Best Compost Tumbler: Review and Buying Guide

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Compost materials are the best ways of improving soil aeration, controlling weed growth and turning garbage into useful compounds. If done correctly, composting is overly easy. To help you ease your composting task, we have outlined some of the best compost Tumbler you can find on the market.

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First things first, do you know why you should invest in a compost tumbler in the first place? Well, compost is rich in nutrients that are necessary for improved health of plants. They also act as a natural soil conditioner that boosts soil drainage and aeration. All these makes your farm produce healthy plants that grow fast.

Composting process cannot be done without a compost tumbler. The fully sealed design of these products traps heat to decompose the waste products fast. The closed design also prevents the foul smell from spreading all over your garden. The tumblers are also usually placed above the ground, which makes it difficult for racoons, rodents and pets to interfere with the process.

That said, check out the following guide and the best compost tumbler reviews of products available currently in the market.

Top Compost Tumbler Available on the Market

Product Name Size Weight
Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin 17 Gallon 13.8lbs
FCMP Outdoor IM400 Tumbling Composter 37 Gallon 30lbs
Spin Bin Composter Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin 60 Gallon 22lbs
EJWOX Dual Chamber Garden Compost Bin Tumbler 43 Gallon 27lbs
Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler 2 X 18.5 Gallon 19lbs
FCMP Outdoor HF-DBC400 Tumbling Composter 37 Gallon 36.2lbs
Mantis CTO2001 Compost Tumbler 88 Gallon 60lbs
Good Ideas Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler 42 Gallon 30lbs
Jora JK270 Compost Tumbler 70 Gallon 50lbs
Yimby Compost Tumbler 37 Gallon 35lbs

1.    Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin

The Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin is another little known compost tumbler, perfect for anyone in need of a compact unit for a small space. The tumbler sits on the ground surface, thus best for level grounds. It stands approximately 20 inches high. Unlike other common tumblers in our review, it only has one chamber that holds averagely 17 gallons. This makes it the best for those who set up a one-time compost without interruptions.

The innovative dual compost system of this unit provides two compost types. Gardeners can remove liquid compost from the base and the solid products from the main chamber. Since it stands a knee-high, you might be required to bend down a little to turn it. You will also have to remove the top part of the unit to empty the compost tea.

The upper opening is large enough to allow a shovel dig up the compost. The low position also makes it easy to empty. It might, however, be heavy to manoeuvre or lift. The material make is BPA free and made from tough and durable plastic. This gives it several years of successful composting.


  • Compact
  • Sturdy and durable make
  • No assembly required
  • Produces both liquid and solid compost


  • Diminutive one chamber make

2.    FCMP Outdoor IM400 Tumbling Composter

FMCP outdoor company was among the pioneer manufacturers of tumbler compost models, and their experience is well manifested in the FCMP Outdoor IM400 Tumbling Composter. The good size of the composter brings forth a host of features that will help gardeners get quality compost every season.

Starting off is the large enough 37-gallon capacity tank with two separate compost chambers. This makes it a good choice for those who would want to fill up the compost tumbler as time goes by. You will also like the fact that there is no need to open and shut the chamber’s door during composting, which may interfere with the composting process.

Manufacturers of this model claim that gardeners will have their compost ready by two weeks. The octagonal-shaped chambers make it impossible for compost materials to stick inside the barrel.

Both chambers have a decent opening that makes it easy to add all your garden and kitchen waste. Besides, if you need more space to manoeuvre the tumbler, the door can be taken off completely. This comes in handy, especially when emptying the composter.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Large openings make it easy to add and remove scraps
  • Excellent aeration


  • Design door doesn’t work in winter

3.    Spin Bin Composter Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin

The Spin Bin Composter Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin is probably the second-largest composter on our list. It is a barrel styled compost bin made from metal frames and holds up to 60 gallons of combined compost materials. This size makes it appropriate for gardeners who own large gardens that require large amounts of waste.

The huge size is often a drawback as the bin becomes heavy when full. To swing it back and forth when mixing the items requires that you develop momentum to rotate it completely. Experts advise that you shouldn’t add a lot of moist materials or leave long intervals between turns to ease this process.

Maintaining airflow is an important part of any composter. Well, the Spin Bin Composter Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin has more than 20 aeration and drainage holes that facilitate this. That aside, the four thermometer ports allows gardeners to check inside temperatures with ease.

For continuous addition of compost materials, the tumbler has lids on all ends that ensure that compost materials can be added to either end of the barrel. The lids are additionally airtight and provide maximum protection from pest and rodents invasion.

The barrel is made from plastic with a black finish to absorb and retain heat from sunrays that speeds up composting. A little assembly is required before using this unit.


  • Large size
  • Thermometer ports for easy temperature monitor
  • Multiple aeration holes
  • Easy to rotate


  • Requires assembly

4.    EJWOX Dual Chamber Garden Compost Bin Tumbler

Averagely larger than other units is the EJWOX Dual Chamber Garden Compost Bin Tumbler. The unit offers approximately 43 gallons of space capacity divided into two chambers. Common drawback of such spacious model with extra capacity is the heavy nature when full.

