utility, and the frequency at which you use the garden hose could sometimes give you no reason to buy one, sometimes maybe because you already have a garden hose, or you do not have a garden.

But, with the high durability and many features that the garden hose comes with, it’s a must have if you want a well-kept and maintained garden.

We like this hose a lot because it fills and empties really fast and can be stored wherever you want, without a worry of abrasions or tear because of the good quality materials that have been used to make the hose.

The lightweight nature of this hose makes it easy to store and easier to carry around. It also comes with a small pouch which can be used to store or carry it around, whenever the need arises.
The pouch can easily be fit in the backseat, or storage space of your car and be carried around for a picnic or any other need.

The hose also gives you a steady grip, with rubber coating and has a secure connection due to its brass fittings, helping to prevent any leaks when you are using it. The brass fittings are better than plastic connectors and will not strip out or crack.

For homeowners who are looking for a perfect fit to their cause of carrying a lightweight hose around with them, using it with full efficiency, getting full quality out of the product, and using a product that is long-lasting, we highly recommend the Gardenirvana Expandable Garden Hose.

As already stated, the materials used in the hose compliment the technical qualities which it possesses and makes the expandable garden hose a hit amongst the customers due to its never-ending positive points. Most reviews for the hose have been positive, and many consumers have gifted the hose to their family members and relatives too, in lieu of the many outstanding qualities that the expandable hose possesses.

Powering your garden with this expandable hose will increase the look and feel of your garden and make the process of watering your garden very easy for you.

Considering all of the above qualities of the Gardenirvana Expandable Garden Hose, we highly recommend the product and can be sure that it is better than any traditional garden hose that you have ever used.

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