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In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about the no-tilling method of growing plants. Well, the logic behind this is that soil should be disturbed the least before planting. However, this can’t be practical for backyard gardeners. Growing a healthy and rich garden requires proper aeration of soil, which can be done through tilling.

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If you are still relying on your fork and spade for preparation, it is time to upgrade to tillers. Electric tillers not only cut short the working hours but also brings forth unbeatable efficiency and reliability. This drastically lowers the production cost.

With the several products available on the market, it can be daunting finding the best electric garden tiller for money. Worry not, however, as our guide will help you make a good decision. Check out our top electric garden tiller choices below, alongside the buyer’s guide that can help you wade through the various products available to find the best unit.

Top 8 Electric Garden Tillers on the Market

Product Name Best Feature Our Rating
Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller Suitable for tall plants

Comfortable handling

Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller Lightweight machine

Good tilling width and depth

Earthquake MC43 Cultivator Adjustable tilling width

5-year warranty

Sun Joe Garden TJ600E Tiller Wide and deep cultivation

Minimal accidents due to safety switch

Troy Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator Good tilling depth


Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator Can be used in various garden tasks

Adjustable and soft grip handle

Green Works 27072 Corded Tiller Used with more plot options

Handles tough ground

Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller High speed for efficient tilling

Customizable with up to three tine angle configurations


1.  Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller

If you are searching for a tiller that accomplishes fast weeding, and especially on greenhouse type of soil, the Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller should be your product of choice. The tool comes with a reliable power plug that ensures this machine performs efficiently.

Despite its early introduction in 1980, the Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller hasn’t received much recognition compared to other garden tillers in this industry. The main reason could be because the initial models were despised by men, who viewed this tilling tool as a good choice for women. Nonetheless, this notion has since been kicked out, with the cultivator being a popular choice among farmers of all genders.

Key Features

  • Features 21.2cc 2-stroke engine
  • Lightweight, weighing approximately 200lbs
  • Working depth of 10 inches
  • Solid transmission
  • Manual pull starting recoil
  • Two-year warranty
  • 9-inches working width
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Fast rotations of about 240rpm

Performance of the Mantis 7920

The Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller has had more than four decades of experience. Therefore, it would be surprising if a machine of this calibre was unable to handle any gardening task. That said, the machine is highly versatile and reliable. The engine is positioned just above the tine and drives the blades with direct worm gear transmission. There are no belts or chains involved, thus reduces the size and weight.


This is one of the lightest tools in the market. Weighing approximately 200lbs, its incredible weight is a point of concern as to whether the machine can dig deep enough into the ground. However, worry not as its design is made in a way to make it easy to carry but doesn’t compromise on the ability to weed and till.

Assembling the unit

Like other electric tillers, the Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Electric Garden Tiller is delivered unassembled. This might be a challenging task for novice gardeners, but the easy assembly procedure coupled with a proper instruction manual shouldn’t make it an issue. Some of the parts that require assembly include the carry handle, handle brace, lower and upper handles and the engine.


  • Wide and deep tilling
  • Suitable for tall plants
  • Comfortable handling


  • Uses gas and oil
  • Requires assembly

2.  Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller

Enthusiastic gardeners recommend the Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller for all your gardening needs.

The tiller not only has all it takes to meet the needs of your lawn preparation for a new planting season but also features a slim design that makes it an effective and reliable electric tiller.

Gardeners looking for a hassle-free garden preparation of their hardened lawn soil to required fine texture can consider this a top choice.

Its feature benefits combine safety with functionality to provide the best gardening experience. As mentioned, the unit comes in a sleek and slim design.

The lightweight and compact nature of this tool give gardeners the freedom to use it in various spaces and landscapes of all terrains. It can be used in the trickiest situations, including areas close to fence or walls.

The small size also means that gardeners will have an easy time finding the best storage area for this unit. For easy tilling, the Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller comes with soft-ergonomic handles that make the entire operation comfortable and enjoyable.

Using this product is pretty simple. It comes with a push-button that gets it running, thus easy for inexperienced gardeners to till their backyards. The controls are also located on the handles close to the fingers and accessible for novice users.

What makes it best in tilling are the four steel blades with 11” cutting width and 8” tilling depth that cuts smoothly through soils of all types. The ultimate result is fine-tilled and pulverized soil that makes a perfect growing medium for your plants. The steel blades also last long, saving gardeners the trouble of frequent maintenance and replacements.

To keep accidents at bay, the Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller comes with a power cord retention hook with an on/off lever. This ensures that the unit will be running only when operational. The other welcome feature is the 8.5 Amp motor that gives the unit more than enough tilling power for extended periods as it delivers a quality finish.

The unit is manufactured by Earthwise, an American company specializing in the production of high quality and performing outdoor tools available at budget-friendly prices.


