Best Underground Sprinkler Heads: Our Favorite Picks

Manually watering your garden can be hectic. Whether you want to water your lawn with a water hose or bucket, it will take a lot of effort and your time to water a significant area of the lawn. That is why you need a sprinkler.

Unfortunately, buying a sprinkler doesn’t solve it all. Without quality and a durable sprinkler head, your sprinkler will not effectively distribute water evenly to the lawn. Sprinkler head plays a very crucial role in spraying water, and that is why you shouldn’t settle for anything less of a quality one.

The key to keeping your lush lawn green is to invest in quality sprinkler heads. The underground sprinkler heads, for example, provide more convenience and makes it easy for your sprinkler system to water your lawn effectively. Underground sprinkler heads come in shapes, sizes, and spray patterns, and choosing the right one can leave you dazzled. We shall be looking at the best underground sprinkler heads in this review.

What are underground sprinkler heads?

You can call underground sprinkler heads invisible heads because they are quite impossible to see. They are buried underground, one to four feet below the earth’s surface, and are connected to sprinklers to deliver water to the lawn. Underground sprinkler heads are suitable for landscape lawns because they can cover more areas than above ground sprinkler heads. They are also good alternatives to above-ground sprinkler heads.

Photo Title Price Buy
Rain Bird LG3HE...image Rain Bird LG3HE In-Ground Impact Sprinkler with Click-N-Go Hose Connect $34.88
Orbit WaterMaster Underground...image Orbit WaterMaster Underground 54192 4-Inch 400-Series Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Head with Plastic Nozzle, Half Circle $8.88
Toro 53720 25-Foot...image Toro 53720 25-Foot to 40-Foot Adjustable Pattern Underground Impact Sprinkler $15.99
Yardworks Half Circle...image Yardworks Half Circle Pattern 4" Pop-Up Spray Underground Sprinkler Head with Nozzle Safety Guard

Best Underground Sprinkler Heads

1. Rain Bird In-Ground Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird in-ground sprinkler head is an incredible sprinkler head that can cover up to 5,200 feet. It comes with a Click-N-Go hose, an in-built garden hose quick connection that provides extensive watering of your lawn.

This product is from the stable of Rain Bird Corporation, one of the most popular brands when it comes to making garden and irrigation products. Since its inception in 1933, the company has produced nothing but the best, high-quality irrigation tools for lawns, golf courses, etc. The Rain Bird LG3HE in-ground impact sprinkler head is no different from their awesome products.

There are no trenching required as you can simply install this sprinkler head a few meters below the earth’s surface. It’s a pop-up sprinkler head, which means that it can remain invisible on the ground until water begins to flow through it.

The Rain Bird product is constructed with heavy-duty brass for increased durability and strength in performance. In areas where there is high mineral content in the water, this in-ground sprinkler head will do well to resist the clogging and corrosion of the sprinkler head, which may infiltrate the water.

As regards the spray, this sprinkler head can water your lawn or garden in full circle or 360 degrees or partly circle, which is between 20 degrees to 340 degrees. This makes it possible for water not to splash onto the walkaways and buildings. It operates on water pressure or PSI of 25 – 50, with 3 GPM flow rate.

Overall, this is a great underground sprinkler head with the design to last for a very long time, while in use.

What We Like

  • It’s easy to install.
  • They work in a variety of modes. You can choose the sprinkler head to spray in full mode or partially.
  • Has good coverage.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Provides convenience and eliminates the hassle of having to set-up the sprinkler head each time you want to water your lawn.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes, it’s difficult to adjust the distance of the spray.
  • It will take some time to fully set up the sprinkler head.

2. Orbit WaterMaster Underground Pop-up Sprinkler Head

The Orbit WaterMaster underground 54192 is a 4-inch pop-up sprinkler head that will water your lawn uniformly.

Orbit is another popular brand that you can depend on when it comes to irrigation equipment. The Orbit WaterMaster is efficient in performance, long-lasting, and will give your lawn a good coverage. Your lawn will never stop being green with this pop-up underground sprinkler head.

This underground sprinkler head is easy to install and constructed with durable and sturdy plastic, which can stand the weather and other environmental factors.

The Orbit WaterMaster is right for watering small areas of the lawn because it covers a radius of 8 – 12 feet.

