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Use The Best Expandable Hose Instead Of Your Old Hose!

Welcome to GardenAxis!  Where all of your gardening dreams come true!

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That old stubborn rubber garden hose you’ve been using? It’s a pain in the grass. Luckily, there’s an easier way to water your lawn. 

GardenAxis is a website aiming to provide professional reviews and recommendations on getting best expandable garden hose to make your gardening trouble-free.  Our charge is to deliver world-class guidance while helping you select the best expandable garden hose available.  Our talented team of writers and editors each have their own background and knowledge in gardening and landscaping.  In our minds, the best means the highest quality, most accessible, easiest to use, strongest, and safest products on the market today. 

How can this site help me find the right expandable garden hose?

You can discovery a lot of product reviews from retailer sites like Amazon and Walmart but information is missing.  These online retailers don’t tell you much about the strengths and weaknesses of a expandable garden hose and where it’ll standout unless you comb through pages of reviews (if the product is popular).

There are also sites such as this that are run by individuals or large corporations that present information in an easy to consume manner.  BestofMachinery and ConsumerSearch are two of the top sites out there. But these sites don’t focus on a single product niche like ours. If you look at their site, they cover a wide range of products and even services.

This is what makes our blog different from the others. We primarily focus on expandable garden hoses – garden hoses.

Not just expandable garden hoses

You’ll also notice that our blog does not just feature expandable garden hose. From expandable garden hoses to power washing tools to spray nozzle, our team is ready to help you find the exact garden tools you are looking for!

Who do we help?

Life as we know it right know is fast paced. Who has the hours to devote to doing product research just to find the right expandable garden hose?

This means shoppers are left to…

  1. Rely on word of mouth from their family or friends
  2. Choose based on manufacturers marketing and advertising
  3. Rely on sponsored posts that are biased toward a certain product (that’s why we don’t accept sponsored posts here)

Relying on these sources would make it incredibly difficult to make a smart choice.

Why should you trust us?

Anyone can look up the specs and read reviews of one particular product. If you’ve used the product before, you might be able to determine if the product is good or not based on that alone.  The main challenge for a lot of consumers would be comparing two or more products. It is a time consuming and tiring process that can take days on end.  More often than not consumers end up settling for “good enough” options that may not suite their needs.

This is where our blog comes in.  We would spend 40 to 50 hours researching, writing and compiling data just in order to write a single comparison article.  Getting accurate information is top priority and we look for it from various sources. This includes reviews, product sites, videos to determine which product or products are the best options for consumers.

How do we make money?

GardenAxis is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Whenever you click the links and make a purchase we receive a small percentage of the purchase price from Amazon.

How do you know if the reviews are credible?

For both positive and negative we look for detailed reviews from verified buyers that highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the product in a way that is helpful to a potential buyer.

Likewise we look for people that have experience in leaving concise reviews that explain in detail what they liked and disliked in a product. We usually ignore the short one-liner reviews (e.g. this is the best or this is crap…) that don’t add real value to the discussion.