Best Soaker Hose for Roses: These are the Best Out There!

One of the ways to make your roses grow faster and healthier is consistently watering them. There are various options for executing this process in your garden. Experienced gardeners will invest heavily in tools and equipment to ensure they reap the best harvests from their farms. Are you sick and tired of hauling buckets of water to your flower garden now and then? Here is a secret of making your watering effortless.

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By far, soaker hoses are the best options to watering your flowers in your backyard lawn. However, most gardeners find it problematic to choose the best soaker hose for their roses. If you are in the same fold, the guide below analyzes and reviews the best soaker hoses for roses in the market today. This is based on distinctive features, size, cost-effectiveness, and durability of the hose.

Top 6 soaker Hoses for Roses

1.    Miracle-Gro Premium Soaker Hose

The Miracle-Gro premium soaker (Amazon Link) makes it less tedious to water your flowers in your garden. The soaker hose can be customized for slow but deep watering. The layout for this hose can be modified to suit your needs and desires. As for the size, the Miracle-Gro doesn’t disappoint since it is available in measures of 25, 50, 75, and even 100 feet.  

Due to the delicate nature of roses, soaker hoses with high water pressures are likely to damage the plant. The Miracle-Gro soaker lies under the soil hence protecting your roses from high water pressure. The 100 feet Miracle-Gro soaker hose comes with four male connectors with caps, four female connectors, four plugs, four feeders, and two Tee connectors. Besides, this soaker hose emits 0.5 to 1 gallon of water per feet, which goes straight to the roots of your roses. 

What’s more, it has water restrictors to control water flow, making it save about 70% of the water used by standard sprinklers. It is also lead-free, making it safe to drink water from it.



  • Does not join to traditional connectors

2.    Gilmour Soaker Hose

Second on the list for the best soaker hose for roses is the Gilmour soaker hose (Amazon Link). This hose is made of Vinyl material, making it environmentally friendly. Besides, the tube is covered with fabric, which prevents it from excess ultraviolet rays, thus making it more durable.

As we all know, it is daunting to move in between flowers with a heavy soaker. If you do, you will end up destroying your roses. The lightweight feature of Gilmour’s soaker hose lets you maneuver freely without causing any damage to your plants. Water weeps through tiny pores in the Gilmour soaker hose hence minimizing wastage.

Gilmour’s soaker hose is another good choice as it can be placed within flowers or vegetables above the ground. What’s more, is that if the hose develops any problems within seven years of purchase, you can always claim a refund or a replacement. This is made possible with Gilmour’s seven-year warranty for the hose. However, you will need to provide a copy of the dated proof of purchase for the warranty claims. 


  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Clog-resistant fabric cover
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic fittings

3.    Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

This is yet another excellent hose for watering your garden of roses. Storing the Melnor flat soaker hose (Available on Amazon) is made easier with its flat design. It is available in lengths of 25, 50 and 75 feet, giving you a wide variety to choose from depending on your specifications. Besides, the Melnor soaker hose is the easiest to use when compared to other standard tubes.

The 2-year limited warranty that comes with this hose gives gardeners confidence in the product. You can always get a replacement or a refund in case the hose experiences problems within the warranty period. With this hose, you can place it either above the ground or under the soil or mulch.

Also, the Melnor flat soaker hose minimizes wastage by delivering soft and gently watering to your roses through the porous. The rust-resistant end cap allows for multiple connections of Melnor flat soaker hose with other hoses. Also, it has a suitable size of ¾ inch, thus fitting the standard garden hose thread.


  • Flattens for easy storage
  • Easy connection
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Sturdy


  • Comparably short warranty period

4.    Teknor Apex Soil Soaker Hose

The Teknor Apex soil soaker hose (Link to Amazon) is a popular option featuring tough and durable vinyl construction that makes it more flexible. The ABS plastic E-Z Tite brass couplings make sure that the connections are safe and secure. If you have a large garden full of roses, you will need a soaker hose to cover a large area of your garden. The Teknor Apex soil soaker hose doesn’t disappoint on that. It can connect up to 400 feet and lays flat for easy placement.

The hose is available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet with a diameter measuring ½ inch. The pores weep water directly to the rose’s roots achieving 30% water saving. Nevertheless, it minimizes run-off and evaporation, thus conserving water. You wouldn’t have to worry about rising water bills if you chose the Teknor Apex soil soaker hose.

Besides, it comes with a seven-year warranty as a quality guarantee for the product. Teknor Apex soil soaker hose is made in the USA. This hose is ideal for deep root penetration, water conservation application, soaking around plants and gardens.


