Can You Use a Collapsible Hose With Power Washer?

Power washer is an incredible equipment that can get your car cleaned in no time. When compared to using the traditional bucket style, power washers will not only save you time, but ensure that your car is cleaned in the best possible way. 

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According to the set PSI, power or pressure washers can remove even the most stubborn stain, grease, debris that regular bucket washing can’t remove. 

There are many hoses you can use with power washers. However, whether you can use collapsible hose with it remains a big question. That is what we are going to answer in this article. 

What is Collapsible Hose? 

Collapsible hose is a type of hose that contracts to its original length when no water is inside and expands three times the length when water is on. Collapsible hose is called expandable hose, most times. 

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The addition of collapsible hose to the world of hoses has made watering the lawn and washing a vehicle easier. Their ability to expand and contract makes this hose to self-drain and avoid kinking. Collapsible hose don’t twist, tangle, and is quite easy to store because of their contraction. Above all, they weigh far lesser than traditional garden hoses.

What Are Collapsible Hoses Made of? 

Collapsible hoses have two layers – an inner tube and an outer fabric or material. The inner tube is mostly made of TPC, latex, or any other material according to the manufacturer. The outer fabric is mostly designed with nylon. 

How Does Collapsible Hose Work? 

The hose is connected to a water source. When the water is turned on from one end, the other end is turned off due to the shut off valve. Pressure builds up inside the inner tube, and as it continues, the hose begins to expand until it reaches full length. The shut off is turned on and by this time, water must have reached the other end and it would work just like a regular garden hose. 

When the water pressure is turned off, the hose will self-drain and collapse to its original length. 

Can You Use Collapsible Hose With Power Washer? 

Having a good power washer is as essential as having a good hose. But first, can you use collapsible hose with power washer? 

When buying a hose, there are things you must consider. The type of power washer you want to connect the hose to comes in mind first. If you have a electric power washer for example, you have to use certain hoses for it. The same goes for those who have the gas-powered power washer. 

Another crucial factor to consider is the length. If you intend on using the hose to clean an area that is farther away, you will need a lengthy hose. However, if you have a gas-powered power washer, you may not need a lengthy hose as you can move the power washer easily. 

So to answer the question whether collapsible hose can be used with power washer, the answer is both yes and no. Why yes and no? 

Most manufacturers clearly advises that you can’t use the collapsible hose with power washer. This is because of the different materials these manufacturers use in making these collapsible hoses. When using a hose with power washer, it has to be designed with flexible materials that can maintain the constant working pressure of the washer. 

For example, if you have collapsible hose that is made of PVC plastic, the hose will not be very flexible and may not work smoothly with the power washer. Rubber material is best to use, but they are usually heavy. 

Then there is the connection type and the connectors. There is a connection at both ends of the hose. One side connects to the power washer, and the other connects to the trigger. Power washer works by forcing water through a tiny aperture. If you have any part of the connectors that is loose or improperly connected, the hose will not maintain a constant working pressure. There will be leaks during the delivery. 

If the connection snaps in place, the hose will work just fine. In this case, the collapsible hose will maintain a constant working pressure. You also need to check if the trigger has a male connector or a female one. People find it quite easier to work with the male connector than the female connector. 

Diameter is another point you should consider. Collapsible hoses do not come in one size fits all. All hoses come in different diameter, and this is important when using it with power washer. In essence, the diameter of a hose determines the PSI of the power washer. 

Hoses with ¼ diameter can be used with a power washer that has a pressure of up to 2700 PSI. Other diameters like 5/16 and 3/8 can be used with power washers with pressures in the range of 2700 – 3400 PSI and 5000 PSI respectively. The larger the diameter, the higher the PSI. 

What Other Types of Hoses Can You Use With Power Washer? 

Apart from rubber, which is arguably the best material used in making power washer hoses, hoses made with PVC plastic and polyurethane are good alternatives for rubber hoses. The PVC plastic are difficult to bend so bending it behind its limit might actually crack it. However, polyurethane hoses bend easily. 


Although, most manufacturers advise against using a collapsible hose with a power washer, there might be a way for you to still use it. Some people have testified to using a collapsible hose with a power washer. However, using it is at your peril. 

Using it is totally dependent on many factors that we have discussed in this article. If you would like to take the risk of using it with a power washer, ensure that you are using the right connectors, hose diameter and length, and it’s properly connected. You also need to be aware of the material used in making the inlet so that you can be sure it can maintain a constant working pressure. 

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