What We Like

  • The material used in construction is sturdy and durable.
  • Sprays water efficiently and uniformly on your small lawn.
  • It’s weather-resistant, which prolongs the life of the sprinkler head.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t cover a large area of the lawn.
  • The sprinkler head doesn’t offer a variety of spraying patterns.

3. Toro 53720 Underground Impact Sprinkler

The Toro underground impact sprinkler head is the product you can trust. It is one of the best pop-up sprinkler heads around. This sprinkler can discharge water up to 40 feet of your lawn.

This underground sprinkler spray pattern is adjustable between 20 – 360 degrees and comes pre-installed with 22 GPM nozzle for uniform water spray. With this, you are sure of getting minimal water wastage. Your lawn will get an efficient flow of water.

Toro 53720 is resistant to clogs and water with high mineral content, which may infiltrate the water. It is designed with durable plastic to ensure that it can resist weather and environmental factors.

It is a pop-up sprinkler head that is 3 cm in height. With enough water pressure and its powerful 22 GPM nozzle, your lawn is assured of getting the best water care to remain evergreen.

What We Like

  • It’s an underground sprinkler head that covers a wide range of your small to medium lawn.
  • The sprinkler head is easy to adjust, which ensures minimal wastage of water.
  • Installation is easy.

What We Don’t Like

  • The sprinkler head is not so durable and may be prone to wear.

4. Yardworks Half Circle Pop-Up Underground Sprinkler Head

One of the things people love about this underground sprinkler head is the inclusion of the nozzle safety guard. This protects the nozzle from pests, debris, dirt, and other things that may affect its performance.

The Yardworks pop-up underground sprinkler head is somewhat a newbie in the market, but it’s fast gaining ground and some popularity among its users. The product is durable and comes pre-installed with 15, 180-degree nozzle. With these, your lawn can get the water coverage that it needs.

With the right water pressure, this pop-up sprinkler head can provide water coverage for your small lawns and garden evenly. The water discharged can only provide semi-circle coverage, which is a slight disappointment. However, considering the price tag, you cannot dispute the fact that it’s a sprinkler head that is worth having, especially if you have a small lawn or garden.

What We Like

  • It’s affordable.
  • Comes with a nozzle safety guard to protect the nozzle from pests and dirt.
  • It’s durable.
  • Provides enough water coverage for your small lawn.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer a wide range of spraying options. It can’t provide full-circle water coverage.

Best Underground Sprinkler Heads: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Choosing the right underground sprinkler head may take time and effort to a certain degree, especially if you are new to it. However, your choice of a sprinkler head depends on your needs and other factors that we shall discuss under this subheading.

Shape and Layout of the Lawn

Is the lawn that you want to water landscape or level? Does it have round edges or sharp edges? The shape and size of the lawn have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the sprinkler head.

Underground or in-ground sprinkler head is best used on a landscape topography. That’s because they have better coverage while watering when compared to flat topography.

Types of Underground Sprinkler Heads

One of the ways to determine which type of underground sprinkler head is right for your lawn is to understand the various types. Each underground sprinkler head differs in spray patterns and creates a distinct flow of water from the nozzle to the lawn. There are various types of underground sprinkler heads, which include:

  • Pop-up

Pop-up sprinkler heads pop up only when water is turned on, and then returns to the ground when it’s not activated. They are suitable for use in the garden and any size area.

  • Rotary

Rotary sprinkler heads can turn over time, while it’s still in use. This type of underground sprinkler head can cover wide areas more than other types of sprinkler heads. It can cover up to 150 feet of the position where the sprinkler head was planted.

There are other types of rotary sprinklers – the impact and the gear-driven. The impact rotary sprinkler is made of mainly brass, and that is why it is more suited to commercial sites than residential places because they are loud. However, impact rotary sprinklers are very sturdy, which makes them durable.

The gear-driven ones are usually made of plastics, which makes them less sturdy than impact rotary sprinklers. They water up to 55 feet of the lawn and are much quieter than the impact counterparts. They cost less than impact rotors.

  • Shrub

This type of sprinkler head is specifically designed for flowers, gardens, and trees. They are usually mounted above the foliage and provide watering flexibility and efficiency.

  • Fixed Spray

The Fixed or stationary spray pattern is designed to remain stationary under the ground. It consists of multiple thin streams of water that produces a fan-shaped or circular spray pattern. The water that is discharged from the nozzle can reach about 15 feet.

