Best Watering Cans: Reviews and Quick Guide

You have begun a new hobby, taking up gardening. You find yourself adding more and more plants in colorful pots around the house, adding more square feet to your garden every passing year. You have the necessary tools and supplies but still seem to be lacking some of the tools that make gardening a little less messy and a little more convenient. Although not regarded by all to be a total necessity, the function ability and ease that a watering can may give to the daily process of taking care of your plants is quickly noticeable. Whether its indoor or outdoor, the concentrated and precise flow of water that a watering can enables you to have is one of the main reasons why they are such a beloved tool in the gardener’s world. It keeps messes from being made all over your wooden shelves or water soaking into the carpet when considering the bonuses for an indoor watering can. Thinking of outdoor watering cans, it will always help to keep a more accurate water flow, helping the plant’s foliage not to be sprayed with water or for dirt to splash up and coat the underside of the lower leaves.

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In this article, we are going to first look into characteristics to consider when looking for your perfect match according to whatever your specific needs are. Below this is a quick guide to give you an idea of the uses and viability of each of the featured watering cans in our list and then we break it down even further, separating them into indoor and outdoor categories. Finally, we equip you with some things to consider while using a watering can and good methods to be aware of when watering your own plants or garden.

What to Look For


First, be aware of what uses you are wanting to get out of your watering can. Are you primarily going to use it indoors or outdoors? Which plants do you intend to use it on? How much area do you want covered when you tip it over to begin watering? Knowing these things will help you begin finding the right can for you, as there are many options in each of these categories and without separating them it may be even more overwhelming.


The material of the watering can, just like any product you intend to invest in, is important. The material it is made from will inevitably speak towards its quality and durability, as well as what it is made to do. The two main materials used in watering cans are durable types of plastic and stainless or galvanized steel.

Size and handle position

Depending on what type of plants you want to water, the distance from your water source to the plants that need attention, and probably the strength of your arm, the size of the watering can may matter quite a bit. If you want an indoor one that is easy to store, probably don’t invest in one that is ready to be filled with two or three gallons of water at a time and built like a tank. If you don’t want to walk back and forth to refill your can outside, then going with something more heavy duty like this may be your best option.

Also be aware of the position of the handle. This can make a huge difference in the convenience, weight distribution and how much of a mess the can will be prone to make. There are also some cans that come with an “easy grip” handle to help when hauling it around. The last thing you want to do is spill a gallon of water, or even a couple of quarts, all over the floor!

Sprinkler End

The last thing on this list to consider is the end that is attached to the sprinkler head, on many, not all, designs of watering cans. The design of this particular part of a watering can will greatly change the type of use you are able to get out of it. Some simulate rainfall by having a large circular nozzle with dozens of little holes in. This type will cover a much bigger, less targeted area than those with a slender nozzle ending in one small hole that will let out a simple, direct stream of water.

Quick Guide

OXO Good Grips Outdoor Pour & Store Watering Can

One of the best outdoor watering cans out there, it is made for convenience and ease with a non-slip surface coating the handle and a capacity of 2 gallons to get the job done quickly.

Union Watering Can with Tulip Design

With user-friendly choices in mind, this watering can is another great outdoor-made option that comes in either one- or two- gallon sizes and five different colors. Built for ease, it is equipped with two handles and a rain nozzle.

Rainmaker Watering Can

Making it rain more than any other on this list, this watering can has a large capacity to hold up to 3.2 gallons of water in one go. Specially made with a small opening to not splash or slosh and a detachable rose spout, for heavy duty waterers, this may be the choice for you.

Behrens 210 2 ½ Gallon Steel

Made from galvanized steel, this is a unique watering can on our list that has a fantastic vintage look loved by the consumers. It has multiple sizing options and is made for not only aesthetics but durability as well.

Novelty Indoor Watering Can

This cute little watering can is made with the indoors in mind, having a smaller capacity of half or one gallon. It is made with a convenient handle and a long, elegant spout, while still being made with durable, UV resistant plastic.

Union Elephant Watering Can

Not a lot of words fit this watering can more accurately than “absolutely adorable”. It is made from molded plastic to resemble an elephant pouring water from his trunk and is a great way to engage your kids with the watering chores or pique an interest in growing plants themselves.

