Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose: 7 Pros and Cons to Know Before Buying

As the world continues changing, thanks to new inventions that make life easier, expandable garden hoses are a much-welcomed addition to the gardening industry. This revolutionary change has made it easy to water plants, wash cars, and work on various other gardening activities with ease. Our expandable garden hose of choice for review is the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose.

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Like other garden hoses, it surely up to three times the original length when water with pressure is passed through. It also contracts to its original length when off. Such flexibility gives the hose various properties, including self-draining, non-twisting, non-tangling and non-kinking abilities. However, these features aren’t much different from other expandable garden hoses.

That said, this review outlines seven beneficial things you should know about the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose and its cons as well. With this, you can easily decide if the hose is a right buy for you. Read on!

Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose Pros

Below are the likeable things about the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose.

1.    Incredible durability

The Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose is made from high quality, durable and leak-proof materials that are sturdy enough to assure a long period of use. This saves gardeners from the hassle of buying garden hoses after every season, as it was with traditional hoses.

The hose features an extra-flexible polyester fabric, which provides unmatched protection to the double inner latex tube. Despite the sturdy make, the fabric allows for expansion and contraction of the hose to 50ft, which suits various outdoor watering needs.

2.    Solid brass ends with sealing rings

Avid gardeners will attest to the fact that constant leaks are a common problem associated with low-grade garden hoses. In most cases, these leaks are due to loosely attached brass endings, or poor quality makes. However, such is not the case with the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose.

The hose features high quality, leak-proof and durable brass endings that are sturdy enough to last a lifetime. They also come with sealing rings that eliminate possible leakages from the connections.

3.    Automatically expands and contracts

Automatic expansion and contraction is a differentiating factor that makes expandable hoses better than traditional in-expandable garden hoses. That said, the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose expands up to three times, as it starts out from the standard 17 feet to approximately 50ft when water is turned on. It also returns to its immediate length in minutes once water is out.

4.    Multiple applications

The Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose is suitable for various gardening activities. You can use it for car wash, watering the lawn and other outdoor activities. The expandable nature also makes it easy and convenient to maneuver around the garden, even when full of water.

5.    Compatibility

Another incredible feature of the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose is that it is suitable for use with multiple spray nozzle attachments. This makes it possible to use the hose in various applications, including gardening, workshop, lawn, with RVs, pool and boat, among others.

6.    Easy to use

Unlike regular garden hoses, the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose is very lightweight. With such, hauling around your garden for regular use won’t be a problem. The flexible design also enables gardeners to ferry water all around the lawn, including areas around sharp corners without problems. All you need is to make sure that there is enough water pressure to expand the hose.

7.    Easy to Store

Flexible, retractable, highly portable and lightweight are just but a few ingenious properties of the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose. With its retractable nature, storing the hose is no longer a problem.

Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose Cons

Despite their great benefits, expandable hoses, including the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose have a number of drawbacks. However, this shouldn’t deter you, as finding a good-quality expandable hose eliminates all these problems. Some of the associated problems of these hoses include;

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, expandable hoses are a great invention, especially for avid gardeners. They make it possible to water your yard without destroying plants along the way or getting stuck on plants and other garden plants. They resist kinking and stretches easily once water is filled. As such, the Deke Home Expandable Garden Hose (Available on Amazon) is a good investment for your garden. Weighing the pros mentioned above versus the cons, this garden hose is a solid investment.

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