Best Garden Hose Quick Connects

For those that are just starting a new hobby of gardening, or even people that have lived most of their life with a passion for plants and having a big, beautiful yard, each day can mean new challenges thrown your way. There are always new pests, new weather patterns or new watering issues. When thinking about watering, there are so many different ways that water may need to be used in, dragging the hose across the yard to the vegetable plot and connecting a spray nozzle, taking this off to connect a sprinkler for the yard to keep your grass looking fresh and green, taking this off later in the afternoon and connecting a washer to hose down your car and retain that beautiful sparkly, clean look you like to drive around with. All of these should be pretty easy, you have a solid water supply and have already down the work to invest in a quality hose. Now, however, you go through the same set of issues every day involving changing your outfit from the soaked shorts you have at least twice a day after you undo the hose, twist by twist, and screw it into the next nozzle. If this sounds like your routine, it may be an astonishing idea to think that, of the many people love gardening and supposedly do the same thing that you are having to do all the time, there has to be one that has though of a better way to do this, right? There is and they came up with a widespread solution called “quick connectors”.

What Are Quick Connects                     

A quick connector, or quick connect, is a fitting that screws on the end of your hose and whatever other product or hook-up you are trying to use. Instead of screwing your hose on and off, causing new kinks each time, this incredibly handy product allows you to screw it on once and then takes the work out of it for you each time. The fixture screws into the inside of your hose with the ‘male’ fitting and then you can attach the female fitting into any other product or water supply you may be fitting your hose into. This allows you to simply click them in and out of place whenever they need to be used and they are made to seal around the water source so that it doesn’t cause leaks between the two. It should take a matter of seconds to quickly connect or disconnect them and save loads of time. The best part of this product is that they are quite cheap to buy and generally come in sets, allowing you to connect whatever is needed and never have to do it again. They are sold by many different retailers in all sorts of designs, all of them following the same concept listed above, so it is still important to do your research on them in the beginning so that you won’t have to do it again.

Below, this article includes a short list of characteristics that you want to be the most aware of when looking to buy this product that will help to match it to your needs and yard better. Then, we have a quick guide listed to give you an idea of the products highlighted in this article, with more in-depth reviews included below that. Finally, we finish off the article with a brief summary of how to use them to make the job even easier for you.

Characteristics to Look For

PSI Limit

PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch and is an important one to think about because depending on the pressure of the flow of water that is coming through the faucet into the hose, the fitting will need to be able to handle this is well. The seal on the fitting is what will need to be able to withstand the pressure and threatens to snap if this is overloaded, just making more work for you when this product is supposed to save you time.

Water Stop

Again, this product’s purpose is to increase the convenience of your gardening responsibilities. Look for a product that has a built-in water stop. This can save you a bunch of time depending on the size of your yard and the distance you are from the water source. If you find yourself at the end of your hose, needing to change from a nozzle to a sprinkler or vice a versa after one project is done, simply being able to turn the water on or off at this end, switch it, turn it on again and walk away, is extremely handy.


This is a given with just about any product you will buy, no matter how affordable. Even with great products coming from quality manufacturers, there is always the odd product that will ship to you already snapped or that may break within the first use. Having a warranty is just a cushion to fall back on that is worth it every time. A one-year warranty, for the products that come with one, is generally what to expect.


The material of these are extremely important, not just what the majority of it is made of, but every little piece. Because of how basic of a tool it is, each part of it matters and the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” holds very true with these products. They are only as durable as their weakest part, and if any part breaks, it will need to be replaced to keep it working well.

Accessories Included

If you are not only in need of the ease that a quick connect set will give you, but are also looking to buy other accessories, keep in mind that you may be able to find sets that include both the quick connectors as well as accompanying accessories, some of these sets will include spray nozzles or splitters. Also, if you are practically starting from scratch with hoses, connectors and other accessories, trying to find them from the same manufacturer may help with versatility and tightness in the connections. These connectors, though, are made to be used with any brand, they simply need to be the same size and most products are made at 5/8” or 1/2”.