Like other top composter units, this tumbler has a black finish that absorbs heat for better composting. The doors close up tightly to minimize rodent and pest invasion. They are also watertight to eliminate worries of your compost socking in case of heavy rainfalls.

As mentioned, the EJWOX Dual Chamber Garden Compost Bin Tumbler is a two-chamber unit. However, there are two styles available in this model. The first style has doors of both chambers aligned together, and the second style has doors set at different levels.

As for the first style, the doors are quite small, making it challenging when filling and emptying the unit. However, as for the second model, the doors are wide, thus easy to fill and empty ready compost. Regardless of the styling, this unit is raised a foot above the ground, supported by a heavy-duty steel frame. This provides enough clearance to have a wheeled trolley or bucket below when emptying the compost.


  • High clearance for easy emptying
  • Easy to turn
  • Air and watertight doors
  • Dual-chamber bin
  • Good aeration system


  • Requires little assembly

5.    Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler is one of the best performing compost tumblers from plant care experts Miracle-Gro. Coming from people who understand gardening very well; there is a lot to like from this compost tumbler. To start, it is another dual-chamber bin, allowing gardeners to add compost materials to the second chamber when composting the first chamber.

Like other best models, it is a polygon with six sides. This means that compost materials will less likely stick to the tumbler sides compared to cylindrical models. It is also raised from the floor and supported by sturdy metal legs that promise long years of use.

Both doors are big enough to allow excavation of ready compost by a standard shovel. Unlike other models, each of the chambers stands independently, thus easy to tip and remove the ready compost.

Whereas there could be an issue with the doors, they lock secure enough to facilitate effortless composting. The locking mechanism is also intact; thus, minimal air and water slippage shouldn’t worry you.

To prevent the compost materials from clumping, the chambers are fitted with central paddles that also helps a through the mixture. However, take note as some greenery can be caught within the paddles.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Two-chambers
  • Central paddles prevent the mixture from clumping
  • Polygon shaped


  • Issues with the door
  • Tedious assembly process

6.    FCMP Outdoor HF-DBC400 Tumbling Composter

Yet another product from the FMCP, the FCMP Outdoor HF-DBC400 Tumbling Composter is a dual-chamber model bin with better innovations. Compared to our previously mentioned FMCP unit, the shape of this model is different.

Instead of the common octagonal shape, it is round. However, the sides aren’t completely smooth and have deep indents that prevent the materials from clumping together.

The full capacity of this model is 37 gallons and shared equally between the two compartments. This provides a good balance on the reasonable amounts of composting materials, whereas being light to manoeuvre easily.

The deep fins on the outside are good handholds for turning the chamber smoothly, even when full.

Despite being comparably bigger than the Envirocycle, this composter is compact enough that it sits comfortably at the back porch. Doors additionally close tight, eliminating worries of allowing entry to pests looking for your kitchen scraps in the compost.

Doors of the bin are labelled start and finish to avoid the common confusion of opening the wrong door, which may interfere with the composting process. Besides, the doors are generous and can be removed altogether for a flexible emptying.

The tumbler’s body is black, perhaps making it great for absorbing heat that speeds up the composting process. Chambers are made from polypropylene, a BPA-free material thus no worries about chemicals leaching into the compost. They are UV resistant too.


  • Dual chambered
  • Great turning handles
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Quite heavy when full

7.    Mantis CTO2001 Compost Tumbler

The Mantis CTO2001 Compost Tumbler is the largest compost tumbler in our list holding up to 88 gallons. Surprisingly, all this is contained in one chamber. Unlike other composters, the unit is made from powder-coated steel with food-grade plastic end caps and tubular steel frame. This eliminates the worries of having chemicals leach into the compost.

Steel is certainly a good material of choice but makes the unit heavy. So to say, it weighs approximately 60lbs when empty, and you can’t fathom moving it around when full. It is also an expensive model compared to other composters on our list.

The sage green color makes sacrifices heat absorption over blending aesthetically to your garden landscape. The steel make is galvanized, thus resistant to rust, but doesn’t mean it won’t rust at all. Moist garden and kitchen refuse coupled with the composting material heat takes a toll in time but may happen after several years.

The big size brings forth one major issue gardeners have with compost tumblers – rotating the unit. However, this is a problem for small tumblers too when full. As for the Mantis CTO2001 Compost Tumbler, it features gear-driven handles that makes turning a breeze even when fully loaded.


  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Generous door size
  • Excellent aeration


  • Expensive
  • Heavy even when not loaded

8.    Good Ideas Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler

If you are searching for the best compost tumbler on a budget, the Good Ideas Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler should be your product of choice. The 42-gallon capacity will provide enough space to have all your kitchen and garden waste stumped inside for good compost.

Just like other models in the market and once mentioned in our list, this unit features two composting chambers, perfect for any gardener who wants continuous composting. It also has a low friction bearing that eases its movement and keeps it steady. The door locks tightly, providing an assurance that rodents are kept away.

