Does Febreze Keep Spiders Away?

Are you afraid of spiders and wish there was a way to keep them out of your home forever? Spiders may be deterred with a variety of home cleaning products and air fresheners. This article would address the issue of whether Febreze air freshener will keep spiders at bay. 

Yes, Febreze can keep spiders away. Much more than that, Febreze can even kill or harm spiders.

Spiders and Insects, in general, have a low tolerance for chemicals as they act as toxins to them. And Febreze has two arachnid and insect-killing compounds in its formula.

What is the purpose of Febreze?

Febreze is a clothing refresher spray that entered the U.S. market for the first time in March of 1996. Since then, many customers have used it to remove odors from fabrics to carpets to upholstery. Procter and Gamble produced the Febreze line. It has become a conglomerate with more than 20 fragrance options that include scentless cloth refreshers, mist, plug-in air fresheners, wax melts and candles, and vehicle air fresheners.

Often air fresheners just mask odors for a short time, which is much worse. Febreze doesn’t just cover up one smell with another; it filters the air and removes the molecules that cause the odor. To completely get rid of bad odors, Febreze comprises a complex of three odor-cleaning technologies. It contains citric acid, which neutralizes odors by bringing their pH closer to that of vapor. This donut-shaped compound also includes cyclodextrin, which is extracted from corn and traps and seals odors.

What does Febreze kill?

Febreze contains the active compound HP-beta-CD and the inactive ingredient Benzisothiazolinone, making it an excellent ant and spider killer with a much less unpleasant odor than other regular insect killers. It would not, though, create a long-lasting “kill zone” like other insecticides, which will kill ants and spiders for weeks if they walk into it.

What can you spray Febreze on?

To better rid the air of any residual odors, use Febreze as part of your daily cleaning routine. Spray the room, as well as any fabrics that need to be refreshed, with ‘Febreze ONE’ before you begin your other routine cleaning tasks. Allow a few minutes for the mist to settle. The odor molecules will combine with Febreze, causing it to collapse to the floor due to increased weight. The compounds can now be removed permanently by vacuuming or wiping down the hard surfaces like you normally do.

Things you can spray Febreze on includes:

  • Carpets, rugs, and doormats

All-day long, filthy sneakers, dirty shoes, and smelly socks step on anything from doormats to indoor rugs. You can spray your rugs, doormats, and carpet with  Febreze to eliminate odors and provide a nice, inviting fragrance to those who enter your house.

  • Curtains

Let’s face it: washing the curtains isn’t always your top priority in your cleaning routine.  Most people neglect their curtains for months, if not years until they give them a swift blow with the extra-long vacuum nozzle. As a result, they can become stale. Spraying your curtain weekly with Febreze’s April Fresh can keep your curtains smelling fresh and tidy while removing odorous molecules.

  • Smelly Bedroom

Scent can play a key role in assisting you in falling asleep. For a chronic insomniac or a random night, you stare at the ceiling; a calming scent can also help you sleep off, leaving your bedroom with a soothing fragrance.

Spray your bed linen, pillows, and cushions with Febreze’s Moonlit Lavender to create a soothing atmosphere and give your sheet a just-washed feeling.  When changing your bedding, spray your comforter to keep it fresh until you wash it.

  • Couch for your pet

We cherish our pets, and you can’t always keep them away from your couch.   The problem is that even though you can remove their fur from the couch, the odor always lingers. Febreze Pet Collection Fabric Refresher Spray, specially designed to remove tough, residual pet odors without concealing them, is the perfect solution. Simply spay your soft furnishings once a week as part of your daily cleaning regimen.

  • Foul-smelling trainers and sneakers

There is no scent as pungent as smelly sneakers, whether you’re staying fit and wearing out your trainers.  You can prolong the life of even the most used boots by spraying them with Febreze’ Spray Classic each time you pull them off. Also, keep your shoe rack smelling fresh all year.