Quick Guide

Dramm 22729 Quick Disconnect

This quick connect set is one of the more expensive on our list, however, it is this way for a good reason, the simplicity and durability of the design allows for less pieces to be able to break and need replacing. It is known for longevity and ease of use. There is only one pair in each set, so keep this in mind for whatever your needs are.

World’s Best Garden Hose Quick Connect

With this product, you are practically guaranteed a lifetime of use. It is advertised that it is “made like a tank” to be able to withstand almost any abuse it could get during use in your yard or garden. Made from brass, it is easy to use and easy to install.

Orbit Brass Hose Quick Connect Set 58117

This is another brass quick connect set sold in many different numbers of sets for the convenience of the needs of the consumer. It is pretty simply made yet made not only from brass but also designed with a comfort grip made from a softer plastic for added convenience during connecting and disconnecting, taking away part of the major problem people have with these, being hard to connect or pull apart.

Gilmour 09QCGT 2-Piece Green Thumb Brass Quick Connector Set

This set is made out of brass and is a simple to use, down to earth product that packs a great punch in terms of durability and longevity. Made for any standard hose and yard accessory.

Gardena 36004 Garden Hose Quick Connector Starter Set

Made from a durable plastic, this quick connector is from a well-loved manufacturer known for its quality materials. This set in particular is known for its versatility, fitting into both 5/8-inch and ½-inch hoses or accessories.

Dramm 22729 Quick Disconnect

Breakdown and Pros:

This is another great quick connect made from brass, a theme of construction that is common with the best products in this area. If aesthetics matter to you within your gardening products, this product helps by being made in several different colors, including gold and brass. The strong, reliable make of it is a big draw to this connector and includes both male and female parts in each set you buy. It is simple to use and once installed, requires no more turning and twisting but just a simple collar that pulls back to connect or disconnect to whatever faucet or accessory is being used. The way that this specific product is made means that there is really very little that can eventually wear out, but instead is made to last a lifetime without replacing pieces, just proving that sometimes simpler is better. Although more expensive than many quick connector kits tend to be, it is worth it since needing to ever replace them is almost unheard of!


The cons for many will generally be the price, and perhaps even the simplicity of the product. Many times, though, the pricing of this product is justified when the other, cheaper products that are bought, break and need to be replaced time and time again. The simplicity in the product only comes up from people that would like an offering with on/off valves, however part of the love for this product comes from the simplicity that makes it so durable.

World’s Best Garden Hose Quick Connect

Breakdown and Pros:

Yes, this is really the products actual name, and although it can seem a little prideful to come out and assume, it really is an amazing product! No one goes out into the yard for an afternoon of work expecting to not make a hefty dent in the watering, weeding, planting, pruning or cleaning that may need to be done and this quick connect is made like a tank so that it ready to work right along with you. It is constructed from brass and thought to be as securely fitted as an air compressor fitting to guarantee no leaks or loss of water pressure. One feature that makes these connectors special is that where they fit together, they rotate freely to allow the hose to roll around when moved and not form kinks during use. The set includes two male adapters and one female adaptor, allowing you to connect one end of your hose to two different accessories easily.


The cons of this product may just be that although it claims to be made in the USA, it may have actually been made in China. This has not been seen to have any effect on the actual product quality or durability.

Orbit Brass Hose Quick Connect Set 58117

Breakdown and Pros:

This product is made for ease of use and with a focus on consumer convenience and comfort. It is offered in many different quantities, depending on what is needed in the yard or garden. Each set comes with a male and a female connector and is made to connect universally on any water hose and most accessories. One wonderful aspect of this product is that it is made with a comfort grip so that no matter how wet your hands are, and therefore more sensitive, if it needs to be unclipped and fitted into some other device, the comfort grip will make it easier to do this. The fittings themselves are constructed with brass and therefore quite durable as well as leak-proof and rust-proof, always a must for any garden application. The comfort grips themselves are made from a softer plastic for comfort but are known to stand up well to the elements and frequent use.


