Can You Pressure Wash an RV Rubber Roof?

RV’s are great for camping in the great outdoors. However, due to their colossal size, they’re a pain to clean. You’re going to find out sooner or later, but the roof of an RV is the dirtiest part of the vehicle. What techniques should one use to clean the roof of an RV if it is rubber? The question that some people must be wondering is if you can pressure wash an RV. In this article, you will learn if it is possible to pressure wash an RV and the steps to do so. 

Facts Behind Pressure Washing an RV Roof

You are in luck, you can pressure wash an RV rubber roof. How you wash the roof of your RV is all based on your own outlook. Just don’t spray near the windows, or you are only going to break them. That’s not going to be a happy time for the RV company or for your wallet. For those who are living in motorhomes or trailers, refrain from pressure washing because you will only damage your house upon doing so. 

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Set your water pressure on low; at about 1300 psi. The only place that you can pressure wash sparingly is on a rubber rooftop of the RV. It is recommended by some RV rubber roof cleaning products that you power wash the rubber roof before recoating it. Pressure washing also removes stains. But, be aware that it is still easy to damage your roof with pressure washing so don’t go overboard with the task. 

How Can I Wash my Entire RV?

That RV is going to need a clean at some point. Unless you’re out for the filthiest RV on the road competition nobody is going to like seeing a filthy RV. That also goes for staying inside an RV that is filthy. First and foremost, make sure that the pressure washer is set on low. 

The best way to wash both the body and roof of your motorhome or trailer is with a soft-bristled, long-handled brush so you can reach every inch. Soft-bristle brushes come with long handles that are specifically made for washing RVs. 

Use collapsible buckets to easily store items that you need so you won’t have to go back and forth on numerous trips to the garage. You can get one with a collapsible handle here on amazon, that’s specifically made for washing an RV. You can also get collapsible buckets, which are easy to store.

Use a mild soap or fiberglass cleaner to wash the body of your RV. Wax is another great cleaning product to use. Wax cleans and waxes the body the RV giving it a new makeover. Still, wash the mud off the RV before putting wax on. Better results come out of it that way. 

How to Wash the Rubber Roof

Rubber roofs are sensitive. They can get damaged from certain cleaning products that are not for rubber roofs. That’s why you should only use rubber roof cleaner products. Abrasive cleaners are going to clean the RV a little too hard. Don’t use anything that is acidic or citrus-based cleaners.

Be very careful when cleaning an RV. Have a ladder and never do it alone. Falling is a hazard. Cleaning the roof of an RV requires one to get on top of the roof and clean off all that dust before you get to the big clean. Wear shoes that are not a slip hazard, and don’t go barefoot. Sneakers are the best shoes for this process. While you’re walking about on your RV’s roof inspect for any cracks or damages.  

The next step is to rinse off the roof with a hose. Spray every inch of the rubber roof cleaner on the roof, and then scrub it down with a long-handled brush. We understand that this can be an overwhelming process because these RV’s are so big. 

As we mentioned, take an entire day to clean your RV. Take your time with each section and move at a suitable pace that is comfortable for you. Clean in circular motions, and put pressure into it. While you are cleaning, rinse the cleaner off. Dirt is only going to cling onto whatever cleaning product you’re using hindering you from actually doing your job. 

What you will need to wash the RV

The whole RV is not going to get clean just by pressure-washing. Here are the material that you will need to scrub all the mud off and give it a nice rinse. Note that cleaning an RV is going to take a while, so you should make this wash a chore for the day. 

  • Soft Bristle Brush: Soft bristles are the best to clean all the grime. It does not damage anything. We understand that RV is as tall as you, so there is no excuse that you should not be able to clean the entire vehicle. Buy a brush with an extendable handle. 
  • Rubber: Use rubber roof cleaner if your RV does have a rubber roof. To protect the roof of your RV from any sun damage, rubber roof cleaner will do the trick.
  • Gentle Soap: Soap. Soap gets rid of germs and it gets rid of the dirt. Use a type of soap that won’t rub away all the colors on the RV. Then that soap works too well. 
  • Slide Out Dry Lubricant: That RV needs to stay in tip-top shape, so make sure that everything that slides out still works. Use a lubricant and test it. 
  • Collapsible Wash Bucket: No matter where you’re cleaning the RV, in the driveway or on the road, take a collapsible bucket with you. You can use it for storage or as a tub of water. Yes, you guessed it, you’re going to need a lot of water. 

What You Should Watch out For

Being careful is one of the biggest issues to watch out for. Once you have turned your focus on the RV watch out for the paint and seals of your RV. The force from the pressure is so powerful that your whole design could get washed away. We’ll also note that pressure wash and tires are not friends. No, pressure washers will pop those tires. Any damage and it’s a costly repair. 

Keep your owners guide with you because there may be viable instructions in this handbook on the do’s and don’t of cleaning your RV. Avoid all items that could easily get damaged by a pressure washer. Vents, antennas, solar panels, and the air conditioner. Always keep your pressure set on low. 


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