You will also like the heavy-duty construction that lasts long.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Airtight doors
  • Perfect for small gardens


  • Requires some effort to rotate the unit

9.    Jora JK270 Compost Tumbler

The Jora JK270 Compost Tumbler is another heavy-duty compost tumbler with approximately 70-gallon capacity. The dual compartments with intriguing insulation are perhaps among the outstanding features of this unit.

Dual chambers allow gardeners to continuously add materials to one chamber as the other chamber matures. Through this, users can uninterruptedly collect ready compost as they add waste materials to ripen on the other side. Apart from saving time, this overly reduces workload. The insulated chambers also fasten the rate of decomposition.

The Jora JK270 Compost Tumbler is made with a galvanized steel body that makes it strong and sturdy. The sheets are also rust-proof, which increases the product’s lifespan. Its overall design is simple, convenient and easy to use.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Has wall mount
  • Dual chambers


  • Tedious assembly
  • Quite pricey

10. Yimby Compost Tumbler

The Yimby Compost Tumbler is a very versatile compost tumbler that suits gardeners from all works of life. The unit features a divider that can be used to convert the unit into a dual chamber. Without the divider, it exists as a single unit. This makes it suitable for both small and big gardeners with different approaches to composting.

Apart from its ease of assembly, the tumbler comes with HDPE panels that absorb and retain heat to speed up composting. The bins are also lightweight and easy to rotate. A significant percentage of its weight comes from the included steel base that prevents the composter from tipping over.


  • Well designed
  • HDPE panels absorb and retain heat
  • Steel base keeps it secure


  • Tiresome assembly

Compost Tumbler Buying Guide

Most people get the dilemma in matching how the compost tumbler features will match up against their garden requirements. Well, below are some of the things to consider when deciding which of the above compost tumbler would be best to purchase.

How you plan to compost

You should begin the search by looking into how you compost. What this means is that if you want to add garden waste and kitchen scraps over some period or you want a one-time compost batch. If your plan is to add materials to the composter regularly, go for a dual-chamber composter. This will make it easy to fill up the second chamber as the first chamber is composting.

Using a one-chamber composter may not be ideal for such cases. Opening up the chamber as you add new material will admit cold air into the system, slowing the process. Besides, if you want to remove the compost, you will need to filter the already-decayed part, which can be daunting.

The only alternative option is purchasing a second compost tumbler. Go for a small composter such as the Envirocycle that doesn’t take up much space in your garden. Settling for a one-chamber composter, on the other hand, provides more space that can fit large amounts of compost material.

You should also consider the option of collecting liquid fertilizers. Some composters enable gardeners to collect liquid fertilizer separately, while others only form solid compost.

Ease of Use

Compost tumblers are designed to eliminate the strain of eliminating air from the compost mixture. This takes out the strain of using a rake, as turning the chamber makes everything possible. However, some composters are easy to use compared to others.

Composters with large capacities will get heavy when full. However, such units have an elongated spin bin that helps in creating momentum to swing the tumbler back and forth. The Mantis, for instance, has a gear-driven handle that makes rotation very easy.

Small compost tumblers are relatively lighter, but you should check how they work. Envirocycle, for instance, sits on the ground. To turn the unit, you will need to get down and turn it manually. This might be challenging for anyone with mobility issues. You should also reposition the barrel at the top to access the liquid compost compartment.

It is wise to go for composters that sit on a frame raised above the ground. You should also ensure that it has a locking mechanism that holds it in place when you are done turning the tumbler to keep it stable.

Compost Location

You should as well consider where the compost would be positioned in your garden. Will you need something small enough to be placed at the back porch? Or will it be tucked at the bottom of the garden that can accommodate something big? Is your garden landscape level?

Most compost tumblers such as the Envirocycle will not cope with slightly steep slopes. If your garden has a steep slope, consider a product with a broad base and low centre of gravity. That aside, note that composters attract pests, squirrels, foxes, rats and even bears. Therefore, ensure that it comes with a tight door with airtight latch to keep them completely shut.

You should also check on the weather conditions that your compost tumbler will be exposed to. Note that compost ripens much faster in hot climates. If your area experiences cold temperatures, go for a product with a black finish to absorb sunrays. Similarly, if you live in areas receiving heavy rainfall, go for a plastic model as it will be more durable compared to metal made composters.

Plastic composters may not also last long in areas with strong sunlight. However, some models, such as the FMCP outdoor compost employ UV-resistant plastics that inhibit degradation. Lastly, consider the aesthetics of your product of choice.

Bottom Line

One thing that gardeners like about compost tumblers is their ability to take the straining tasks out of composting. However, this can be enjoyed by choosing the right compost tumbler from the hundreds of models available on the market. We are hopeful that the guide above has provided you with the basic starting point and direction to take in your search.

From our list, which product do you think would work best for your composting tasks? Share with us in the comments section below!

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