A fixed or stationary spray can be adjusted in the range of 40 degrees to 360 degrees or a full arc, half-circle, or full circle.


When buying a sprinkler head, the cost of maintaining it usually comes to mind. Is your preferred choice of a sprinkler head easily replaceable in case it’s damaged? Is it also costly to maintain? Some sprinklers do cost more than others, but they are less likely to be replaced, unlike the cheap ones that you replace every time, which will cost more than the expensive ones in the long run.


The cost of a sprinkler head varies and mostly reflects the quality of the product. Typically, a sprinkler head ranges from $5 to about $20. The design of the nozzle and the body also comes to consider as these factors influence the cost of a sprinkler head.

However, you must work according to your means or budget. Know your needs and then determine the budget. That’s the way to go about it.

Additional Features

Some sprinkler heads have additional features that allow you to customize your watering system. These features include; wiper seals, spring retraction, and misting spray pattern.

Wiper seals are installed in sprinkler heads to prevent water leaks and ensure proper retraction. Spring retraction is a feature that is in many pop-up sprinkler heads. It ensures that the pop-up sprinkle returns to the ground once there is no water running through it.

Sprinkler heads with misting spray pattern discharge water in less GPH. They are suitable for areas that have slow water absorption and flowerbeds that only need a small amount of water.


The sturdiness of the material type of the sprinkler head is critical as it affects how long you will be able to use it. Sprinkler heads are mostly constructed with heavy-duty plastics, brass, or bronze. Heavy-duty plastics are cheaper than brass, but they are not as durable as the brass material. So you have to consider this factor when selecting a sprinkler head.


What is the best underground sprinkler head?

The Rain Bird in-ground sprinkler and the Orbit WaterMaster are some of the best underground sprinkler heads in the market. However, the other underground sprinkler heads reviewed here are also great for use on your lawn.

Why does my pop-up sprinkler head not fully coming up?

If there is not enough water pressure or if the water pressure is low, pop-up sprinkler heads may find it difficult to pop up from the ground. Also, if it’s buried deep in the ground, it will find some difficulties coming up because it has reached the height at which it ought to reach. Ensure there is enough water pressure and that the sprinkler head isn’t buried so deeply.

How deep should sprinkler heads be buried?

Underground sprinkler heads should go no further than 8 inches in depth so that the sprinkler head will be able to pop up when water runs through it.

How do you bury an underground sprinkler head?

  1. Use a hand shovel to dig around the sprinkler around the sides. Lift the grass carefully around the head and turn it upside down on the lawn. Remove the dirt with a small trowel and dig deep enough to unscrew the head.
  2. If you have a flexible riser, lift the sprinkler head with your hands until level with the ground. If the riser is rigid, be careful to use a cut-off riser to adjust the height. The riser needs to be smooth and perfectly cut so that it can connect with the sprinkler head perfectly.
  3. Connect the riser to the head by screwing it, and then into the sprinkler line. Make sure it’s tight and that the head is rightfully set.
  4. Pack and place the dirt around the sprinkler head, ensuring that it is almost level with the sprinkler head. Put the grass into place around the sprinkler head.

How do you care for your sprinkler head?

Your sprinkler head can get dirty over time. You must clean it from dirt and debris every two-three weeks. Otherwise, this dirt and debris could get stuck in it, reducing its efficiency and the efficiency of the sprinkler system.

How do you find underground sprinkler heads?

Sometimes, after a period of non-use, rain, winter, can cause you to lose sight of where your underground sprinkler head is. Once it’s buried, it may not pop up and retract when you turn your sprinkler system on. This can lead to overwatering, puddling, etc.

However, there are ways you can find out the position of the sprinkler head. One of them is turning on your sprinkler system if it’s still in use. This will cause some water to pop up from the position. Look for small floods and when you see them, use a shovel to scrape the dirt around.

You can use a metal detector to find the buried sprinkler head. Some underground sprinkler has metal parts and valves directly under the head. By running a metal detector, you will easily locate the position of the sprinkler head.


Installing an irrigation system requires you to use the best sprinkler and sprinkler head. Underground sprinkler heads are excellent choices of a sprinkler head and will offer a high-performance watering of your lawns. With the variety of models out there, it’s no surprise if you end up confused. Thanks to this article, selecting the right underground sprinkler head will no longer be a problem.

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