  • Lightweight machine
  • Environmental friendly
  • Slim and sleek design takes less space
  • Good tilling width and depth
  • Easy to use
  • Firm grip handle


  • Quite pricey

3.  Earthquake MC43 Cultivator

The Earthquake MC43 Cultivator is a good choice of an electric tiller that suits weeding and soil aeration tasks. It also works exemplary for fertilizer mixing tasks and works with all types of soil. The unit has easy controls but requires firm grip due to occasional bouncing, especially on hard soils.

The unit works well with all types of gardens. Thanks to the 2-cycle powerful engine, that performs any garden operations. It is also versatile and flexible, as users can adjust the tilling depth and width. The wheels can also be adjusted, thus makes it convenient to store and use in the garden.

Key Features

On-board wheels – wheels attached to this cultivator serves two main functions. First, it allows gardeners to set and adjust the depth of the cultivation according to their requirements. This makes the tool efficient for both deep and smooth-rolling. Secondly, the wheels make transporting the tiller easy.

Adjustable tilling width – the adjustable wheels makes adjusting of the tilling depth possible. The unit additionally offers flexibility on its tilling width. It has a maximum of 10 inches and a minimum of 6 inches blades that can be adjusted to suit the gardener’s needs. If you are working on a garden with plants, you can adjust the width to the minimum 6 inches. With this, you will go around your activities without cutting or affecting the already growing plants.

Powerful engine – the 43cc engine makes this cultivator very effective. It can use both gas and oil, producing speeds of about 250 rotations per minute. This enables the tiller to tear through any type of soil and weeds present in the garden.


  • Good for weeding, aeration and fertilizer mixing
  • Adjustable tilling width
  • Powerful and effective motor
  • Lightweight
  • 5-year warranty
  • Overhand controls


  • Viper makes staring difficult
  • Quite loud engine

4.  Sun Joe Garden TJ600E Tiller

The Sun Joe Garden TJ600E Tiller provides a guarantee of no more hard work as you prepare your garden for the coming planting session. Like other products on our list, this unit is feature-packed, perhaps all a gardener needs when looking for the best electric garden tiller for the money. This electric tiller is a good choice for gardeners looking to start a new garden or want to recover an old lawn.

The tiller combines the effectiveness and performance of gas-powered machines with the convenience brought by electric-powered tools. Whereas it may be irritating to have a machine that spins and tills your garden connected to a cord, it is more comfortable than dealing with gasoline or oil machines.

All you need to do is plug in the electric source, turn on the machine and get your soil tilled easily and quickly. There is no cleaning of oily parts or stopping for refuelling. Besides, you get to conserve the environment in a big way.

The steel blades of this unit crack any rocks without requiring much effort. As for the specs, the unit comes with 14” wide steel blades that cut 7 inches deep. This is more than enough for having your garden ready for the planting season. The steel blades are four in number, which ensures that tilling is not only thorough but also efficient.

The whole unit weighs approximately 200lbs, which is comparably lightweight and portable. It is also compact and can be stored anywhere. Like other quality units, is features an instant start. You can start the unit with just a push of a button. With no oil or gas, starting and maintaining the unit is effortless.


  • Wide and deep cultivation
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal accidents due to safety switch
  • Lightweight, compact and portable


  • Motor not powerful enough

5.  Troy Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator

If you own a relatively small garden, you should go for the Troy Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator. This cheap tiller works well in small areas. The unit is powered by 6Amp motor, which is considered weak for large applications.

The 6Amp motor powers the unit’s 8 blades that dig up the garden effectively. The blades break the chods in the garden and separate any present rocks for an effective till. That aside, there are four rotating tines that cultivate and till the garden perfectly. They are long enough to turn the soil up to 5 inches deep.

Tilling your garden around the sides is a daunting task. However, the Troy Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator compact nature makes everything hassle-free. Additionally, the small size makes the unit easy to operate, thus a great advantage for gardeners with advanced age who may not be strong to handle heavy units.


  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Good tilling depth
  • Silent


  • Only good for small areas
  • Cord dependent

6.  Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator

If you are worried that water and nutrients rarely reach your plants in the garden, get the Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator. The unit comes with double steel blades that move between plants, preventing the tangling of weeds. It is a cordless tilling cultivator that works excellently for weeding and cultivation of garden beds.


Breaking up your garden soil for maximum water and nutrients penetration into the plant’s roots is overly important. The Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator achieves this due to these features.

Tilling tines – the unit has sharp and 4-inches long tines that breaks up the soil for proper aeration and eliminates tangled weeds. The tines can till a width of 7 inches.

Lithium-ion battery – the unit comes with 20V lithium-ion battery that powers it for up to 350 square foot cultivation. The batteries are rechargeable, thus ensures a consistent power supply to extend operational times. Note that the machine’s batteries and charger are sold separately.

