Do You Wax or Polish a Boat First: Everything You Need to Know!

Are you confused regarding whether you should wax or polish your boat first? Well, the answer is simple – first, you need to polish your boat and then, go for applying wax. As a general rule, you have to implement two steps before you wax your boat. First, you need to clean it thoroughly and then, polish it. 

So, for cleaning, you need to ensure that your boat’s surface is free from any grease, mold, and stains. Once it is clean enough, you need to polish the surface in order to remove discoloration and other imperfections. Finally, when you have polished it, you need to protect the clear surface by applying wax. 

There is also more information about applying wax on a boat that can help you keep it in perfect condition for years. So, keep reading, to find out!

When Should I Wax My Boat?

One of the major dilemmas that boat owners face is how often or when they should wax their boat. Most of the time, it is recommended that you wax your boat at least once in three or four months or twice a year. 

However, the exact answer may also differ on various factors such as: 

  1. The Frequency of Using The Boat 

If you’re someone who uses the boat on a daily basis, then it is essential that you wax your boat at least once in three months. This will keep your boat in a good condition even when it’s exposed. 

  1. The Types of Environmental Conditions Encountered 

One of the major reasons why you apply wax on your boat is to protect the surface from getting damaged due to UV rays and oxidation. Hence, if you live in an area, with extreme sunlight, then there are more chances of your boat’s finishing getting damaged. In this case, too, you need to apply wax more frequently than in normal environmental conditions. 

  1. Type of Gel Coat Used

Lastly, the type of gel coat used also determines how often or when you should wax your boat. If it’s not of the best quality, then it may get damaged easily. So, you will have to wax your boat more often. 

Depending on the above factors, you can decide when you should wax your boat. 

Should I Wax the Bottom of My Boat?

If you’re thinking of applying wax on the bottom of your boat, there are mainly two things that you need to know. These include: 

  • Decrease in Speed 

As opposed to the usual belief that applying wax on the bottom can increase the speed of a boat, the truth is that it actually reduces the speed. 

Why? It is because when you wax the bottom of your boat, the friction between the boat and water increases. Thus, leading to the decrease in speed. So, if you want the speed to increase or remain the same, it is best that you avoid applying wax.

  • Ease in Cleaning 

On the other hand, applying wax to the bottom of the boat comes in handy if you have to regularly clean your boat. When you apply wax on the boat’s bottom, the dirt and other debris won’t adhere to the boat. Hence, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the boat. 

So, the decision is entirely upon you. If you don’t want the boat’s speed to decrease, avoid applying wax on the bottom of the boat. On the other hand, if you want to spend a lot of time cleaning the boat, you may apply wax on the boat’s bottom. 

How Long Does Wax Last On a Boat?

Usually, boat wax may last for three to six months. Moreover, the amount of time your boat wax lasts also depends on other factors such as the climatic conditions, usage, and even the quality of wax that you are using. 

If you live in more sunny and humid areas, the boat wax may last for up to three to four months. On the other hand, in colder regions, it may last for up to five to six months. 

How Many Coats of Wax Should I Put On My Boat?

If you have already applied one coat of wax, what do you need to do next? Should you go the extra mile and apply additional coats of wax? 

The answer is that you can simply apply just one coat of wax for the best results. It is because when you apply the second coat of wax, it may remove most of the previously applied wax. 

Some of the benefits of applying one proper wax coat include: 

  • Protection 

One of the main reasons why you need to apply a proper coat of wax is because it provides and ensures protection. Applying wax to your boat protects it from oxidation, corrosion, and prevents the surface from getting damaged. 

  • Resistant to UV Rays

UV-rays may cause the breakdown of paint and fiberglass of your boat. Thus, it may reduce the longevity of the boat. So, as the boat wax is resistant to UV rays, it can keep your boat’s surface protected.

  • Ease in Cleaning and Maintenance 

Lastly, applying wax can somehow help in easing the whole boat cleaning process. Moreover, as the boat will remain in the best condition, there will be lower repair and maintenance costs. 

Hence, it is better to apply one coat of wax to your boat at a time. Then, repeat the same process after every three to six months. This way your boat will remain in proper condition and you won’t be wasting boat wax either.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, applying wax to your boat is extremely crucial. However, keep in mind that you follow the two main steps before you apply wax. These include – cleaning the boat, polishing it, and lastly applying wax to it. 

If possible, try to apply one coat of wax at least once in three to four months to provide proper maintenance and care to your boat!

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