IMEEA Watering Can Pot Stainless Steel

Doubles not only as a great watering can, but as an attractive decoration as well! Made for smaller spaces or spaces with only a couple of potted plants, this highly functional can is made from sleek, solid stainless steel and can hold 32 ounces of water.

Mkono 2 Pack

Although not a can, this 2 pack watering bottle set is featured to satisfy the needs of growers of succulents and orchids among other small plants. The two bottles are able to hold 500 and 250 milliliters and are a cheap but very durable solution to any watering problems to growers of small or specific plant types.

Outdoor Watering Cans:

OXO Good Grips Outdoor Pour & Store Watering Can

Breakdown:  This is at the top of our list for great outdoor watering cans for good reason. It is made of a durable plastic and easily withstands the elements watering cans left outside may be subjected to. It holds two gallons of water, making it a good option for those who don’t want to trek back and forth to get the job done. The manufacturer also provides a rose attachment that will provide you with a finer spray, but if this isn’t needed, it can be taken off and stored in a built-in compartment in the back of the can. It comes in a couple of different colors, including fuchsia and bright green to not take away from the aesthetic of the garden if it is left outside. Another great feature is the non-slip surface coating around the handle, making it much easier to carry and pour. It measures at 13.9 by 7.6 by 9.7 inches, making it large, but not too big to be able to easily store away when needed.

Union Watering Can with Tulip Design

Breakdown:  This is another highly rated and recommended watering can, partially because of the versatility that the producer gives you by making it in a couple of different sizes, one- or two-gallon capacity. The can is especially made for the outdoors by having a nozzle that producers more of a shower than a stream and will give your plants plenty to drink in preparation for a hot summer’s day. Even though it is one of the cheaper models on the market, it is still high quality, with handles integrated in both the top, for carrying and stability, and the side, for an easy pour. It comes in five different colors, all with a tulip design on the side, to make it cute and either stand out or blend into the background, depending on the gardener’s preference.

Rainmaker Watering Can

Breakdown:  This watering can has the highest water capacity of those on this list, coming in at a whopping 3.2 gallons potential capacity. It is made to last through thick and thin with durable, thick plastic, and yet is still lightweight enough to not add too much of its own weight when being hauled, full of water, across the lawn. If you have a long list of areas to water and a strong arm, then this may well be your option. The hole at the top of the can is made with sloshing in mind, or rather, the lack thereof. This is another outdoor watering can equipped with a nozzle cap full of smaller holes, really to resemble rain as much as possible, watering the plants more naturally. It also comes with two different handles, making it easy to tip and pour, or to carry around with you. It gives you another choice by making the rose spout detachable if you want more of a direct stream rather than a spray.

Behrens 210 2 ½ Gallon Steel

Breakdown:  This watering can runs a little over the average outdoor can in terms of capacity with two and a half gallons of water. This is a unique one on the list since it is the only outdoor watering can featured here that it is made of metal instead of plastic. Inherently, metal generally isn’t used anymore for these since rusting used to be a big problem. Made out of a rust-resistant galvanized steel though, this watering can has the vintage look and appeal while still packing a punch in terms of durability and longevity. It is made easy to carry with a swinging top handle as well as a side handle made to pour with ease as well. It is a great option for locations that have vast, swinging temperatures since it is made not to warp or degrade from extreme temperatures. It also comes in a couple of different sizes, if need be, with 1.5, 2 and 2.5 gallon options.

Indoor Watering Cans:

Novelty Indoor Watering Can

Breakdown:  This cute little watering can looks like it could be a character straight out of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, if the Beast had a been an indoor gardener, that is. Small enough to store easily, it still has a capacity for a gallon of water, generally plenty for those hauling it around the house to water all their indoor plants. It also comes in multiple different sizes and has a cute design on the side, making it a pretty little thing to look at if it is left out. It is still made to be durable and is made with UV-protected plastic. It is known for its comfortable handle and has a convenient long stem spout that makes it easy to hit the smaller targeted areas your potted plants live in. The handle circles the top to the side of the can, making it convenient to grip wherever is easiest for you, whether carrying or pouring.

