Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose Review

The Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is another incredibly designed metal garden hose that can withstand harsh conditions. Its construction allows homeowners to own industrial-grade garden hose at their homes for everyday applications. Like other high-quality metal garden hoses, it features a patented design, is durable, lightweight, and kink-free.

The hose is available in multiple lengths, ranging from 25ft to 100ft with a slender circumference. Even though it offers a slightly smaller circumference than rubber hoses, its compact design and sturdy make still makes it superior. The latex lined interior coupled with stainless steel exterior allows for steady and consent water pressure output.

Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose Key Features

Over time, the Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is increasingly becoming a popular choice for many reasons. Among them, include;

Lightweight and Compact design

Despite the tough stainless steel make, the Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is overly lightweight and compact. The largest size weighs slightly under 7 pounds, making it easy to handle for all gardening tasks. Homeowners with limited physical abilities, the elderly, and kids can also work on various gardening tasks with ease. Due to its compact design, storing it after use is very easy.

Tough and Sturdy

The Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is made from 304 stainless steel material that is built to last. It can be pulled through barbed wire, rolled over a car, and other tough abuse without getting dents. It suits both simple and complex gardening tasks. Still on this, the hose features solid brass fittings and stabilizer collar that are crush resistant and engineered to withstand extreme forces. The included on/off valve makes it easy to control the output.

Heat Resistant

Probably one of the major advantages of metal garden hoses is their resistance to heat. Even when engulfed by flames, the Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose can be used with minimal issues. Homeowners living in hot areas and tired of using rubber hoses that melt or overheat when left in the sun can enjoy the heat resistance of this garden hose.

The Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is also ice-resistant and can withstand enclosure in a block of ice. It remains fully functional with no damage even after exposure to freezing conditions. This makes it suitable for use in areas experiencing frequent cold winters and eliminates worries of leaving your garden hose outside during such weather conditions.

Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose Pros

  • Very durable garden hose
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Corrosion and rustproof
  • Heat and cold resistant

Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose Cons

  • Narrow internal circumference
  • Can easily tangle
  • Issues with size compatibility with faucets

What Others Say About this Product


“We now have 5 of them. It is so much easier to pull out and replace. We have a big yard, and I wore myself out, dragging that old rubber hose back and forth. Also, we had bought those shrinkable hoses they advertise, and they fall apart when you pull on them. I have one more Bionic hose to buy, and my husband will be a happy camper as well as myself.”

Jennifer L. Sutherland

“I got a much smaller one for our front yard and have been wanting to get the longer one for quite a while. I finally said to heck with that and bought this. It’s wonderful to be able to maneuver it around my big backyard without a lot of kinks & tangles etc. etc. I also like the little control on the nozzle that lets you turn off the water flow when you are moving your hose from one area to another I don’t have to spray the whole place.”


Great for our hobby farm

“We have a hobby farm with gardens, miniature horses, and chickens. We have had several hoses over time, but they eventually are destroyed by the elements or our critters. Out of the box, this hose just feels different. It is much lighter, which is helpful when my 11-year-old daughter needs to use it and put it away. It is surprisingly flexible. It kind of coiled on itself when I laid it on the ground, dd picked up the male end, but her pulling would have tied up a regular hose into knots. I had her stop pulling and detangle it, and in minutes she had the hose straightened out. The rubber garden hose would have been a longer venture, and I would have had to get involved.”

Final Thoughts

For sure, the Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose is one of the best metal garden hose options for homeowners looking for portability in their garden hoses. Apart from the compact and sturdy design, other impressive features of this garden hose include resistance to rusting, wear and tear and weather. It is a durable and handy metal and garden hose available at an affordable price.

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