13 Recycled Water Hose Ideas

If your water hose pipe has burst, kinked or anything else, don’t be in too much of a rush to throw it out just yet. Here are 13 creative ways in which you can recycle your water hose, giving it a whole new lease on life. 

1) An Extended Garden Tap

If you could do with a slightly longer garden tap, to make it easier to fill those watering cans, your old water hose could help. Simply cut off a piece as long as you need, attach it to your tap, and job done! 

2) Keep Things Organized 

Whether in your garden shed or in your kitchen, hanging your tools and utensils is a great way to keep them organized. Rather than using hooks, string or wire, try utilizing pieces of an old water hose instead, for a quirky yet functional look. 

3) A Water Feature

A water feature is always a gorgeous addition to any garden, and your old water hose is a great asset when it comes to making your own water feature. Whether you go contemporary or rustic, with just one hose or several, feel free to let your imagination run wild with the design. 

4) Bucket Handles

The thin metal handles on buckets can sometimes feel sore on the hands, especially when carrying something heavy. Try cutting off a small piece of your garden hose, making a slit down the middle, and then slotting this over the top of your bucket handle for instant comfort! 

5) Tree Ties

Planning on planting some trees? These often need to be staked and tied in their early years, until they have had the chance to get their roots into the ground. Many materials end up cutting into the tree as it grows, but a piece of your garden hose will provide a sturdy yet safe tie that will still allow the tree to naturally expand. 

6) An Art Sculpture

Unleash the inner artist in you by using old pieces of water hose to create a sculpture. This example can be found at the Middelheimmuseum in Antwerp, but there are so many other smaller-scale designs that you could create. 

7) Canine Enrichment 

If you’ve got dogs, then you probably already know how important it is to keep your pups mentally stimulated. Ever heard of a snuffle mat? This is the garden hose version! Simply coil and tangle up your hose and then hide some treats in the gaps – your dogs will have a great time searching them out! 

8) Water Weenies 

Looking for a way to keep your kids entertained? This is a great one for the summer – use old pieces of water hose to make some water weenies…and then let the madness begin! 

9) Slug and Earwig Traps 

Both slugs and earwigs can be a huge nuisance, but one thing that they have in common is that both seek out shelter during the day. Try  placing some cut-up lengths of water hose around your garden in the evening. In the morning, you should find some slugs or earwigs hiding within, meaning that you can then easily dispose of them and stop them from damaging your garden. 

10) Cable Coverings

Got some cables running down the walls of your house that you would like to keep extra-protected? Garden hoses are great for this – cut a slit down the middle of one (making sure that you have first cut it to the same length as your cable) and then slide it over the top of the cable. You could even paint the hose to ensure that it doesn’t clash with the exterior of your home.

11) A Fashion Statement 

Gardening and fashion may seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but this is a fun way to combine the two. Try painting your garden hose a chic white color, and then add in some fashionable accessories, along with a logo from your favorite fashion brand. 

12) A Garden Mat 

Rugs are always welcome in the home, so why not use an old garden hose to make an outdoor version? Simply coil it up tightly, fastening it together with clips or glue if you need to. You could even try using different colored hoses to add some extra contrast. 

13) A Wreath 

Love the look of wreaths in your garden? An old water hose can be used to shape a show-stopping frame that you can then wrap in the flowers and foliage of your choice. 

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