  • Great in water saving
  • Flexible design
  • Lays flat for more natural placement
  • 7-year guarantee


  • Can leak over time

5.    Dramm Colorstorm Premium Soaker Garden Hose

The Dramm color storm soaker hose (Amazon Link) is only available in lengths of 25 and 50 feet. The walls of this hose are thick, preventing it from kinking and abrasions. Besides, it features viscous, heavy-duty nickel-plated brass couplers making them more durable. Instead of water spraying out of the pores, as with other hoses, the water in this hose beads up and weeps downward. Hence, ensuring very slow but even watering.

If you are looking for a soaker hose that will save you from incurring huge water bills, you got the perfect option. The Dramm Colorstorm premium soaker hose 90% of water while minimizing wastage. This means that water goes where it rightfully belongs, to the roots. The black color of this hose makes it invisible as it blends well under your roses. No one will ever know the type of soaker hose you are using to water your roses. All they will see is your roses growing steadily and healthy.

The Dramm colorstorm soaker hose works best in dense planting areas. Contrary to some types of soaker hoses, this hose lay flat on the ground and can easily be coiled. Besides, it works best at the pressure of 30psi. The Dramm color storm soaker hose also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 90% of water saving
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Thicker walls
  • Recycled materials


  • Unsuitable for use under mulch

6.    Osmile Soaker Hose

Last on our list of the best soaker hoses for roses is the Osmile soaker hose (Available on Amazon). Its name is derived from the fact that it can carry water for nearly a mile. It has double thick walls and a one-inch diameter for even water distribution to your roses in single runs. It is ideal for extended, low maintenance watering since it weeps water at a slow rate.

The Osmile soaker hose delivers water to the rightful place either when buried underground or left above the ground. It is made of recycled tires and materials, making it more durable. The hose is sufficient even when the water pressure is low. Besides, it can cover a distance of up to 5000 feet, emitting water effectively on level terrain.

It has a leak rate of one gallon per foot. The Osmile soaker hose comes with standard brass couplers for productive use. What makes this soaker hose distinct from other tube is its lifetime warranty period. Very many products have a limited warranty period of two years maximum. However, with the Osmile soaker hose, your product is backed up for life. The product is available in length of 100 feet.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty solid brass couplings
  • Double-thick walls
  • Made from recycled products


  • Relatively heavy
  • Available only in 100-foot lengths

What To Look For When Purchasing A Soaker Hose 

The above list may not cover all the best soaker hoses for watering your roses. Also, you may want to buy a soaker hose for other uses apart from watering your roses. As such, below are some tips on how to choose the best soaker hose.


The length of soaker hoses varies, with the most common measuring 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet. This should be the first consideration when you walk into a shop to buy a soaker hose. When choosing the length of the soaker hose, always consider the size of your garden. Also, the type of plants available on your lawn will be considered for the length of your soaker hose. Always go for a soaker hose that will cover a large area of your farm.

Strength and Durability

You don’t have to keep purchasing a soaker hose now and then to water your plants. The strength and durability of a soaker hose matter a lot when it comes to long term expectations. Consider the materials used to make the hose. However, those hoses made of recycled tires last longer than those made of fabric.

Pressure Rating

This feature is essential not only for the soaker hose but also for other watering methods. When exposed to high water pressures, soaker hoses end up bursting. Therefore, it is essential to understand the amount of water pressure your soaker hose can withstand before using it. 

Most hoses work best with water pressures ranging from 20 to 30 psi. Besides, most soaker hoses water pressures indicated on them to prevent bursting and flooding. For standard soaker hoses always use a regulator to regulate the water pressure.


The design of a soaker hose will depend on individual preferences. Our taste and preferences in the choice of products differ at some point. Fortunately, soaker hoses come in different lengths and designs, giving you a wide choice selection. Some are flat while others are traditionally rounded. No matter your choice, always consider the installation options.

Price and Warranty

This seems to be the most common deciding factor for purchasing any product, which should not be the case. A common notion is that soaker hoses with excellent features and guarantees effectiveness and efficiency are expensive while those with standard prices have average functionality. While this is not true, you should search widely to find a good choice.

Final Thoughts

Soaker hoses are by far the best alternatives or rather replacements to the typical air sprinkles. Aside from being cost-effective, they deliver water directly to the root of the plant. They are more durable and minimize water wastage. The products outlined above are amazing choices for watering your hoses.