17 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Your Old Garden Hose To Inspire a Professional Look

Is your garden hose just not getting the job done quite so well anymore? Before you throw it out, here are 17 brilliant ways to repurpose an old garden hose to inspire a truly professional look. 

1) A Drip Irrigation System 

Drip irrigation is a fantastic way to provide your plants with a slow and steady supply of water – right at their base, where they need it the most. If your old garden hose has a few holes in it, try adding in some more and then laying it on the ground around your plants. 

2) A New Mobile Reel Cart

Want to give your old hose a more professional finish? A mobile hose reel cart will do exactly that, while also making it so much easier and more convenient to water your plants. 

3) Brass Hose Connectors

If you think that your old garden hose may not be up for heavy duty tasks, think again. Perhaps all you need is a couple of new hose connectors! Going for brass rather than plastic has its advantages, from being stronger overall to no leaks springing up, even with high pressure water. The initial investment may be more, but it’s definitely worth it. 

4) A Sprinkler System 

A DIY sprinkler system can actually be pretty simple to put together, especially when you have multiple pieces of an old garden hose to use. Customize it as you please, whether you need it to cover a small area or a few different gardens. 

5) A Longer Garden Tap 

Garden taps can sometimes be frustratingly high off the ground, making it difficult to properly fill watering cans. Adding a small amount of garden hose to the end of your tap will extend its length, enabling you to fill all your cans without any spillage. 

6) A Longer Reach 

If you’ve got multiple hoses that are broken in various places, try cutting them all down to a similar size. You can then join them together, creating a longer hose with a stylish flair and a quirky but professional finish. 

7) A Pet Toy 

Some dogs love the water, especially on a hot summer’s day. If you have an old garden hose that you don’t need anymore, try hooking it up in a section of your garden that your dog uses. Turn it on during those hot days and watch your dog have an amazing time splashing around! 

8) A Coiled Hose Watering System 

While you may not have a large commercial greenhouse to water, chances are that, if you have a smaller greenhouse or a polytunnel, you know how annoying it is when your hose gets kinked as you try to manouver it to the areas that need water. Try setting up a coiled hose system instead, as this makes it so much easier to water an indoor growing space. 

9) A Coat of Paint

Painting an old hose will immediately jazz it up, giving it a much more professional look. Choose a color that matches the decor in your garden or your garden shed to really keep everything looking sleek and stylish. 

10) Different Accessories

A few new accessories for an old garden hose can immediately make it seem so much more exciting. This will also enable you to water your garden more effectively, resulting in healthier plants. 

11) An Outdoor Shower

If you live somewhere hot, an outdoor shower can be a huge game-changer. A garden hose can be used to connect this up, giving you a refreshing showering option year-round. This works well in cold countries too during the summer months, although you may need to disconnect things in the winter to stop any frost from bursting your set-up. 

12) An Inflatable Pool or Hot Tub 

A pool or a hot tub in the garden can really transform even the dullest of spaces. An old garden hose is the perfect way to connect one up, giving you hours and hours of fun. 

13) Threaded Through Loops

These metal loops are usually used to hold rope upright, but work well for garden hoses too. Simply space them through your garden to ensure that your hose doesn’t catch on any plants as you move it around. 

14) A Children’s Toy 

Children love to play with water, especially during the summer. Simply set your old hose up in a child-safe part of your garden, and make sure that you don’t turn the pressure on too strong. 

15) Solar Water Heating

For those looking to live a more self-sufficient life with solar power, you can use your old garden hoses to set up a solar water heating system. This will give you plenty of hot water when the sun is shining, as well as during the colder months if you have some good batteries. 

16) A New Stand

Not only do hoses look messy trailing around on the ground, but this is also a guaranteed way to ensure that you end up with a damaged hose in the near future. If you don’t yet have a good hose stand, try either making your own or treating yourself to a new one – it will truly transform the way your hose looks when in the garden and not being used. 

17) A Pressure Washing Attachment 

If you need to use your old hose to clean an outdoor area, special pressure washing attachments can be purchased. This will make the stream of water so much stronger, giving you the power you need to scrub off even the most stubborn pieces of dirt. 

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