13 Innovative Landscaping Ideas for Water Features

A water feature can really transform a garden, not only adding to its visual aesthetic, but also giving you that relaxing sound of trickling water. Of course, for a water feature to really make a statement, it needs to be included in the overall landscaping of your garden, so here are 13 innovative ideas to get you started. 

1) A Decked Pond

Ponds are great for introducing a new focal point into your garden, and, so long as you have designed yours correctly, they also provide a safe haven for so many species of wildlife. Adding some decking to the side of your pond creates a tranquil seating space in your garden, giving you an incredible view over the mini ecosystem that you have created. 

2) Multi-Level Stone Bowls

Different levels in a garden provide more interest and contrast, and this stone bowl waterfall is the perfect example of that. Water cascades down each of the stones before ending up in a small pond below, after which it is then pumped back up to the top to begin its journey once again. 

3) A Water Feature Wall

A stone wall in a garden is a feature in itself, and combining that with some water makes for a truly show-stopping effect. Whether you go simple and minimalistic or ornate and elaborate, the wall will also provide some extra shelter and warmth for any delicate plants around it. 

4) A Lily Pond 

Water lilies are great for preventing algae growth in a pond, helping to keep the water clean. They also produce stunning flowers, making a water lily pond a gorgeous feature in any garden. 

5) A Wishing Well 

Wishing wells are a fun and whimsical feature in the garden, but can also be so functional. Not much landscaping is required for this one, as they can be placed just about anywhere, so long as you have a good water source down below. 

6) A Stream 

A stream works well in just about any garden, and you can make it as rustic or as contemporary as you want. Remember to add a bridge in too, so that you can easily cross over to the other side. 

7) A Stone Waterfall

If you want something more rustic and rugged, a waterfall that cascades over a short stone wall is perfect. You don’t need space for a pond, so long as you have somewhere for the falling water to drain into. 

8) A Water Barrel 

Water features don’t have to be permanent – a water barrel can be used for as long as you need it, before being replaced with another type of feature. The great thing about a water feature such as this is its functionality, giving you a safe store of water to use on your garden during those dry spells. 

9) An English Garden Fountain 

Although not technically innovative, a traditional fountain, just like the ones you would find in a quaint English cottage garden, brings so much visual appeal. Rather than surrounding your fountain with standard plants, try looking for a few unusual varieties to contrast with the traditional nature of the fountain. 

10) A Large Pot 

For a more innovative type of fountain, allow yourself to be inspired by the other items in your garden. From ceramic pots to watering cans, just about anything can be turned into a creative water feature. 

11) A Greenhouse Pond

Ponds are beautiful outdoors, but they also add such a special element when included in a greenhouse, or any other type of indoor growing space. Plus, this also means that you will be able to enjoy your pond no matter the weather, and it will also give you a chance to stock your pond with a wider variety of fish. 

12) Japanese-Inspired

If you love the look and feel of Japanese gardens, then a Japanese-inspired water feature may be just what your own garden needs. Whether you want to go large or small, there are so many options out there, so take your time exploring all of the possibilities before making your choice. 

13) A Formal Fish Pond

Fish ponds come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for something elegant, then a formal design would be your best bet. With a geometric shape, strategically-placed plantings, and a clean paving stone border, this is a pond that can easily be replicated in the home garden, even on a much smaller scale. 

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