This version is not the shut off product that is also offered by the same producer and many people may prefer also having this option. The shut off valve is great, but for many can also reduce the flow of water more or just be another thing that can break in an otherwise well-designed product.

Gilmour 09QCGT 2-Piece Green Thumb Brass Quick Connector SetBreakdown and Pros:

This option is a great heavy-duty product that has the capability to connect to any standard sprinkler, nozzle or any other yard accessories that may be in your line up for a good day’s work. It is available on Amazon and is sold in either a single pack, a double or even triple pack. It is constructed from brass entirely and each set includes both the male and female connectors. This material makes it extremely durable and able to handle a higher psi. This specific type of connector has a larger internal fitting diameter that results in a significantly less hydraulic loss when the hose is on and allowing water through. This means that it is a great product for use with a power washer, or when needing a sprinkler to cover more square footage.


This does not have a water on/off valve but just shoots the water straight through. Another common reviewer complaint is that they will not easily, or at all, connect to a different quick connector that didn’t originally come with the set. This can be limiting if the type you had been using just needs a new female fitting and is out of stock. However, as with many products, standardization is not common in the industry and is not necessarily the fault of this particular producer.

Gardena 36004 Garden Hose Quick Connector Starter Set

Breakdown and Pros:

Coming from a well-known and quality manufacturer, this product does not break their well-cut mold. The set not only includes both the male and female fittings but has fitting options for either 5/8-inch and ½-inch inserts on garden hoses, sprinklers and other accessories. It is made to fit other Gardena products, however, the fit with just about any accessory that you have, no matter the original manufacturer. Just like most of these quick connectors, it is made for convenience of use. The connectors are made of a durable plastic and although it can be a bit of a push to get them to lock into place, it is known for making a great sealing point in the end. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


The cons of this product are common among other similar products as well. The plastic make is durable in many cases but can also be a cause for a number of problems in longevity of a product, especially if they ever need to be unscrewed from what they were originally fitted into. The price of these is also a bit heftier, probably because of their versatility in fittings all included in one set, and so any malfunction is less anticipated and appreciated.

How to Use Them

Now that you may have a good idea of the product that you are looking at investing in and are blown away by how much this type of product could simplify your beloved gardening lifestyle, let’s take a quick look at how to use them. Many of these products, because of the simplicity of the design, won’t come with an instruction manual and will at best have some pictures to aid in the initial installation. Even with the simplest of gadgetry, it isn’t truly simple until after you have done it once yourself. This part of the guide is to aid first-timers, or those that haven’t used a product like this in quite some time.

Step 1: It is always good to familiarize yourself with any product. Be aware as you are looking at your product of choice for the first time that the female part is made with a hole and threads going into it and the male part is made with the threaded section sticking out of it.

Step 2: Use the female fitting on the water faucet or on any accessory that you plan on using the connectors with. Screw it on and this should be the last time you have to screw something to it!

Step 3: Normally both ends of a hose will be “female” ends. Choose whatever end will end up screwing into the faucet and screw the male end into this part of your hose.

Step 4: To attach the faucet (or accessory) to the hose via the two connectors, pull the sleeve back over the connector and push the two onto each other.

Step 5: To ensure that they are tight fitting and put on properly, turn the water on and observe for any leaks, drips or major changes in water pressure.

Step 6: To change what the connectors will join the hose to, just unscrew the female connector from the faucet or accessory and twist it once more into the new application.

Final Thoughts

With choices between all of these great products, it was difficult to choose which was the best, so it is partially evaluated in differences of characteristics. The Dramm and the World’s Best Garden Hose Connector are our top picks for durability and longevity, a trait that anyone is going to want no matter what other characteristics they are looking for.

Other traits that some of these are good for is versatility, with the Gardena connector winning in this area. Some other products that you may be able to find, although not included in this list, may come with splitters, to allow two hoses to be hooked up to the same water supply, or even with their own personalized accessories, like a spray nozzle.






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