Union Elephant Watering Can

Breakdown:  This is a great option for both adults and kids, with its adorably shaped exterior made to look like an elephant spraying water from his trunk. This can is made from blow-mold plastic and is perfect for getting your kids more engaged with growing indoor plants. Although it looks small, it can still hold 2 quarts of water and most kids won’t want to carry around much more than that anyway. The small hole is placed right at the top of the elephant’s head and as long as it isn’t filled to the brim, doesn’t struggle too much with sloshing. Note that even though it is cute, because of the shape, it may be more prone to tipping over if over-filled. It is an extremely affordable option and can be bought even cuter in a soft pink color.

IMEEA Watering Can Pot Stainless Steel

Breakdown:  This featured watering can is made to be more of a featured accent in a room. It is especially made for office spaces or use in one specific room. It is made out of solid stainless steel, giving it a contemporary design that gives it a very sleek and shiny aesthetic. The shape of it follows this design concept, with a slight conical shape and dramatic edges. Yet even with a high aesthetic value, it is built to last with a high focus on function ability. Stemming from the bottom of the can, the long, thin spout gives the water a direct and easy path to be able to water your plants with accuracy and no mess. It has the one of the smallest capacities of all the watering cans featured on this list, only being able to hold 32 ounces of water at a time, meaning it is perfect for an area with few potted plants or where you can refill frequently and want a can that can easily be an added decoration.

Mkono 2 Pack

Breakdown:  The last product we have featured on this list is to make sure that we have products that cover the needs of any grower looking for an easier way to water. This is not a ‘can’ per say, but a 2 pack of plastic watering bottles. One holds 500 milliliters and the other holds 250 milliliters. What is the use of these that makes them so great? They are an extremely useful product to have on hand as a succulent or orchid grower, or if you have terrariums that need less water, but a direct flow around a specific part of the plant. Another great use for these is to mix the perfect amount of liquid fertilizer in small amounts for specific plants. It is high quality while still being cheap, meaning no mess, no leaking and a spout that gets the water right where you want it to go. Equipped with a clear body and measurements clearly marked on the side to give you exact amounts, it is an easy squeeze to get the water out of the built-in straw and onto your plant.

Watering Considerations

Now that you have a better idea of what your needs might be and what types and specific watering cans might fit these needs, it is time to head out into the garden! But wait! Here are a couple of ideas to keep in the forefront of your mind as you get ready to head out, or around your house. These are all things that will help cut down on the likelihood of diseases making their home with your plants, save you time and cut down on the amount of water used.


Having a watering schedule will greatly decrease the amount of times you find yourself needing to water or rushing around watering your drooping houseplants after realizing you have not done so in a couple of weeks. This will also decrease the likelihood of root rot from overwatering, the most common killer of houseplants, more so than any disease.

If you are watering outdoor plants, timing is also an important consideration regarding which part of the day you water. During long, hot summer days, watering during the middle of the day is almost completely ineffective. The evening time, with targeted watering will be the best, allowing for most uptake and for the water to get as deep as possible and encourage deeper root growth.


‘Location’ is referring to where on the plants you are intending on watering. Plants need to be watered, with the exception of epiphytic species, right on top of the soil. As mentioned earlier, the targeted watering that you are capable of with a watering can will allow the water to hit the soil directly and not spray all over the leaves or splash large amounts of dirt up onto the leaves, leaving the door wide open for disease to spread from these contact points.


Picking and choosing which plants to water is also a handy plus when using a watering can, as it means you are normally looking to water one plant, or clump, at a time. This way, you can more easily see if the plant really needs to be watered, or if it is still sitting in its own little puddle from yesterday. This is also another way to help decrease root rot and molds.


Always be aware of the amount of water that you are giving a plant, it is never a good rule of thumb to see that the soil has been moistened and move onto the next one, especially in potted plants where the most functional roots will have grown all the way to the bottom. It is almost always best to water a plant until water begins to pool around the catch tray at the bottom of the pot. This way you know that enough water has reached all the way through the plant.

When considering this principle outside, it is always good to ensure that the first inch of soil on top next to the plants stem is quite moist. Sometimes it can be surprising the amount of water it will take to sink deep enough and give the plant enough water to thrive during the next days’ hot weather.

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