  • Waste bag and Garbage can

To get rid of the old stink that remains after you swap out your waste bag, spray your garbage can and the air around it. It can remove all old smells which are still there until you replace the bag or are re-activated. Naturally, you also can still send a spray mid-bag to the waste material. It takes care of certain smells and enables you to make good use of your garbage bag.

  • Car seats and interior

Sometimes your car can end up smelling stuffy and have a sweat stink, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have an Air conditioner. Also, you use your vehicle for public transportation; it will end up smelling like one. Spraying Febreze’s Fabric Refresher on your upholstery can greatly reduce the odor. You also use it on your car trunk to give it that road freshness.

What does Febreze do to a spider?

Spiders are very fray arachnids. Even the smallest airborne chemical can harm them. Therefore, products like Febreze and hairspray don’t take long to kill a spider. Febreze contains HP-beta-CD and Benzisothiazolinone compounds, making it much cheaper than other ordinary insect killers as an excellent spider killer. However, this would not produce a permanent “killing zone.”

How long does it take Febreze to kill spiders?

Although most spiders have tracheae, book lungs, which are hollow air-filled plates surrounded by the spider’s blood, are their primary respiratory organs. When spiders were introduced to ether vapor, their lung slits did not close but instead opened wider than required.

Experimental Spiders were introduced to a 4% oxygen environment, and they died in 35 minutes. Spiders can’t completely shut their lung slits. Even if they can, they wouldn’t keep it up for hours or days as this would be deadly to them.  According to the experiment, many of the spiders were observed to opened their lung slits as wide as they can when their blood oxygen levels were too low, or their carbon dioxide levels were too high. 

This phenomenon in spiders can allow the compounds in Febreze to quickly enter their book lungs and kill them. 

Does air freshener kill spiders?

If sprayed directly on the spider, yes, the chemicals in the air freshener can kill a spider. Otherwise, air fresheners don’t usually affect spiders.

However, air freshener can serve more as a repellant than a killer. Spiders despise the smell of mint, so spraying air freshener with peppermint fragrance all over your house is a trick that has proven to work. Scents of citrus fruits like lemon and eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils are repulsive to spiders. As a result, rub citrus peel along the skirting boards, window sills, and bookcases. 

Use citrus-scented candles both inside and outside your house, and use lemon-scented cleaners and furniture polish. Citrus plants in your garden will deter spiders from entering your home. Although it cannot prevent them from breaching the property entirely, it will limit the extent to which they do so.

So basically, any minted spray can keep spiders away.

Other household materials that can repel or kill spider are:

  • Vinegar has a reputation for keeping spiders at bay. Cold chills run up their spines as they detect any scent of vinegar. You will also keep spiders at bay by placing vinegar bowls in dark corners of the building. Avoid using vinegar on varnished surfaces because it can harm their look.
  • Garlic: Place whole cloves or smashed cloves in a spray bottle filled with water and use them to scent the corners, floors, and window frames of every space vulnerable to unexpected visitors, depending on how powerful a fragrance you can handle.
  • Cedar is another odor that spiders are said to dislike. While bringing a cedar plant into your home isn’t realistic, there are various items available to give this a shot.


Since certain spiders are drawn to moisture, they seek refuge in basements, crawl spaces, and other damp areas of a household. Other spiders prefer drier conditions, such as attics, air vents, and elevated upper corners of rooms. 

While house spiders do not harm humans, they are important in controlling flies, flying insects, and mosquitoes. Many spices and essential oils can be used to get rid of spiders and spider webs. House spiders like cool, quiet areas, so ensuring that your home clean and free of litter is important. Patios, sheds, and garages are also places that require urgent care because spiders love them, so make sure they’re cleaned daily.

Vacuuming your home regularly will also help. And sure to pay special attention to the windows and baseboards. Spiders, their nests, and their egg sacs can be removed if you clean properly and periodically, avoiding an infestation.

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