Smart charger – safety is of immense importance when recharging your electric garden tiller. Well, the Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator’s charger comes with a circuit breaker that ensures the entire unit is free from danger in case of a power surge during charging periods.


  • Can be used in various garden tasks
  • Environmental friendly
  • Adjustable and soft-grip handle
  • Lightweight


  • Shallow tilling depth

7.  Green Works 27072-Corded Tiller

The Green Works 27072 Corded Tiller is another exemplary electric tiller that is famous not only for its high performance but also for wide and deep tilling results.

The tiller comes with adjustable cultivation widths and can be easily handled and stored, thanks to its foldable handles. The machine additionally registers high-quality performance, ensuring that your garden is properly cultivated.

Perhaps its outstanding feature is the 8-amp motor that makes it among the most powerful electric tillers in the market. The motor power enables the tiller to work on both hardened soil and eliminates tough weeds with little resistance. Since the motor is also electric powered, the unit doesn’t experience recoil when starting.

For effective weeding and cultivating, the motor powers four rotating tines that cover much ground quickly. The width and depth of the blades are adjustable, making it possible for gardeners to adjust depending on the size of the garden being prepared. The width can be adjusted between 8.25 to 10 inches and depth to a maximum of 5 inches.

Convenience and ease of use are one of the challenging aspects of any garden tiller. However, the Green Works 27072 Corded Tiller solves this by providing a lift handle. The handle folds for storage purposes yet increases the usage convenience when required.


  • Used with more plot options
  • Lightweight
  • Handles tough ground


  • Inconvenience brought by the cord

8.  Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller

The Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller, another product from Sun Joe, is a good choice for gardeners with small to medium-sized lawns. Though resembling the other model in various features, few distinguishable features make this product excel in its own.

Most gardeners don’t understand the importance of aeration to rich and fertile lawn soil. The build-up of foot traffic from pets and family members may make the soil compact. This translates to less oxygen holding space. Without enough oxygen, the vascular system of your garden plants may not function well. Similarly, excessively loose soil may not provide a strong foundation for your plants to grow well. This is why aeration when tilling is of utmost importance.

To facilitate this, the Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller comes with 6 durable blades that run at approximately 350 rotations per minute. The blades are also 16 inches wide and can dig a depth of 8 inches. The power provided by the 12amp motor is also enough to provide an effortless tilling.

With such power, gardeners need to focus on the ease of controlling the machine. Well, this isn’t an issue as the handles feature wheel position adjustments that gardeners can use to adjust the tine angles for a fine tilt. Moving on, having a fine tiller is useless if you will spend a lot of energy dragging it around the garden. However, this isn’t an issue with the Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller. It is overly lightweight and portable for long usage periods.

Overall, the unit is best for various uses. As mentioned, it works well for small to medium gardens. It is also available at an affordable price but doesn’t compromise on its performance. The high-speed blades allow it to slice the garden soil effortlessly for maximum aeration of the soil before planting.


  • Powerful electric tiller
  • High speed for efficient tilling
  • Manufacturers offer 2 years warranty
  • Foldable handles for easy storage
  • Customizable with up to three tine angle configurations
  • Suits heavy-duty tilling


  • Doesn’t work well in clay soil
  • Not good for large gardens
  • Runs at one speed

Electric Garden Tiller Buying Guide

Choosing one unit from the various electric garden tillers is certainly challenging. This is why you should identify some of the best things to look out for when looking for the best electric garden tiller. Below are some few factors to consider.

Size and Power of the Electric Tiller

Electric tillers are small and light compared to gas-powered models. However, they may not be as much powerful, depending on various factors. This is why they are recommended for use in small gardens that require light gardening tasks. Watch out for the size of the tiller, as it will determine how easy it will be to use the machine, similarly, go for a more powerful machine if you need large gardening tasks handled.

Specific Features of the Units

Electric garden tillers have similar design features but with a slight difference. Some of the important features to consider include;

  • Number of tines – models have between 2 to 6 tines. Choose one that suits your garden.
  • Rotational speed – this determines the tilling results. Go for a unit with more rotational speed.
  • Variable speed – some brands have adjustable speeds, enabling gardeners to till slowly for light cultivation.
  • Handles – most models have folding handles that make them easy to store.
  • Wheels – wheels are vital to aid in the manoeuvrability of the unit when in use.

Corded Vs Cordless

Electric tillers can either be corded or cordless. Corded tillers only work when connected to a power source. On the other hand, cordless models can work independently but require charging before being used. Cordless units offer much flexibility compared to corded machines as the tilling distance is not limited to the cord length. Besides, there are no tripping risks associated with cords running through your garden in corded models.

The Bottom Line

We understand that finding the best electric tiller is tedious and challenging. Making a choice between cordless, corded, solar-powered, and many other types of electric tillers isn’t an easy task. We hope the guide above can help you place a hand on your preferred unit, that meets most of your gardening needs.

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